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Nidhi Bajaj Gupta has 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist.
She founded the Merahki Holistic Wellness Company in 2011 and is the co-founder of Miraaya Holistic Growth Centre.
She has a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, and certifications in myofascial release, dry needling and craniosacral therapy from New York, San Francisco and Singapore.
She combines both Eastern and Western ways of healing. ... more

Answered on Feb 20, 2024

Hello Coach, Arun from delhi, 43 years old (weight 81 Kg, Height 5 ft 8 inch), sedentary job style. I was very health conscious about diet, fitness. But during workout for abdominal strength, there was some pain in my back & doctor suggest for MRI and found there was slip disc / disc herniation issue of L4-L5. During last 2.6 years, does several physiotherapy with renowned physio center, yoga & focusing on my diet plan. After 1.6 years also comparing MRI report, shows almost same situation. Need your guidance in this matter, how to recover from pain. Because my current situation is, while standing 5-6 minutes, or walking 5-10 minutes, pain increase from buttock to left side feet. Then I have to take rest for 3-4 minutes, to start again. So, please guide me or suggest me as per your experience. Thanks Arun kumar
Ans: Hello Arun,
Please do let me know more details about the physiotherapy done. Did they give you a Mckenzie program for slipped disc as that is one of the best treatment for disc issues. It includes systematic exercises like wall side glides, road kill position, back extensions. If you are having pain on left side of leg/feet it seems to be a posterolateral disc protrusion for which the wall side glides are very important.
Have you been working on your core? Are your Vitamin D3 and B12 levels ok? How much is your weight now?
If not already please goto a Mckenzie certified physiotherapist and it can make a lot of difference.
If not ok after that also then you may need to go to an orthopedic doctor and consider a minor surgery for the disc.
All the best!

Answered on Dec 04, 2023

Dear Sir, My mother ( 79 yrs.) had sudden onset of constipation & other little bit of gastro-intestinal problems two & half years back. At the same time she complained of pain in the left side of lower abdomen (illiac region). Gastroenrtrologist didn't find any specific serious problem. All tests has been done (USG abdomen, colonoscopy, endoscopy, all bood test,vitamins, TSH, LFT,KFT etc). She was checked by doctor at apollo chennai. They also didn't find any problem with gastro-entrology side. Patient still complaining of pain in left side of lower abdomen, walking difficulties. stifness all over, Pain in left lower limb, pain in the cervical region, both upper limb. Recently one of my friend (Dr.)visited my house. He has diagonised ankle edema, cervical spondyolysis, tunnel carpel syndrome & parkinson & advised me to meet an neurologist. He advised me to do CBC, CRP, Anti-CCP, X-ray of cervical region & nerve conduction study. All are normal except X-ray & NConduction. X-ray shows of spondyolysis & NC study impression : AXONAL TYPE OF SENSORI-MOTOR POLYNEUROPATHY. I met Neorologist He prescribed Pramipex 0.125mg TD for 14 days & then increase the dosage by double. I have started physiotherapy. I She is taking medicine for last four days. I am finding it difficult to manage the situation. Kindly give me some guidance or am i moving in right direction?
Ans: Hello Biswajit,
I can understand your situation. Regular physiotherapy is very important for your mother.
You can also try some other alternate therapies like sujok, accupressure or some ayurvedic treatment.
With allopathy alternate therapies are very good to do to help manage the situation better and improve her quality of life.
All the best!
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