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Image Coach and Soft Skills Trainer 

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Archana Deshpande, the founder of TransformMe Life Skills Coaching, is an image consultant, soft skills trainer and life coach.
She has been working with individuals and corporate organisations for more than 10 years during which she has helped professionals and students improve their soft skills, build confidence and enhance self-esteem.
An engineer from the PDA College of Engineering, Gulbarga, Archana had a successful career at Reliance Communications. But she has always been interested in teaching and training people. So she pursued a postgraduate diploma in teacher’s training at Pune’s Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies followed by teaching assignments in schools at Visakhapatnam and Mumbai.
Archana also holds an international certificate in image consulting and soft skills training from the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai.... more

Answered on Apr 18, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 05, 2024Hindi
Hi , I wish to “Write in English” as a Profession , as that happens to be one of my core competency . It gives me a lot of soulful satisfaction & propels me to continue writing further . My Drafting & command over English Writing has been my primary strength right from my schooling days but I committed the mistake of not choosing it as a career . Hence , Post doing my B.E. & M.B.A. , I worked in decent Corporates for 16 Years but went on to quit the last Job in 2021 as I felt stagnant & monotonous doing what I was into . I was immensely appreciated for my e-mail drafts & Write-ups in all the Organisations I worked in but that had no weightage in my KRA . I did pretty well in my professional career with the exception of the last couple of months wherein I felt a bit lost & as a result , was not enjoying my work . I am into my 44th Year & now convinced to follow my dream professionally ( i.e Writing & penning down what comes my way) but am somewhat clueless how to move ahead . I am not there for the in-vogue content writing stuffs , online blogs etc. but want to write on something substantial or small interesting / soothing write-ups that interests a major chunk of the readers . Kindly help me with all the specific / possible options wherein I can directly target , that would probably yield me results ASAP . Please give detailed info with the probable sources to explore-in , as generic one-liners may not help , as I am blank on whom to approach . Looking forward to your much value added counselling & the probable avenues that may break the ice for me . Thanks & Regards !!! Pls. Keep up with the Good-Work you guys are doing with this Q&A Consultancy Guided Section .
Ans: HI!!
The way you have stated your needs so clearly shows that you have good writing skills, so no doubts about your writing skills.

In the message you mentioned that you quit your job in 2021 and yet you say you are not enjoying work since the last couple of months. A little confusion there for me, I am assuming you are still working. You also mention that you did pretty well professionally, this shows a mind that can work well even when it not totally into the work heart and soul. Try to find positive reasons around your work.
You are 44 you said, at this age we all are at loggerheads with what we studied, what we are doing for a living and what we are passionate about! I have been there..

I need to say a little about myself in order to answer your question. I am an Engineer too, today I am Image Consultant and a Soft Skills Trainer. I used to work with one of the top telecom companies, my Mentor there used to say an Engineer can do anything and me and you are proving that. You are a BE, MBA and you have exceptional writing skills.

As a public speaking skills coach I used to write speeches for clients and help them deliver with panache. One of my long standing clients said no to the classes after I increased the fees. Where did she get her strength from to say no?....AI and Chatgpt, even though she always said it doesn't have the AD (Archana Deshpande) effect!! Why I am mentioning such a personal incident is to help you understand the scenario today.
You want to write good stuff and earn money too, rt? You don't want that typical content writer kind of jobs... so what I suggest is that since a BE MBA is a deadly combo and you are an intelligent man, pls continue to use these to earn money. I want you to google, "platforms for writers to make money" and check all your options, for sometime write and publish on various platforms, send it to various newspapers, see how people respond to you. I know your joy comes from writing so go for it on a day to day basis, schedule it everyday. When you continue to do tasks that bring you joy, your doing all the things that are compulsory becomes easy( like going to office). Test the waters before you quit your well paying job( and yourself mentioned you are doing pretty well). Plan to write a book on a subject that comes easily to you or a book of short stories around your experiences. Today Mrs Sudha Murthy is a celebrated writer, look at her journey as writer, it didn't happen overnight. There is no ASAP here. You want to become a writer professionally, take it slow, start writing, start publishing you work, gauge the readers reaction, keep writing, keep reinventing, it's a creative process, let it flow through you without the stress of earning money through it.... it's joy for you to write, let it remain so!! Create a beautiful space at home to allow the creative juices to flow, continue to write everyday. Apart form writing, check what else brings you joy, on a day to day basis consciously spend time doing things that bring you joy. Enthusiasm/energy for life comes from your joy list. I am listing so many things because you mentioned you are not enjoying your job. I want you to arrive at a place where you enjoy your job( it pays your bills and takes care of your family) and continue to work on stuff you are passionate about. It can be done by living a little consciously and joyously, a little shift in the mindset can do wonders!!
All the very best!!

