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Asked by Anonymous - Jun 24, 2024Hindi
Hello Dr Nidhi, Dr Shakib and Dr shreya Had an accident 1.5 yrs back. I had a small fracture with z bone where legaments attached on backside of knee.Also i had dislocation of 5mm of leg below knee. I was treated with belt for whole leg PTS brace for 4 weeks then PCL/CI Brace for next 3 weeks alongwith gradual physiotheropy at home. But unfortunayely my legaments could not get strenth and I cannot walk as normal before. I have pains. I did Physiotheropy exercizes but could not do gym exercizes. I have kidney function issues creatnine 1.5 and protien 2 plus So I took ayurvedic medicines as was already taking for kidney issue. Also I am a vegetarian. I am really under tension as I cannot walk with normal speed as wrll as for long distance and perform other routine duties. Even my left knee has also giving pains since last 2 month and my low waist is also giving me much pain since last three months. Not done any exercise in last month. Pleasd give me proper guidance to recover. Thanks
Ans: Hello Anonymous,
For how long did you do the physiotherapy? Are you still continuing with the physiotherapy?
Have you done recent MRI?
Aqua-therapy which means doing exercises in water can help heal the knee very well. If possible for you please ask a certified aqua-physiotherapist or go to a center that has aqua-therapy and do exercises there in their pool. This will help you in developing proprioception which will strengthen the muscles around the knee very well. Also your core muscles need to be worked on.
Also please go to a good sports physio or a physio who does myofascial release. You may need therapies like cupping, dry needling, myofascial release rather than only conventional physio. That can help your waist pain and knee.
Warm regards,
Dr Nidhi Bajaj Gupta
Founder@ Merahki Holistic Wellness
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