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Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Nov 22, 2023

Asked on - Oct 15, 2023Hindi

My Son, in class 10th wanted to pursue his career in Law/Legal abroad after 10+2. With AI coming big way, I think Law/Legal will have huge impact. Please suggest if it has bright future or may be very challenging ? Also, help me understand what is the path available to pursue legal studies in countries like Canada, European Countries, Australia etc., Any best Universities you can recommend.
Ans: Hello Mahesh,

To begin with, thank you for contacting us. I am glad to hear about your son’s interest in pursuing a career in Law overseas after he completes his 12th grade. As an answer to your query, I would like to inform you that taking in account the changing landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its effects on a broad range of professions, including law, your son’s desire to practise law overseas seems encouraging. Remember, with the introduction of technology, major changes are being brought about in the legal arena. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may change some facets of the legal profession, but it also creates new opportunities in areas viz., data privacy, legal tech, and AI ethics in the legal system. It would therefore, seem that the future of law will be both difficult and fruitful, requiring flexibility as well as a fusion of legal knowledge with technical developments.

You would be glad to know that outstanding programs are offered by a number of countries to those aspiring to pursue law overseas. The University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, and McGill University in Canada are regarded for their law schools. Coming to European countries, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE), and Oxford University in the UK, as well as Leiden University in the Netherlands, are highly regarded. Law schools at Australian universities viz., Australian National University (ANU), the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney, are also renowned. As an answer to your query concerning the path available to pursue legal studies in these aforementioned countries, I would like to tell you that this path generally entails earning an undergraduate i.e. Bachelor’s degree, usually in any area of study, after which one needs to complete a legal degree i.e. Bachelor of Law (LLB) or Juris Doctor (JD), and then possibly undertake specialized programs or internships. In order that your son chooses the program that best resonates with his passion and objectives, I would recommend that he conducts an extensive study on particular program offerings, the competence of the faculty, as well as the curriculum’s primary emphasis.

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