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MF Expert, Financial Planner - Answered on Sep 30, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Sep 29, 2023
Hi..I have invested in in below given MF and my future target is 50 Lacs + in next 10 yrs. My investments are as below: 1. Tata Small Cap Fund Reg-G - Rs. 2000/- monthly 2. Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund Reg-G - Rs. 1000/- monthly 3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund- Rs. 2000- monthly 4. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund - Direct Plan - Growth - Rs. 2000- monthly Please suggest if I have selected right MF or I need to add/ switch to other best MF if any. Thank you.
Ans: To reach Rs 50 lakh in 10 years, you need to invest about Rs 21-23,000 per month assuming 11-12% average portfolio returns. Since no data about existing investments is provided, and given that you are doing a total of Rs 7000 per month in SIPs, there is first of all a need to increase your monthly investments to the required amount.

Having said that, you don't need so many schemes to invest Rs 20-25,000 per month. Just having a couple of schemes (like largecap index funds, and flexicap funds) would be sufficient.

Note (Disclaimer) - As a SEBI RIA, I cannot comment on specific schemes/funds that are provided or asked for in the questions in the platform. And the views expressed above should not be considered professional investment advice or advertisement or otherwise. No specific product/service recommendations have been made and the answers here are for general educational purposes only. The readers are requested to take into consideration all the risk factors including their financial condition, suitability to risk-return profile and the like and take professional investment advice before investing.
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