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Ashwini Dasgupta  |52 Answers  |Ask -

Personality Development Expert, Career Coach - Answered on Feb 29, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 28, 2024Translate
Hello, I am a supply chain professional having 8 years of logistics experience in the core operations domain working as Associate manager.For quite a long time I have been looking for a job change as in the current organisation I am not getting anything fascinating to move further.in the current organisation I have been working for 5 years and promoted 2 times. Not getting of any better opportunity to boost my career thereby to enhance my skills has become the reason for a poor mental health now a days. Pls suggest me something that can lead to postive approach for a better way out. Thanks.
Ans: Hi Sir/ Madam,

Always changing a job may not be the solution.
Firstly have a conversation with your manager and voice out your aspiration and what will keep you motivate.
List out the kind of courses or trainings you may want to pursue to enhance your professional experience. And see if these trainings are done internally or if yes take up those trainings and if it externally you can decide accordingly. This will help you learn a new skills and drift your thought of been dis motivated. Mostly importantly learning a new will only do good for your career opportunity.
If incase there are no roles within the team then you may look for within organizational roles to meet your ask.
Do some research how the industry is trending this will help you more equipped when you those conversations with your manager.

Hope this helps. All the best

Ashwini Dasgupta
Author of Confidence Decoded. Is it a Skill or Attitude?

Krishna Kumar  |86 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024


Krishna Kumar  |86 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024


Aashish Sood  |92 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, Management Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Dec 29, 2023Translate
I am a 39 yrs old person. I have done my MBA marketing and i am hotel management graduate. I have worked for around 9 yrs in Hospital sales and 3 yrs in hotel Sales and Marketing department. Lastly i was working with a leading hospital in Pune as a deputy manager Sales. I jad to take a break of one and half year in between because of my mother was a liver patient and needed a liver transplant. Now Liver Transplant is done and it is around 7 months, she is all doing fine and good. Now on a professional front i am left jobless because of the break i had to take. I want to start my carrier again. Can you suggest how exactly should i go about. Can u recommend any other carrier other than Hospital sales with my experience and qualification that i can go into. I have liking for sales and marketing. Request you ro suggest something which is related to marketing. I will also want to mention that i am still single in life. I really want you to help me and suggest a good carrier option and also guide in regards with life ahead.
Ans: See it's understandable that taking a break from your career was necessary during that time, and now that your mother is doing well, it's time to focus on your professional growth and development.

Given your experience and qualifications in both hotel management and marketing, along with your extensive background in sales and marketing roles in both hospitals and hotels, I would suggest
1. Many companies across various sectors require professionals with strong sales and marketing skills to promote their products or services. Your experience in B2B sales could be particularly valuable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, technology, consumer goods, or manufacturing.
2. Your experience in hotel sales and marketing could be beneficial in Event management as it requires strong networking, negotiation, and marketing skills.
3. Consider working as a sales or marketing consultant, either independently or with a consulting firm. Consultants provide advice and solutions to businesses to improve their sales and marketing strategies, optimize processes, and achieve their business objectives.
4. With your extensive experience in sales and marketing, you could consider transitioning into a role in education and training. You could become a sales or marketing trainer, teaching others about effective sales techniques, marketing strategies, and customer relationship management.

Additionally, you should also:
A. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements.
B. Consider taking online courses or certifications to enhance your skills or learn new ones relevant to your career goals.
C. Be open to temporary or part-time roles as you transition back into the workforce.

Aashish Sood  |92 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, Management Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jan 10, 2024Translate
I have failed in every competitive exam I appeared. I am 29 and I don't have a permanent job yet. My goal was very clear, to get a government job and work in India and make my parents proud. But I am not sure where I am going wrong. I have taken so many career gaps to appear for these exams. Should I just give up or keep trying till I crack it?
Ans: It's understandable to feel frustrated and discouraged, especially when you've invested time and effort into pursuing a specific career goal. However, giving up should not be your only option. Here are some suggestions to consider:

1. Take some time to reflect on your exam preparation strategies, study habits, and performance in previous exams. Identify areas where you may need improvement and consider seeking feedback from mentors, tutors, or peers who have successfully cleared similar exams.

2. While the primary goal may have been to secure a government job, it's essential to remain open to alternative career paths and opportunities. Explore other industries, sectors, or job roles where your skills and experiences could be valuable.

3. Perseverance is key when faced with setbacks and challenges. It's natural to encounter obstacles along the way, but it's essential to stay determined and continue working towards your goals.

4. Consider seeking assistance from professional tutors, coaching centers, or exam preparation courses that specialize in the exams you're targeting.

5. Start thinking how you can effectively address the gaps in your resume and interviews. Highlight any relevant skills, experiences, or achievements gained during these periods, and emphasize your commitment to achieving your career goals.

