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Air Commodore Nitin Sathe (retd) is an IAF veteran with experience in aviation, aviation management, recruitment and HR.He has commanded a frontline base in Jammu and Kashmir, served with the UN Peace Keeping Force in Congo and volunteered for tsunami relief operations. Today, he is a certified recruiter and personality assessor.... more

Answered on Jul 19, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 19, 2023
Sir, I am a BTech MBA student with close to 20 years of experience in IT sector. I have climbed the ladder in corporate and currently working for a reputed MNC. I earn well. Few years back due to a severe health issue, had to undergo surgery and now struggle with my health due to loss of a internal organ. My energy levels are down and I am unable to focus and thrive in my job. At the same time, my marital life is full of misunderstandings and has no peace. I am not blaming anyone here but I am assessing my situation. Due to all this, I am more spiritually inclined towards salvation. However I have my parents, child and family to finish my responsibility. Basically I have lost the drive to work due to my poor health and all the stress in life but at the same time need money for family, medical expenses and parents. I lost my previous job due to being not committed and finally was fired because I did not live upto the expectations. I managed to get another job but here too I am unable to deliver due to all the issues in my life. (health, marital, lack of focus etc) I am 45 now. I tried yoga, and few other activities to boost my health. My doctor claims that I cannot work like before due to my health issue and my mind is very much oriented towards spiritual studies but I have a family duty to do. Can you tell me how should I handle all this ? I wanted to add more and hence re-submitting the question again, I love being alone with myself, I dont like people, crowd, and I am afraid of them, I want to be left alone and away from everyone. I am a normal person but I somewhat feel unnecessary to mingle and speak to people because everyone is just gossiping or talking politics or talking some irrelevant subject or conversing about someone else, providing opinions and perceptions, which at the end of the day leads to nothing ? Hence I avoid people and interaction unless it is into spirituality. After aligning to spirituality, i feel like functioning in this existence has become difficult because everything is just a play and a game and everyone's karma is dissolving or creating for their satisfaction of desires. This too is hampering my career,
Ans: You seem to be blaming your health for all the issues you are dealing with as of now. I suggest you do the following…
First read a book titled ‘Born to Fly’ It is about a pilot who loses all his limbs due to an accident and how he rebuilds his life to a more meaningful one. I am sure you will feel motivated by this reading.
Secondly, I do strongly feel that you need to go to a counsellor and get rid of the negative thoughts that seem to be plaguing you.
Thirdly, I do not agree that keeping away from people is a right thing to do. Human beings need to interact with each other to lead a fruitful life. You need to understand this and Counseling as above would help you.
I await hearing from you again after you do the above!
Best of luck!

Answered on Jul 19, 2023

I have just recently completed my btech in Computer science engineering from a tier 3 engineering college in Kolkata. Being a tier 3 college, there weren't any decent on campus placements. Further, I always wanted to become an IFS( Indian Foreign Service) officer, so always wanted to sit for UPSC after finishing my graduation. But now that I have seriously started thinking about it, I am not sure what to do. I mean I want to pursue UPSC, there is no financial pressure from family, atleast not for the next 2 years but I feel like if I don't make it (since I have to consider the scenario that I may fail to crack the exam), I don't know whether I will be able to get a job after 2 years gap after graduation in IT sector or will I be able to pursue further studies such as MS from USA or MBA from tob b schools in India. I am feeling depressed and helpless as I am unable to decide what to do? Should I just start looking for a job right now or just prepare for UPSC and don't worry about those stuff right now. I would greatly appreciate your answers and views in this matter.
Ans: Soumik, You seem to be in a muddle. I suggest you go for career counselling from a professional who will charge you for it. Also remember that the fail rate in UPSC exams is high and if you want to pursue a career as an IFS officer you will have to work really hard to pass the various levels of exams. If you feel you have the tenacity and perseverance and are confident of your abilities, then go for it! If in doubt, stop and think, then take a concerted decision based on what you really feel and know about yourself.
I also suggest that you carry out your own SWOT analysis to get to know your capabilities and capacities to attain your goals.
Wish you the best!

Answered on Jul 06, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 05, 2023
I am a 52 year old qualified woman, i left my well paid illustrious job after doing it for 15 years in 2009 to run my own business but due to some unforeseen and unfortunate personal and professional circumstances, I couldn't be successful in business due to lack of funding and no partners with me and remained a trader only in last 15 years. Although as a sole proprietor of the business, I handled all aspects of business my self like sales, marketing, finance, new clients generation etc, Got lot of experience as a sole proprietor but couldn't generate much revenue. I am a single woman industry. Now if I leave my business and go for a job with my total 28 years of job and business experience, how would I explain to interviewer the reason of leaving my business? How will i explain my business income which is much lesser than the current job salary of a person with 28 years experience in my field of business? I tried to go back in job several times in the last 15 years but couldn't because of these 2 reasons so please help. Thanks
Ans: Ma’am, The interviewer will surely ask you what makes you come back looking for a job. It is good to be forthright about why your business went the way it did. And you are sure to have had huge learning experiences from the failure as well; these learning’s could be applied to the new job for the value addition that the employer would expect from you. I do not think a question about why you have a low business will be asked if you have replied to his query regarding the same truthfully. If you see a bleak future in your business, it is better to go back to the illustrious career that you once followed, but as a caution, I would advise you to expect a lower salary since you have had a break and need to prove yourself at the job once again.
Wishing you the best!

Answered on Jun 20, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 20, 2023
I started by career in 2004 after doing MBA in marketing. But my career never was stable. The first job resulted in voilence with me and I had to start all again. The second company asked me to leave after understanding that their product will not sell as it has become outdated and is too expensive. You can say it was a start up in 2004. Then i joined a life insurance co as a bancassurance executive but there also I could not sustain the sales pressure. After that I worked for 14 months in a IT co as HR and PR executive. There also there was hardly any work so the company asked me to leave. After that I joined a software company to sell softwares but I could not get even 1 customer despite my best efforts. In 4 months company asked me to leave. All this happened with me from Aug 2004 till Oct 2008. After that there is no work. I am without work. I tried my best but could never make it. One thing was very clear that sales is the area where I am not successful as all time gets wasted in lead generation. No one gives leads and so never ever got really to practise sales. I did NCFM courses, diploma courses in logistics so that I can get a break in logistics field but I could not. In tragic turn of events for me there are disputes with neighbors and I have filed 3 complaints and all 3 have filed cross NCs against me. Recently 1 neighbor filed a complaint and i have filed cross NC against him. Life has come to standstill since 2008. Can a person like me ever get some good career break? How do deal with these fake complaints filed by my neighbors? How to explain these huge gaps?
Ans: I am sorry to hear that you have been without a stable job since 2008. What you need is focus, the josh to pursue your dreams come what may and luck of course. Leave what has happened behind and start afresh. It would be a good idea to go to a qualified Counselor who will be able to understand your problem better and suggest a path ahead. About your legal issues, I am not qualified to give an opinion. All the best!

Answered on Apr 06, 2023

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