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R P Yadav is the founder, chairman and managing director of Genius Consultants Limited, a 30-year-old human resources solutions company.
Over the years, he has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from World HR Congress and HR Person Of The Year from Public Relations Council of India.
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Answered on Mar 27, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 24, 2024Hindi
Hi, I am a market research executive currently working with a decent salary in my hometown. I am looking for options to relocate to a foreign destination with my small kid but not sure about how to execute my plans. My query is which country/location offers friendly environment for single parenting and what is the process of getting hold of a decent job in my current career path in the suggested location?
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
Based on my research, here are some countries that are considered friendly for single parents:

Sweden: Gothenburg is known for its high standard of living, relaxed pace of life, and family-friendly appeal. Healthcare is free for all kids until the age of 20, and even after that, it’s more than affordable.
UK: Liverpool is attractive for single parents due to its affordable property prices and excellent schools.
Spain: Barcelona offers affordable housing, a low cost of living, and a relaxed Mediterranean vibe.
Italy: Pisa is more affordable than you’d imagine, especially in comparison to some of Italy’s other major cities.
Belgium: Brussels offers a robust healthcare system, stellar schools, and pocket-friendly housing choices.
Finland: Helsinki is known for its exceptional education, accessible childcare, and solid median incomes.
France: Bordeaux marries Parisian elegance and architectural charm with a more attainable cost of living.
Denmark: Copenhagen has low crime rates, closely-knit communities, and one of Europe’s smallest economic gaps.
As for job opportunities for market research executives abroad, there is a great demand for market research jobs around the world. You can find the most popular research job options on websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Monster. The requirements to get market research jobs usually include having a bachelor’s degree in statistics, marketing, market research, or a related field, and often recruiters expect that the candidates must have experience in the market research industry.

Please note that this is a general guide and the specifics can vary based on individual circumstances. It’s recommended to consult with a relocation expert or an immigration lawyer to understand the legal and logistical aspects of moving to a new country. Also, consider the cultural fit and language barriers that might exist in the new location. Good luck with your plans!

Answered on Mar 26, 2024

As per my experience if you have good expeirence of 30+ years in their fields but those having literature professional qualification. Even though the person who have 30+ yrs.experience have also good records builtup wd the staff/ colleague a coordial relationship in the interest of Organization betterment. In ur opinion who will.be better candidate either litr.professional holding who have only 1/2 yr. Exp. Or who have non professional wd 30+ yrs.good experience holder candidate? RAWAT CS
Ans: The choice between a candidate with a professional qualification and less experience versus a candidate with extensive experience but no professional qualification can depend on several factors. Here are some considerations:

Role Requirements: Some roles may require specific professional qualifications, regardless of experience. In such cases, the candidate with the qualification would be preferred.
Nature of Work: If the role involves practical, hands-on tasks that one learns over time, a candidate with extensive experience might be more suitable.
Organizational Culture: Some organizations value formal education and qualifications, while others prioritize practical experience.
Future Goals: If the role is expected to evolve in a direction that requires the skills taught in the professional qualification, the professionally qualified candidate might be a better fit.
In general, both professional qualifications and experience are valuable, and the “better” candidate would depend on the specific circumstances and requirements of the role. It’s also worth noting that many organizations value a mix of both formal education and practical experience. Ultimately, the decision would be based on who would add the most value to the organization and the role.

Answered on Mar 26, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 24, 2024Hindi
I have 18 yrs of exp in Recruitment field, yet have Not been able to build my skills. I have not become a manager and so my salary has not grown. I have worked in consultancies only (not companies ) At age 47, I feel burnout, and am without job opportunity due to stability and age . Pl advise.
Ans: I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way, but please remember that it’s never too late to make changes in your career. Here are a few suggestions:

Upskill: Consider upskilling in areas that are in demand in the recruitment field. This could be data analysis, HR technologies, or even soft skills like leadership and negotiation. There are many online platforms offering courses that you can take at your own pace.
Networking: Networking can open up opportunities that you might not find in job postings. Attend industry events, join online forums or groups related to your field, and don’t hesitate to reach out to old colleagues or friends.
Mentorship: A mentor who has experience in your field can provide guidance, help you set career goals, and offer advice on professional development.
Well-being: It’s important to take care of your mental health. If you’re feeling burnout, it might be helpful to speak to a professional who can provide strategies to manage stress. Remember, it’s okay to take breaks and make time for activities you enjoy.
Consult a Career Coach: A career coach can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation. They can help you identify your strengths, explore different career paths, and plan actionable steps towards your career goals.
Remember, everyone’s career path is unique and it’s okay to take your time to figure out what works best for you. Good luck!

Answered on Mar 22, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 21, 2024Hindi
Hi experts, My son is 24 years perusing this MSc in Physics from IIT and will be completing his masters in 2024 May, he is Mechanical Engineer as well. What are the job opportunities for him in India ?? Kindly assist on this please.
Ans: Your son has a strong educational background with a Mechanical Engineering degree and an upcoming MSc in Physics from IIT. This combination opens up a wide range of job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Here are some potential job roles and sectors he might consider:

Job Roles:

Research Analyst: Conduct research on physical phenomena, create theories and develop methods on how to apply physical laws and theories.
Observation Scientist: Collect and record data, which enables them to construct and then test hypotheses and theories.
Assistant Scientist: Provide support to the scientist in research and educational subject.
Physics Training Manager: Evaluate employees and identify weaknesses. They research, plan and implement training programs that will prepare employees for the next step of their careers.
Software Engineer: Physics helps with logical thinking, debugging issues, solving complex problems, and working with physics-related applications.