6. It's essential to prioritize your mental health and well-being during challenging times. Practice self-care, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and seek professional support if you're feeling overwhelmed or experiencing mental health concerns.

Aashish Sood  |92 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, Management Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jan 19, 2024Translate

Chocko Valliappa  |103 Answers  |Ask -

Tech Entrepreneur, Educationist - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Aug 31, 2023Translate
Hello Chocho/Mayank sir, I have done Bsc in Biology but I am working in IT for the past 20 years and doing just alright now. I am in a good position in office and really worked very hard to reach here and I still have hands on experience in development in Micro Soft products . In fact my work was recognised well in the office year after year but now the its stagnant from past 5 years. I want to do some courses so that I join some other companies to have challenging job and earn more than what I am doing now, but my qualification is a hurdle and so I have never tried to apply any where. My qualification is below average as I had no proper guidance nor I had motivation then, but after joining the work, my life changed drastically and even now I am the wizard in office and people look up to me for guidance but internally I suffer a lot as my base qualification hurts me. Please suggest what course/courses I should do, so that I become confident and can improve my qualification and apply for job elsewhere. I can do only online course as I have to take care of my family and don't have to skip the office.
Ans: As I can see you have more than made up for your self perceived lack of qualification by excelling at work and getting recognition by your seniors, peers and juniors. Looks like you enjoy good inter personal relations and know your job well. Speak to your seniors that you can take up additional responsibility like A, B and C. Take up additional skills with a variety of online courses from Coursera, NPTEL alongside your job so that you can continue to work, learn and grow. Your company knows you well and it is best that you sell your capabilities to them and grow.

R P Yadav  |217 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 20, 2024Translate
I am 27 yrs old female good in studies during my 11th and 12th but even after trying many times I wasn't able to crack NEET (medical entrance exam) having general category played a major role, I am not blaming reservation but I am upset with it in this process I have lost 5yrs in dropping and trying later joined BSc in Biotechnology and also completed M.Sc in Molecular and Human Genetics with gold medal now my family wants me to earn so that our financial condition can improve which is getting very worse day by day and my teachers want me to pursue PhD I don't understand what I should do the jobs after this much studying is giving 15,000pm which is not even sufficient for our family medical bills and our family also have taken loan from our relatives which also to be replayed and Phd in India as become worsen people leaving at their 4th or 5th year no stipend at time so can anyone guide me should I prepare for Govt exams like ssc cgl or any other which give me financial stability plz guide me..
Ans: I understand that you’re facing a challenging situation, and it’s commendable that you’ve pursued your education diligently. Let’s explore some options based on your qualifications and aspirations:

Career Prospects After M.Sc in Molecular and Human Genetics:
As an M.Sc graduate in Molecular and Human Genetics, you have several career paths available to you. Some potential job roles include:
Senior Scientific Officer – Molecular Genetics: In this role, you could work in research or diagnostic laboratories, focusing on genetic analysis and molecular techniques.
Technical Assistant – Molecular Genetics: Assisting in laboratory work, data analysis, and research.
Associate Professor – Medical Genetics: If you’re interested in academia, teaching, and research, this could be a fulfilling path.
National Sales Manager – Genetics: If you have an interest in sales and marketing related to genetic products or services.
These roles can be found in both private and public sectors.
Financial Considerations:
I understand that your family’s financial situation is challenging. It’s essential to consider your financial stability while making career decisions.
The average salary for M.Sc Genetics graduates in India ranges from INR 4 to 20 LPA depending on factors like specialization, experience, and location.
If your current job is not meeting your family’s needs, you may need to explore other options.
Ph.D. Dilemma:
Pursuing a Ph.D. is a significant commitment, both intellectually and financially. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully.
Consider factors such as your passion for research, long-term goals, and the availability of stipends during Ph.D. studies.
If you decide to pursue a Ph.D., explore opportunities abroad as well. Some countries offer better stipends and research environments.
Government Exams and Stability:
Preparing for government exams like SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level) can provide financial stability.
Government jobs often offer better job security, benefits, and a fixed salary.
Research the specific exams, eligibility criteria, and job profiles to see if they align with your interests and skills.
Balancing Passion and Practicality:
Reflect on what truly motivates you. Is it research, teaching, or a stable income?
Consider a balance between passion and practicality. You can explore government jobs while keeping your research interests alive.
Seek Guidance:
Consult with career counselors, mentors, and professionals in the field.
Discuss your situation with your family and teachers. They might offer valuable insights.
Remember that your journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Take time to evaluate your options, prioritize your well-being, and make informed decisions. Whatever path you choose, I wish you success and fulfillment!

Mayank Chandel  |347 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Feb 27, 2024

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