Answered on Apr 16, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 28, 2024Hindi
I have 17 yrs experience in the Recruitment field, yet have Not been able to build my skills. I have not become a manager and so my salary has not grown. I have worked in consultancies only (not companies ) At age 47, I feel burnout, and am without job opportunity due to stability and age . Pl advise.
Ans: Hi!!You have the experience, 17 yrs ….build your future on it! Nothing in life ever goes waste. Look a little deeper into yourself, why is that you didn’t become a manager? What skills you need? Looking the part, leadership skills, public speaking, communication skills? In today’s world you can learn any skill that you want… believe in yourself, perform a SWOT analysis ( Google SWOT ) .
Put everything on paper… you’ll get a lot of clarity and it will no longer overwhelm you. Any age is a good age to start learning. You are just 47… there is still a whole life ahead of you!!
Burnout comes when you stop learning and not doing stuff that brings you joy. Next 30 days., you’ll do the following-
1. 20 mins of physical activity, it can be anything which makes your heart beat faster, brisk walks, dancing non- stop , etc
2. 10-15 mins of any activity which fills your heart with joy,( make your joy list, start doing one of them every day) Your energy for life comes from your joy list!
3 spending time in nature ( nature heals you)
4. Up skilling yourself
Forget the past now, we can’t change it…plan all of your today with one step in the future and it all starts with taking care of yourself..
All the best…

Answered on Apr 16, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 23, 2024
Supposedly there is an event of my office on xyz date and I am incharge of handling the crowd. I am not into any groups and I just know people by their names and designation. Now, I am very scared for no reason (maybe managing alone, getting to the venue alone can be the probable reason). I have never encountered such fear before. Please guide
Ans: Hi!! Thank you for reaching out, the first step to overcoming your fear is already done! You asked for help…. kudos to you!! Pat yourself on the back for that.
Now the next step to overcoming fear is by befriending it…. how do you do that? By just doing it, no thinking, just doing, taking action…the example you have taken of the office event, let’s simplify that for you…
1 put everything on paper, break down the tasks into smaller doable chunks and do it
2. check if some of the tasks can be delegated, you need not do everything on your own
3. prepare well, visit the venue a day before, become familiar with the surroundings, there is comfort in this activity, it takes the fear out of being in unfamiliar surroundings
4. get to know your crowd, you know the names and designations, now attach a picture of them along with it, see how you are taking the fear of the unknown and making yourself comfortable here..
And remember someone believes you can handle this, they saw your capability and gave you this activity, just believe in yourself, just do it!! Striving for excellence is in your hands, the result is not in yours.If you get 80% of the job right in this event, then it’s a success, there is nothing called as a perfect event!! All the best????

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Good Day Madam, I have 2 son, aged 11 and 7. The elder one is very intelligent, performs really good in school, high appreciated in school. But 1. he is slow, he eats, performs tasks - bathing, brushing etc all very very slowly, and his diet is less than my younger one. 2. His physical growth too is not very good, and is one of the shortest, thinnest in class. We do worry about him a lot. But then he stood 1st in racing in class ! 3. Also if we give/ teacher gives him a task he does it perfectly, but he cannot think /innovate, for which we feel is he been spoon feeded? 4. We both also feel sometimes that he is very capable and we are not able to give him direction/guidance/environment to excel.
Ans: Ashishji can you pls reframe the question? The concerns are about which child, the elder one or the younger one? Pls come back again...But for now, I can say when we have two children we are always comparing... if they are of the same sex then the comparison goes up, manifold. Can we treat each child as an individual? Treat each child separately, address each child's concerns, his strengths and weaknesses separately. You have listed so many positives in your children. Give a lot of positive strokes to each child. It is important that you spend time individually with each child. You want them to grow up as happy, healthy children and supportive brothers then STOP COMAPARING the children !! For your elder one, time to focus on so many strengths he already has, nurture his talents, give him an atmosphere where he can flourish and hire experts to hone his skills. I know this feeling, when we have very intelligent children, we always think we are incapable as parents. As a parent you are the best well wisher for the child, this is the only relation in this universe where someone ( your child) is more important than yourself, trust yourself as a parent, YOU WANT ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR CHILD!! Cherish each child, they are gifts from GOD! Happy parenting...

