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Mahesh Padmanabhan has specialised in payroll, personal and corporate taxation for more than two and a half decades, enabling him to provide practical, realistic and correct advice to his clients.
He is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a degree in cost accounting from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.
He is also a qualified information systems auditor. ... more

Answered on May 20, 2023

Sir, On 14-June 1994, I acquired a flat (tenement) in my own name for Rs. 2,98L. In April 2015, I had to spend Rs. 4.15L on general renovation of this flat. Now, I plan to sell this tenement and wish to invest its sale proceeds within two years of the sale in buying a ready possession flat in another city. My queries are follows: 1. Can I invest the sale proceeds in buying two flats in the same society of the new city or do I have to necessarily invest in one property only? 2. Can I add the name of my spouse and my son also as co-owners in the new property(s) even if their financial contribution is nil? 3. Can I add the name of my spouse and my son also as co-owners in the new property(s) in case they also partially contribute financially in the purchase of the new flat(s)? 4. What is the present applicable Indexed Cost of the flat planned to be sold by me?
Ans: Hi Thomas
As the base year for Cost Inflation Index (CII) has been reset to 2001, you may need to get a valuation done through an approved valuer to identify the value as on April 1, 2001. If this value is higher than Rs. 2.98 Lakhs then you could use that as the cost.

As regards the general renovation amount spent, it may not be allowed to be added as cost of the property as generally tax officers are not dispensed to allow it.

W.R.T. your decision to reinvest in a ready possession flat within 2 years, please note that if this investment is extending beyond 6 months OR due date for filing your tax returns (whichever is earlier), you would need to open a Capital Gain Account Scheme (CGAS) account with a nationalized bank and park the capital gain amount in it for reinvestment.

Now answering your queries

Query 1 - If the capital gain amount does not exceed Rs. 2 Crores then you could reinvest in 2 residential units. This however is a one time option and cannot be used again in any other year.

Query 2 - Yes you could add their names but they would be treated as name-sake owners and for all purposes of taxation, you would be taxed singly.

Query 3 - You can add their name as proportionate owners to the value of their contribution. The taxation of income in that case would be based on their contribution

Query 4 - The answer to this would depend on the valuation report. Nevertheless, you could derive the indexed cost yourself by multiplying a factor of 3.48 to the cost. An example would be as follows:

Suppose the cost is Rs. 2.98 Lakhs
Indexed cost would be Rs. 2.98 Lakhs x 348 / 100 OR 2.98 Lakhs x 3.48 = Rs. 10.37 Lakhs

Answered on May 05, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - May 05, 2023
I have booked a under construction flat in May 2022 for 2.80 crs inclusive of GST and stamp duty likely possession in December 2023, Flat is in joint name with my wife on 50:50 basis. I have availed joint Bank loan of 2.10 crores which is partially disbursed approx 1.76 crores up to now. balance will be disbursed before possession. I will be selling by old flat in January 2024 which is in my individual name, which I purchased in July 2017 for 92.50 lacs inclusive of stamp duty, approx selling price will be 1.25 crores. This flat is also on loan of 54 lakhs outstanding .What will be the capital gain against this and can this be setoff against the new flat? Difference amount 1.25 crores(sale price) less 54 lakhs (Bank Loan) balance amount of 71 lakhs I might pay against the new bank loan of 2.10 crores which will reduce the loan to 1.39 crores. Please guide how to go to save the Capital gain tax.
Ans: Hi
You may have a long term capital gain of about Rs. 6.70 Lakhs. Suggestions to avoid paying any tax on this gain would be to pay towards the construction of the new house. This would mean that you may need to sell your house before you take possession of the new house in December 2023 and use the sale consideration to pay to the builder to the extent of approx Rs. 6.70 Lakhs to make it eligible as reinvestment in a new under construction property. This cannot be the other way round i.e. you cannot pay full amount to the builder and take possession and thereafter sell the old house.

If you need the house to stay till the possession of the new property then you could try for a rental arrangement with the buyer of your old house.
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