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Roopashree Sharma, a qualified yoga trainer and naturopathy enthusiast, is the founder of Atharvanlife.She has completed her diploma in naturopathic medicine/naturopathy from DY Patil University and her advanced diploma in yoga teacher training/yoga therapy from the university of Mumbai.... more

Answered on Mar 23, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 20, 2023
Hi Gurus! I am 40 yr old MAN and I have never been regular at gym or exercising. I am 5 kg overweight as per my recent BMI and heart age of 52 yrs (not sure how reliable those results are but they definitely indicate something needs to be fixed) but no other serious health issues 🤞. However, I do perform some form of stretching, push-ups etc once in a couple of weeks which my physiotherapist advised as I had sciatica related pain in past. I do get back pain due to sedimentary lifestyle. Basically, I have not been taking my body and fitness seriously so far in my life. Now, I want to consciously start working out and get more active (my 40th B’day resolution 😊 ) and hence need your help with following (probably silly) situation: - I always wake-up hungry (~ 7:30 AM) and end up having a filling breakfast e.g 2 parathas or 5-6 cookies or 3-4 slices of toast & butter with mug full of chai with enough sugar and hence not able to exercise in the morning. Starting my day with red cross (❌) mark against a task (exercising) doesn’t set a good precedence either. In past I tried starting my day with glass of lukewarm water and lemon / honey etc but in just matter or 20-30 mins, I would feel extremely hungry, and I end up overeating, feeling more guilty ☹. Even after stuffing so much, I am again super hungry by ~13:00 ish for Lunch. TBH, I don’t see people around me eating so much ☹ -I cannot exercise in the evening as there is not fixed time when I would end my day. Also, I want to keep my evenings free for other imp things in my life 😉 Please guide how can I address my above issue so that either I don’t wake up hungry or I can eat something and still exercise. I googled my symptoms, and it says it’s a sign of PMS (?)
Ans: :) It looks like you have identified your problem, now the only thing left is to take steps in the right direction. If you are having dinner by 8PM or so, it is ok to feel hungry in the morning. It is good to take plain lukewarm water in the morning (3-4 glasses is also ok), you can eat if you feel hungry within half hour or so. To find the right time for exercise, start your day early by 06AM, so that you can have water and exercise by 07AM and still have your breakfast at 8AM.
Considering your current lifestyle, start with 15-20 mins of moderate walking, don't start with rigorous exercise as it may lead to muscle cramping. Ideally, you should go out for walking, but if you can't find time then find innovative ways like - spot walking, using your balcony or any free area near you. After a month you can gradually start with slow surya namaskar (if you havent practiced earlier, learn from a professional yoga practitioner and don't follow random online videos. Even 10-11 rounds are enough for the day, you can increase gradually as your stamina increases.
In your diet, replace cookies and biscuits with heathier options - get good quality home made, oats or whole wheat cookies, with jaggery, instead of white sugar and preservatives. Just to rule out any ailments, you can get a full body check-up including 2-3 Echo under prescription from a physician. Hope you can continue with your evening routine with your health routine...

Answered on Mar 14, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 10, 2023
Dear Madam, I am 41 years old,65kg weight & height 167 cms, having family history of heart attack, my mom got it at the age of 58 & my brother at 38 but luckily survived. I do 45 to 60mins yoga everyday(surya namaskar & astang yoga) and 12k steps walking in the evening. I drink 2.2 litres of water daily Sleep at 2 AM, wakeup at 10 AM , Intermittent fasting warm water + 1 spoon honey immediately after wakeup at 10 AM breakfast(12 PM)=poha/upama/idly/dosa etc & 1 cup Bournvita ; lunch(4PM)=2 jowar/wheat roti, sabzi, rice-dal; Evening(5PM)= 1 cup tea, fruits- apple/chikko/orange; Dinner(9PM)= 1 jowar/wheat roti,sabzi, rice-dal; Late night(11:30PM)= dry fruits-kaju/badam/pista/sweet amala candy I am software Engineer, non-veg once in a month(only chicken biriyani) Alcohol= once in a month(1200ml) only beer BP 120 to 140/70 to 80, fasting sugar 72 to 80 Could you please advise on my life style ? Thanks
Ans: Hi, You are dot on when it comes to eating healthy and even the workout plans. However, if not done at the right time during the day, they can rather be harmful to the body. Our body functions are regulated by the solar & lunar cycle during the day. As the Sun controls our digestion, it is advisable to eat during the day hours and very light after sunset, especially no later than 8PM. Secondly, the day is also governed by the three doshas - Kapha, Pitta and Vata - therefore our workout, sleep, food regime should be inline with these systems. Since you have a family history, it is advisable to meet a Ayurvedic practitioner to understand these cycles and plan your day accordingly.
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