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Dr Hemalata Arora is a senior consultant who practises internal medicine at Mumbai’s Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital.
In a career spanning over 24 years, she has focused on managing infectious diseases, critical illnesses and lifestyle disorders.
Dr Arora completed her MBBS and MD from the King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College in Mumbai.
She is ECFMG certified, accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Diplomate of the National Board and a DNB faculty.
She was honoured with the Paul Bunn award for her promising performance in the field of infectious diseases at SUNY Upstate Medical University, New York.... more

Answered on Jun 02, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - May 31, 2023
Hello Doctor, I am 59 yrs old, 90 kgs, height 6'1", a pure vegetarian. Mine is basically a sitting job. Last July, while doing a routine check up, I found out that my Uric Acid had shot up to 7.60. In fact, my toenails started coming off. My doctor then advised me to take Febutaz40 everyday for 3 months after which Uric Acid came down to 4.30. He then asked me to stop for 1 month and it again shot up to 7.50. He has now asked me to take 1 tablet every alternate day, now my Uric Acid count is 5.70. Should I start taking it everyday or continue taking alternate day, as is now ? Last July, my HbA1c was 6.30 which I brought it down to 5.80 by changing my diet and walking exercise. I had stopped sugar intake totally for 6 months after which my HbA1c was down to 5.80. Now I have started on sugar but very limited quantity and that too once-twice a week. Now my HbA1c is 6.10. Is it okay or should I stop sugar intake totally ? During the past 10 months, My FBS is between 101 to 105 and Post Prandial Blood sugar is between 110 to 140. I am not taking any medicine for sugar control. For the past 1 month, I have a tingling pain in my feet, particularly the toes and the portion below the ankle. Even the fingers of my hand is also aching. What could be the possible cause of this? Does it have to do with the Uric Acid Problem ? My cholesterol is between 140 to 180. Could you please revert back to all my queries ? Thank you
Ans: Hello. With your height and weight, your BMI is 26.8. This is on the higher side. I would recommend the following:
1. Continue Febutaz 40 alt day
2. Diet and exercise to reduce your weight to 80-82 Kg, which will give you a BMI of 23-24 which is ideal. This reduction will also help maintain your HbA1C.
3. Take supplements of B12 which may be low due to your pure vegetarian diet. This deficiency may be causing your tingling pain.

Answered on May 29, 2023

Answered on May 25, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - May 25, 2023
Hello Doctor-DD here and am 50 years old. I had lower back pain on left hand side along with radiating pain in left groin area since end of March 2023. After initial local pain management, the pain did not go, so my GP asked me to do LS Spine MRI. The report suggested some nerve root issue in L4 and L5, so I was asked to refer it to spine specialist. I tried to connect with Dr. Bapat at Nanavati Hospital, but could not see him as his assistant reviewed the reports and said its mild and suggested medicines – Ultracet 1-0-1 for 10 days, Vitencial – 0-1-0 for 30 days and Calciman K10 – 0-1-0 for 30 days. However, the pain persisted with bit of increase in pain in groin area. So the assistant suggested that for pain in groin area better to check with general surgeon about hernia and / or prostate. Since my regular GP is out of town and I had to take my mother to see Dr. Pande, Urologist at Kokilanben Hospital for Urinary Tract problems. So I checked with him about my problem. So he first did Uroflow test and then physically examined the prostate also and later said it’s all fine. He said due to L4-L5 nerve issue, there is pain in groin area and suggested medication – Synaptol 50mg 1-0-1 for 3 weeks, Pregablin (50mg) 0-0-1 for 6 weeks and Etoshine 90mg – 1-0-0 for 10 days and said to do USG of Groin, PSA (total) test and HBA1C after 6 weeks and then again see him. I have started his medication from 20.5.23. He said this type of pain is due to L4-L5 nerve falls under his area and now there is no need to again see Dr. Bapat (I am scheduled for his appointment on 29.5.23). I had also done MRI for hip joints in Nov 22 and the reports were normal. Please note all through last 2-3 months, most of the time the pain is dull and mild specially when in sitting position and at times in sleeping position. If I stand, walk, there is as good as no pain or very very minimal pain. But the pain still continues but in less intensity. Since yesterday, I have also started getting pain on right hand side also, but it pains only while getting up and / or twisting the body a bit here and there. Also, today morning I was having some burning sensation in pelvic area in sleeping position but no pain at that time. I am worried about all this and do not understand what the problem could be and why it is taking so long to become normal and whether all these pains is only due to L4-L5 nerve root issue or is it due to some other complications. I had done CBC test, LFT, KFT, Routine Urine and stool test around one month back and the reports were all normal.
Ans: This would need a thorough examination in addition to the tests that were done. The possibilities are nerve root pain both in the lumbosacral and cervical areas accounting for the arms pain and pelvis and leg pain, vitamin B12 deficiency, folic acid deficiency, or a kind of nerve inflammation. Please do keep your appointment with Dr Bapat on 29th and in fact you may please come meet me as well on the same day.
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