Healthcare: MSc Physics graduates have ample opportunities in sectors like healthcare.
Manufacturing and Electronics Companies: These companies often require individuals with a strong understanding of physics.
Academic Institutions: Both public and private academic institutions often have positions for individuals with a background in physics.
Research Laboratories: These can be in the public or private sector.
Atomic and Space Organizations: Organizations like BARC, ISRO often recruit individuals with a strong background in physics.
Telecommunication Sectors: The principles of physics are often used in this sector.
Remember, the salary can vary based on the role and the organization. A campus placement could get students approximately 9-10 LPA and can increase up to 30 LPA based on the experience gained. In the government sector, salaries range from INR 5,00,000 to INR 7,00,000 per annum.

I would recommend your son to start exploring these opportunities and see which ones align with his interests and career goals. Good luck!

Answered on Mar 22, 2024

I want to know about some genuine freelancing job or related jobs.I am jobless and have enough time to engage work from home type jobs.please guide.
Ans: Sure, I can provide some guidance on finding genuine freelancing jobs. Here are some key points to consider:

Freelancing Platforms: There are several online platforms where you can find freelance work. Some of the best freelancing sites include Freelancer, Chegg India, Flexiport, Upwork, Behance, Dribble, Dream Jobs, and more. You can create a profile on these platforms and start applying for jobs that match your skills.
Type of Work: Freelancing jobs can range from writing, web designing, data entry, digital marketing, graphic designing, and many more. Identify your skills and look for jobs that align with them.
Payment Systems: Reputable freelancing platforms provide secure payment systems, ensuring that freelancers receive timely and fair compensation for their work.
Building Reputation: The best freelancing sites implement rating and review systems, allowing freelancers to build their online reputation. Positive feedback and high ratings can attract more clients and lead to better opportunities in the future.
Networking: Freelancing platforms often provide networking features such as forums, chat rooms, and communities where freelancers can connect with peers, share experiences, and seek advice.
Remember, freelancing requires patience and persistence, but with the right approach, it can provide a significant source of income and allow you to work on your own terms. Good luck!

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 10, 2024Hindi
Hi, My daughter has finished his BDS and MDS and worked for 8years as a dentist. Now due to some health concerns and family issues, she wants to work from home or do office job that pays her well and is relevant to medicine / science. What are her career prospects?
Ans: Hello! It’s great to hear about your daughter’s experience in dentistry. There are several career paths she could consider that align with her background in medicine and science, and allow for remote or office work:

Medical Writing: Medical writers create scientific documents based on medicine or health care. They might write research papers, articles, medical news, or content for healthcare websites. This job can often be done remotely.
Healthcare Consulting: As a consultant, she could provide expert advice to healthcare organizations or private practices. This could involve strategy, management, financial advice, and more.
Medical Sales Representative: She could work for a pharmaceutical or medical supply company, selling products to healthcare professionals. Some of these roles may require travel, but others could be done remotely.
Telemedicine: With her background in dentistry, she could provide consultations and advice to patients over the phone or through video calls.
Healthcare Administration: She could consider roles in healthcare administration or management, which might involve overseeing staff, budgets, and operations at a healthcare facility.
Education: She could consider teaching online courses or webinars on dentistry or related topics.
Research: If she’s interested in research, there are many remote opportunities in medical and scientific research.
Remember, it’s important for her to consider what she enjoys and what her long-term career goals are. I hope this gives her a good starting point!

Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 20, 2024Hindi
Hi Sir/Madam, I was working in an company where only 7 people are there .And, I absconded from the company 2 week back, because there they were discriminating the employees by religion who all are not their own religion. Every morning they'll use to do thier religious related things and also they were asked me to do gradually . But, I refused, because I never ever used to do those things and not comfortable as well. Since the day, that Manager was indirectly targeting, pressurizing me & some people and separating us. Not able to work properly and got depressed But, in our Offer letter it has been mentioned that there are 3 Years of probation period and without completing Notice period employees experience letter and releaving letter won't be provided. So, I absconded from that organisation without any releaving letter and experience letter, because I couldn't not able to pursue there. So, pls give right solutions to pursue my career, because I have 2 Years of experience. I don't want to waste my work experience.
Ans: I’m sorry to hear about your difficult situation. But I can suggest some general steps you might consider:

Document Everything: Keep a record of all communications and incidents that led to your decision to leave the company. This could be useful if you need to prove your case later.
Legal Advice: It might be beneficial to consult with a legal expert or a labor attorney who can provide advice based on your specific situation and local labor laws.
Human Rights Commission: If you believe you were discriminated against based on your religion, you might want to contact your local human rights commission or similar organization.
Job Search: Start looking for a new job that aligns with your career goals and provides a respectful work environment. Your previous experience will definitely be valuable.
Explain Your Situation: When applying for new jobs, be honest about your situation. Employers understand that not all work environments are healthy, and explaining your situation might help them understand your decision.
Remember, it’s important to seek professional advice in situations like these. I hope things get resolved for you soon.
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