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Chocko Valliappa

Tech Entrepreneur, Educationist 

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Chocko Valliappa is the founder and CEO of Vee Technologies, a global IT services company; HireMee, a talent assessment and talent management start-up; and vice chairman of The Sona Group of education institutions.
A fourth-generation entrepreneur, Valliappa is a member of Confederation of Indian Industry, Nasscom, Entrepreneurs Organization and Young Presidents’ Organization.
He was honoured by the YPO with their Global Social Impact award in 2018.
An alumnus of Christ College, Bangalore, Valliappa holds a degree in textile technology and management from the South India Textile Research Association. His advanced research in the Czech Republic led to the creation of innovative polyester spinning machinery.... more

Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Aug 31, 2023Translate
Hello Chocho/Mayank sir, I have done Bsc in Biology but I am working in IT for the past 20 years and doing just alright now. I am in a good position in office and really worked very hard to reach here and I still have hands on experience in development in Micro Soft products . In fact my work was recognised well in the office year after year but now the its stagnant from past 5 years. I want to do some courses so that I join some other companies to have challenging job and earn more than what I am doing now, but my qualification is a hurdle and so I have never tried to apply any where. My qualification is below average as I had no proper guidance nor I had motivation then, but after joining the work, my life changed drastically and even now I am the wizard in office and people look up to me for guidance but internally I suffer a lot as my base qualification hurts me. Please suggest what course/courses I should do, so that I become confident and can improve my qualification and apply for job elsewhere. I can do only online course as I have to take care of my family and don't have to skip the office.
Ans: As I can see you have more than made up for your self perceived lack of qualification by excelling at work and getting recognition by your seniors, peers and juniors. Looks like you enjoy good inter personal relations and know your job well. Speak to your seniors that you can take up additional responsibility like A, B and C. Take up additional skills with a variety of online courses from Coursera, NPTEL alongside your job so that you can continue to work, learn and grow. Your company knows you well and it is best that you sell your capabilities to them and grow.

Answered on Feb 27, 2024

Answered on Feb 26, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 09, 2024Translate
At 45 years old, I am the first in my family to graduate. I am married with two supportive kids, a daughter and a son. My father, who was raised by his grandparents, struggled financially, and despite his genuine nature, he couldn't provide much for us. I started working after failing my 12th board exams, eventually completing my post-graduation while working part-time. The ITES sector brought financial success, allowing me to support my nieces and nephews through their education and marriages, even helping them purchase homes. I've stepped back from my siblings, except for one sister who has a mentally ill son; I've provided them a home built on land in my mother's name, though her will is uncertain. Now, I'm considering leaving work to pursue my own business ventures but not due to dissatisfaction and negative office experiences. Always having an attitude to go along well with anyone and support each others. With my loans set to be paid off within a year, I'll have no financial obligations except for my children's education (zero savings precisely). I plan to accumulate at least 30 lakhs of cash savings in the next four years, without touching my provident fund which is being accumulated around 50+ and my gratuity - as my base salary is above 1 lakh now. My lifestyle is modest, with a decent 3-bedroom house, a second-hand SUV, and some cash reserves. My wife and mother each possess 25 sovereigns of gold, though my mother isn't entirely supportive. Aside from essential purchases, I buy clothes and accessories during sales. I'm seeking guidance on my next steps, as I sometimes feel anxious about not fulfilling my desire to start my own business. My question has elements of both mentally and financially so approaching you. Sincerely!
Ans: From what I read you have achieved a lot and have earned goodwill of your extended family. Please encourage your children to follow your family's example of a acquiring knowledge add gain success at work though a work ethic that appears to be your family's strong point. Given your current career use your strengths at work to grow even further and aspire to do well. Even though starting a business of your own may look exciting is not everyone's cup of tea, hence I would advise you to not jump into it without working out the full details.
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