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Ulhas Joshi

Mutual Fund Expert 

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With over 16 years of experience in the mutual fund industry, Ulhas Joshi has helped numerous clients choose the right funds and create wealth.
Prior to joining RankMF as CEO, he was vice president (sales) at IDBI Asset Management Ltd.
Joshi holds an MBA in marketing from Barkatullah University, Bhopal.... more

Answered on Mar 27, 2024

Hello Ulhas, I am 33 years and I want to start investing in MF with amount 25k per month till next 10-15 years so that I can get a good corpus for my child's education and also retirement . I am also planning to increase the amount each year for this . Can you please help in which type of funds should I invest ( also the company if possible) and how much amount should I increase each year.
Ans: Hello Prateek & thanks for writing to me. As your goal is long term, you can consider investing in equity schemes for around 10 to 12 years, stop your SIP's in equity funds & begin SIP's in balanced advantage funds & multi asset funds for the remainder 3 to 4 years.

You can invest in a mix of

1-Flexicap Funds: 50% of your investible corpus.
2-Multicap Funds:25% of your investible corpus.
3-Midcap Funds: 12.5% of your investible corpus.
4-Smallcap Funds:12.5% of your investible corpus.

Answered on Mar 07, 2024

Hello Ulhas joshi sir, All our corpos mostly 90% is in debt(in the form of FDR's, SSSC, LIC etc) and rest 10% in MF and ULIP. I am 32 years and my mother is 61 years. I am working professional in tier 2 city and mother is retired from government job. I am seeking a financial advice to balance out the investments in debt and want some exposure in equity by investing through MF's. We have a total of 3 cr in debt and approx 40 lacs in equity market. Please suggest us the suitable mix so that our corpus would also grow and expenses would also meet out. Our total expenses per month would be around 35 K. Please also suggest the names of mutual funds to start investing?? Regards, Bharat Manik
Ans: Hi Bharat & thanks for writing to me. I am assuming that you are able to cover your living expenses from your salary & Mothers' pension.

Assuming that you are fine with the risks of equity, you can consider rebalancing your portfolio from the debt tilt to equity tilt.

You can consider investing around 1 Crore in mutual funds, at the below allocation:

1-Small Cap Funds: 10%
2-Mid Cap Funds : 10%
3-Large Cap Funds:15%
4-Flexi Cap Funds:15%
5-Balanced Advantage Funds/Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds: 25%
6-Multil Asset Allocation Funds:25%

The investment in pure equity funds (points 1 to 4) will help your corpus grow but with higher volatility & the BAF/DAAF & Multi Asset Allocation Funds can provide relative stability to your portfolio.

I recommend you to meet a financial planner who can understand your needs & goals to craft a detailed plan for you.

Answered on Feb 16, 2024

Hi Hemant, Good day. I am planning to start SIP's (55K per month) in the following Mutual funds for a horizon of 5-7 years to create 1 corpus. Could you please review and suggest if they look fine or need any changes/alternate funds. I am fine to take higher risks. 1 Quant Small Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth 3000 2 Nippon India Small Cap Fund Direct Growth 2500 3 HDFC Small Cap Fund Direct Growth 2500 4 Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund Direct Growth 3000 5 Quant Mid Cap Fund Direct Growth 3000 6 Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund Direct Growth 2000 7 HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Direct Plan Growth 3000 8 Quant Infrastructure Fund Direct 3000 9 Quant Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth 3000 10 Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth 6000 11 HDFC Flexi Cap Direct Plan Growth 5000 12 ICICI Prudential Technology Direct Plan Growth 3000 13 HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan Direct Growth 5000 14 HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth 2500 15 UTI Nifty200 Momentum 30 Index Fund Direct Growth 2500 16 Bandhan Nifty 50 Index Fund Direct Plan Growth 3000 17 Nippon India Growth Fund Direct Growth 5000 Thank You!
Ans: Hello Rajesh & thanks for writing to me. I see lots of funds in your portfolio across multiple categories.

As your horizon is around 5 to 7 years, you can consider reducing exposure to pure equity funds and allocate higher amounts to hybrid funds like balanced advantage funds or multi asset/dynamic asset allocation funds.

I recommend you talk a financial planner who can understand your needs in depth to make a suitable plan for you.

Answered on Dec 26, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Dec 23, 2023Hindi
Gud Afternun Ulhas, I have a question regarding the choices of my 5 selected mutual funds. I have filtered them out considering diversification of scheme type , across AMCs & their performances in the long term. They are - Mirae Large cap fund, Nippon India multicap, HDFC flexicap, Kotak BAF and Quant small cap. Please suggest if they are okay for 15 years timefrae. I plans to 40k per month split into SIPs of these funds. Kindly suggest right percentage that I can consider allocating to each scheme type. Thank you.
Ans: Hello and thanks for writing to me. As you mention that your timeframe is 15 years, I am assuming that you do not require funds in the 15-year time period.

If this is the case, you can consider investing in a pure equity fund instead of a balanced advantage fund. Balanced advantage funds invest in a mix of debt and equity and as such can deliver returns less than pure equity funds. As your investment horizon is long at 15 years, you can consider starting an SIP in Kotak Emerging Equity or another mid cap fund.
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