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

I am a B.Com with 42 years of accounts experience. I am 71 years of age and working as a part time accountant . My wife wants me to anyway do something and get a job with higher salary as I am presnetly paid Rs.11000/- per month for working between 9.30AM and 1.30 PM. I am being pestered and forced. But not able to get an alternative job because of my age. Please advice
Ans: Veeraraagavanji, at the age of 71 yrs, you are doing a great job. You have job, you are working 9:30 AM to 1:30 AM and earning 11k, which is fantastic. At your age most ppl live a retired life. You have worked all your life, it's time for you to take it easy and enjoy doing things you like after your working hours, no one should pester you. Pls sit down with your wife and talk it out, communication is the key. How old is your wife? Does she work too?? Are there any money concerns? If there are money concerns then try taking classes at home on subjects that you like, accounts maybe for commerce graduates or Maths for young children. You can conduct classes online too.
It's time for you and your wife to live a happy life together and enjoy each other's company, you are lucky to have each other, my father in law is 82 and without a partner for the last 12 yrs. Cherish each other ...
Asked on - Mar 22, 2024 | Answered on Mar 26, 2024
My wife is 64 years old and housewife but she has a small building gifted to her by her brother and two engineering units work there on rental basis of Rs.20000 totally per month. Though I have 42 years experience in accounts earlier to this company i worked on VAT. On joining this present company now it is GST and our company auditor handles it. Now my wife blames me why I am not conversant with GST. I am not able to get alternative job because of my age. Placement services dont entertain candidates above 45 to 50 years of age. Only alternative is to keep my ears closed and do my present job till I my company allows me to work. I am a father of two daughters, both of them have completed their college education got married and settled down. Now Only my wife and myself life in a rented house and my second daughter lives next to our house.
Ans: Whatever you have written here, can you pls sit down with your wife and explain it to her! You are already working and earning money. You and your wife at this stage in life deserve to be living a life of mutual love and respect! Talk to her and tell her so.. after raising two beautiful girls and having settled them well, you both deserve to live a life in peace!
If you still can learn about GST, no harm in it , right? Any learning will never go waste, moreover in today’s time you can learn anything from the internet!
Look at the reasons why your wife is nagging you, she must be unhappy somewhere, take care of her emotional needs and well being, praise her for the things she does for you or has done in the past! Communication is the key here, both of you deserve to live a happy life! Make her financially literate, both of you sit down and list out your needs and desires! Chalk out a plan to achieve them together, you both are a team, it’s time you work as a team against any problem that comes your way!!Remember, love, respect and communication is the key for a harmonious life ahead! All the best…

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 03, 2024Hindi
My daughter was a above average kid till 10 and somehow even ended up as her school topper in 10th . But after that she slowly became very bad at it, to a level that now she's in a bad college with a bad branch which even she doesn't know why she choose. And i just got to know she failed maths in her 2nd sem? What to do with her?
Ans: Hi!! As a parent , I know it is worrisome to see a child who was so good till 10th, and then the sudden slump. This happens with many bright children...after school, the outside world looks very different.
However cliche it may sound, a failure is a stepping stone to success. There is definitely something to learn for all of you in this whole episode. Whenever something goes wrong in your work place, you sit down, you call for a meeting and solve the issue by listing out the pros and cons in a respectful atmosphere. You come up with solutions, don't you? A similar situation has arisen at home, create an atmosphere of love and respect at home, list the pros and cons of the choices in front of you. If you think , it's a bad college, bad branch t and she has failed in one subject, Maths , then look out for other options. Ask her opinion in every decision. Before you sit down with her , you, as parent think it out thoroughly what is best for her. If quitting the college is an option then you have to give her choices of what next. There is never a right or wrong, what best suits your child, is the best solution. Keeping your daughter happy, healthy and productive is what you need to look at. No blame games please, jo beet gayi so baat gayi.... just look forward. Look for solutions and pls create a WIN WIN solution. It's your daughter, you need to love her, cherish her and help her out. All the best..

