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Dev Ashish

MF Expert, Financial Planner 

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Dev Ashish is a fee-only SEBI-registered investment advisor with over 15 years of active experience in the stock market. In 2011, he founded StableInvestor, a platform for personal finance and financial planning.
He provides professional fee-only investment advisory services to small and high networth individuals in order to help them achieve their financial goals.
Ashish's views are regularly published in national business publications. He has an MBA degree from NMIMS, Mumbai and also holds an engineering degree.... more

Answered on Apr 26, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 20, 2023
hi, Im investing monthly around Rs 12.5K in MF, as per the following - Canara Robeco Small capMF - Rs 2.5K, PGIM Mid cap oppurtunities - Rs 2.5K, Tata Digital - Rs 2.5K, Quant Active - Rs 5K. I am intending to increase monthly investment in MF from present Rs 12.5 k to Rs 50K & needed a corpus of at least 1.25 Cr in next 10 years. can you check my portfolio & suggest for any changes or the same appears to be in order
Ans: While the amount that you now wish to increase your monthly SIPs to, i.e. Rs 50,000 would be a reasonably good figure to achieve Rs 1.25 Cr in 10 years, the choice of funds needs a thought.

First of all, nothing is known about your risk appetite. But assuming you belong to at least the Moderately Aggressive bucket, you should stick to the following fund categories and allocations -

Largecap Index Funds - 10K
Flexicap Funds - 12.5-15K
Large&Midcap Funds - 12.5-15K
Midcap Funds - 5-7.5K
Smallcap Funds - 5-7.5K

In my view, you don't need sectoral or thematic funds (like the one you have) in your portfolio. The above-suggested fund allocation will be sufficient to help you reach your goal. Also, make sure you increase your monthly SIPs each year as your income increases.

Also, just targeting a future amount may not be enough. It is always advisable to link all your investments to your real financial goals and follow a goal-based investment philosophy.

And if you have other goals that also need investment and you are unsure how to allocate to them all, it is suggested that you get in touch with an investment advisor with full details to better plan your finances.

Answered on Apr 26, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 24, 2023
How do I earn monthly income of 2 lakhs post retirement which is 15 years away? Please suggest options
Ans: If we calculate using a few assumptions, like post-retirement life of 25 years; average inflation of 6% pa during that period, and portfolio returns of about 8% (assuming a judicious mix of equity and debt with a higher allocation to the latter), then you need to have a corpus of about Rs 4.8 Cr. This is to ensure that starting at Rs 2 lakh monthly (after 15 years), your monthly income from there on increases by at least 6% assumed inflation. And starting from zero, you need to invest about Rs 1.1 lakh per month assuming equity:debt 50:50 and this monthly investment amount should increase by at least 5% every year.

To reach this target corpus, you have a sufficiently long runway of 15 years. So you should be willing to invest a major chunk in equities via equity funds if your risk appetite allows for it. You may also have some of the existing assets, which too can be earmarked towards this retirement corpus.

As mentioned, for equity allocation, choose diversified equity funds categories like passive largecap funds, flexicap funds, and large&midcap funds (and if you have a sufficiently high-risk appetite, then mid-and-small cap funds as well). For debt, your EPF+VPF alongwith PPF should be sufficient.

When the time comes for retirement (in 15 years), you may have to divide your portfolio into 2 buckets. One to take care of income needs (via SCSS, debt funds, PPF withdrawals, bonds, etc.) and the other for growth (via equity funds and ETFs)
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