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Radhika Iyer is a yogini, mountaineer and philanthropist.
After being diagnosed with cancer, Radhika benefitted from training in yoga and meditation.
In 2009, she founded the yoga studio Raa Foundation to share what she had learnt. She has also founded Anahata Organics, a sustainable lifestyle brand.
Radhika has been helping individuals develop a positive mindset through wellness activities that engage the mind, body and soul for over two decades now.... more

Answered on Feb 01, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Sep 11, 2023Hindi
Dear Mam. Glad to know that there are so many questions you have answered on yoga. I am following yoga for last 9 months, on an average for 4 days in a week and meditation for almost on daily basis, with evening walks for 7k steps average. In around Sep 2022, i got my blood tests done, which i was not getting it done usually. There was slight scale up on all parameters like Tsh, Sugar and more specific cholesterol was bit on higher side. I have been practicing yoga since Dec 2022 and now i feel great and any day missed without yoga is not the nice feeling. After regular yoga and diet pattern, my gas, acidity, smomatch issues has gone, Tsh & Sugar normal, just in case of lipid, while - bad cholesterol and total cholesterol has come into the normal range, but good cholesteroal and triglicides has not yet touched to normal range. Doctor has given me very mild dose to bring triglisides to normal range. i am having this medicine since last 8 months on alternate days and could not stop this, off late. I have mild stress in 5 days in a month kind of worklife. The yoga i do are 1 hour a day- 10 min calming down, warm up - 15 min, suryanamaskar - 20 min, 20 min - sleeping yoga and concluded with savasana. there are many types of yoga, which i am doing. my question is that, with this lifestyle, what benefits i can continue to reap and if i would able to come out of this mild dose of medicine of cholesterol?
Ans: Namaste! Thank you for sharing your detailed lifestyle with me. You are on the right track. I always suggest that you take instructions from a qualified yoga instructor regularly to better your practice. If you feel spiritually uplifted with the practice of asanas it’s even better. Pranayam is a must and I see that you have not included that in your regime. So please start breathing exercises as well, first under guidance and then on your own. Start practicing meditation. You can check out my guided meditations on Spotify under the name “UNBLOCK” by Radhika Iyer Talati. This should be good enough to enable you to live a healthy life.

Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 15, 2023Hindi
Hello Doctor, My wife aged 51 is diagnosed with SLE and she is loosing protein in her urine.She has been taking wysolone for SLE and MMF for stopping protein loss in urine.Due to constant taking of medicine,she has developed sugar.She became very weak and her body starts shivering. She walks but with someone's support.She has severe backache. Could she take Ayurvedic Treatment/Homeopathic treatment along with Allopathy. Please suggest any Paranayam and yoga for treatment of her diseases.Will she have to take medicine throughout life ? Thanks & Regards,
Ans: Namaste!!
I am so sorry to hear about your wife. Lupus is not an easy disease to deal with and I know you all along with her must be dealing with this with pain. I will pray she recovers soon.
Naturopathy is known to do wonders in this field. I suggest you look up good naturopathy doctors in your area and start with changing what she eats first. You can continue with the Allopathic treatment alongside. Everything on our body is interconnected, therefore this one condition is affecting so many other parts of the body. Yoga, pranayam and meditation can cure many diseases of practiced sincerely and regularly. I suggest you start her off on a simple Yogasanas routine asap. Even though it seems almost impossible, I suggest you take her on short walks every single day. Staying close to nature, eating organic and fresh foods, meditating and spending time reading or listening to music will help the body cope with this disease. Anxiety, blood in urine, clinical depression, face rash, flare, headache, joint stiffness, sensitivity to light, swelling, water retention, or weight loss may well be very commonly occurring symptoms for her. Learning as much as you can about lupus and what you can do to feel better. But, talking to your friends and family to help them understand what is happening to your wife’s body will also help. Taking a break from focusing on the disease, and spending some time doing activities you enjoy is highly recommended.

Answered on Jul 07, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 07, 2023Hindi
Can yoga help fight common cold and cough? Pls suggest some yoga asanas to stay healthy in the monsoon
Ans: Yoga, with its holistic approach to health and wellness, has been known to provide numerous benefits for the mind and body. But can it also help in fighting the common cold and cough. The potential of yoga as a natural remedy for these common ailments cannot be over-ruled.

While we often associate yoga with flexibility, strength, and relaxation, this ancient practice goes beyond just physical exercise. It encompasses breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness - all of which can contribute to boosting our immune system and improving respiratory health. We know that common cold and cough are caused by viral infections that affect the upper respiratory system. While there is no permanent cure for these illnesses, practicing yoga regularly will help alleviate symptoms and support the body's natural healing process. By incorporating specific yoga asanas (poses) that focus on opening up the chest, clearing congestion, and promoting deep breathing, you may experience relief from nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing fits, and other discomforts associated with colds. Additionally, certain pranayama (breathing exercises) practiced in yoga can strengthen lung capacity and improve overall respiratory function. These exercises involve slow deep breaths that help clear out toxins from the lungs while supplying fresh oxygen to the body and creating a strong immune system.
Asanas like: Parvatasana or mountain pose.
Ustrasana or the camel pose.
Setubandhasana or bridge pose.
Kapalbhati sharkarma kriya, anulom-vilom pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama etc. can be of great help.

Answered on Jul 04, 2023

hi madam 43 m since 1 year im struggling with balancing issue // body sways when i walk got checked from ent and after test detected loops aica's in both ear type 2 chavda im struggling here had medicines but its sedative // done yoga etc but not getting relief rgs
Ans: This is a condition called Postural sway that involves the body to lean side-to-side subconsciously. This is a condition where the body tries to respond to the changing external environment around you. In a person with greater postural sway, these movements become more visible. You might see them gently moving side to side or in small circles. This can be an indication of poor coordination and balance. It has been noticed that greater postural sway can be seen in older people and those with neurodevelopmental conditions, like ADHD, autism or dyslexia. Although, exercises that help improve self-motion and balance might be helpful for this kind of postural sway, it is highly recommended that you consult a Ayurvedic or Homeopathy doctor so that there is a proper diagnosis. A good doctor can surely help you analyse your neurological system, which includes the brain and nervous system. He /She can also guide you to practice the correct exercises which will help you strengthen your musculoskeletal system helping you balance to a large extent. Allopathy also will help you immensely to address the situation immediately. I suggest you consult someone in your family or friend circle to assist you with this issue.
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