Answered on Mar 06, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 26, 2024Hindi
I am a 23 year old BTech graduate from Mumbai, jobless since a year now. I have applied to several jobs and attended 12 interviews in the last 3 months. Either the HR doesn't call or there is no feedback at all. I am feeling very low and dejected. I want to know if there is anything I can do to improve myself and get a job soon. How can I boost my self-confidence and self-worth? Pls help
Ans: Hi!! You are still young and it's just the beginning for you, don't feel dejected pls. There is always something to learn from a rejection ,be supremely self aware and be aware of the interviewer ,read other's body language and master your own body language to give out the right messages. See if you can learn interview skills form an expert. Make notes after every interview, rate yourself on-
1. your confidence level( the first impression you gave, your clothing, your shoes, how you entered the room, everything makes a difference)
2. the answers you gave
3. interviewer's reaction to your answers
4. how truthful and honest you were
5. was this better than your last interview
(you can keep adding to your list)
The only way to boost your self confidence and self worth is to believe that you are worthy of all good things in the world. Give yourself lot of self love, there are talents in you which no other person has, look for that! Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, affirm all the things you want in yourself and for yourself!!Just google " self affirmations" and make your own list of affirmations... ....give yourself lot of positive strokes throughout the day, be your best cheer leader, pat yourself on the back for every good act. All the best...remember to be your best cheer leader!!

Answered on Feb 26, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 23, 2024Hindi
My 12 YO is very good at studies, art and craft. However when it comes to presentation and communication skills, he fumbles and gets nervous on the stage or whenever he has to present something in front of an audience. For example, he is unable to perform well in skits, story narration and tends to forget whatever he has learned or rehearsed. It is affecting his confidence. Is this normal? How can I help him?
Ans: Hi!! First of all congratulations ,let's celebrate the fact that your son is good at studies as well as art and crafts! You'll be shocked to know that a vast majority of people in the world rank public speaking as their number one fear, your son is just 12 yrs old ,a little nervous while presenting and communicating in front of others! First and foremost, all this is normal, you have to deal it with sensitivity and help him address and overcome this fear and anxiety, it will take time though, do some research or hire a communication skills expert/public speaking expert to help him become confident in this area of his life! Having helped ppl become good public speakers and good communicators I know it can taught and can be learned. However pls go slow,(sometimes it can take months of practice) make him learn 5 lines and narrate it to you. Once he gains confidence and narrates this flawlessly, then increase his difficulty level. You have said that he fumbles and gets nervous in front of an audience, till he gains his confidence in this aspect of his life give a break to performances to large gatherings. Let him perform within the family first, then to an extended( but encouraging) family. then to larger group of friends and family and then maybe after a yr or so he can perform in front of a large audience. Ensure the script you give him is well woven together and has words and sentences which he can understand, this way it is easy for him to recall and narrate. Also remember every interaction is like a public speaking exercise, so whenever he is narrating something, let him talk fearlessly, don't interrupt, don't correct while he is talking. If he is good at studies then definitely he has a good memory and is intelligent . Fumbling and forgetting lines while performing is due to anxiety. Help him to relax before a performance, breathing exercises and visualization will help. He will require lots of love, encouragement , support in order to regain his confidence first and then become good at public speaking. Let him take his time, show a lot of patience, and with an encouraging parent like you he can be a good public speaker. But if it doesn't work out, it's ok, give a break to it. Start focusing on his strengths, give him lot of positive strokes, let him gain his confidence back and maybe you can give it a shot few months down the line. Wishing you both the very best and HAPPY PARENTING!! Have fun with your child.....let public speaking be a fun activity too...
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