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Mutual Fund Expert - Answered on Jan 10, 2024

With over 16 years of experience in the mutual fund industry, Ulhas Joshi has helped numerous clients choose the right funds and create wealth.
Prior to joining RankMF as CEO, he was vice president (sales) at IDBI Asset Management Ltd.
Joshi holds an MBA in marketing from Barkatullah University, Bhopal.... more
Dharmendra Question by Dharmendra on Jan 10, 2024Hindi

16k in MF From 2022 Nippon Small cap 3k HDFC L&M 2K SBI Contra 2k SBI Focused 1k ICICI L&M 2K Kotak emerging 2k Kotak manufacturing 2k HDFC Flexi cap 2k Now give suggestions regarding correction and adding of 10 K extra pm

Ans: Hello Dharmendra and thanks for writing to me. You have created a diversified mix of equity funds to invest in and you can consider stepping up your investments in the same schemes, instead of adding newer schemes.

I am assuming that you are looking to invest for a long term horizon and are fine with taking the risks associated with equities.

If you share other details like your time horizon, your risk appetite and goals, I may recommend other schemes or changing your allocation mix to suit your own goals.
DISCLAIMER: The content of this post by the expert is the personal view of the rediffGURU. Users are advised to pursue the information provided by the rediffGURU only as a source of information to be as a point of reference and to rely on their own judgement when making a decision.

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Hardik Parikh  |106 Answers  |Ask -

Tax, Mutual Fund Expert - Answered on Apr 19, 2023

Hi, I am investing 24,000 as a SIP in following MF schemes since 2020. 1. HDFC Taxsaver - 5000 2. HDFC retirement saving - 2000 3. Mirae asset large cap fund - 3000 4. Axis small cap fund - 2000 5. Axis mid cap fund - 2000 6. Axis bluechip fund - 2000 7. Franklin india feeder - US Opp fund - 2000 8. Quant active fund - 3000 9. Parag Parikh flexi cap fund - 3000 Please advise if I need to make any adjustments. I want to make corpus of 1 CR by 2030.
Ans: Dear Surya,

It's great to see that you've been disciplined with your investments since 2020. Your portfolio comprises a mix of tax-saving, retirement, large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and international funds, which is a good sign of diversification.

Considering your goal of accumulating a corpus of ₹1 crore by 2030, let's look at your current investment approach and see if any adjustments are needed.

First, let's assume an average annual return of 12% on your investments, which is reasonable for equity-oriented mutual funds in the long term. With your current monthly SIP of ₹24,000, you will have invested ₹2,88,000 annually. By 2030, which is 7 years away, you would have invested ₹20,16,000 in total.

Using the assumed 12% annual return, the future value of your investment by 2030 would be approximately ₹33,38,000. This is significantly short of your ₹1 crore goal.

To achieve your target, you would need to increase your monthly SIP amount. Here's what you can do:

Review your financial situation and identify any areas where you can increase your monthly investments. You may need to invest around ₹50,000 per month to achieve ₹1 crore by 2030, assuming the same 12% annual return.
Reassess your portfolio and its asset allocation. While your current allocation seems well-diversified, it's important to ensure that it's aligned with your risk tolerance and investment horizon. You may need to make some changes to improve the potential for higher returns. Consider discussing this with a financial advisor to ensure your portfolio is optimized for your goals.
Regularly review your investments and their performance. It's essential to keep track of how your mutual funds are performing compared to their benchmark indices and peers. If you find any underperformers, consider replacing them with better-performing alternatives.
Remember that investing is a long-term journey and requires patience, discipline, and regular reviews. It's important to stay committed to your investment plan and make adjustments as needed to reach your financial goals.

Wishing you the best on your journey to ₹1 crore by 2030!

Warm regards,

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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5194 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 24, 2024

Hi Sir, I have invested in a policy of HDFC bank with name HDFC Life Uday. In this I have been investing 24K per annum. Same amount i have to invest for 8 years that will end up in 2026. Maturity time is 2030. Can you please tell me how much amount will i get on maturity.
Ans: You have invested in the HDFC Life Uday policy, a traditional, non-linked insurance plan. You are paying Rs. 24,000 annually for 8 years, with the policy maturing in 2030.

Understanding HDFC Life Uday
HDFC Life Uday offers a combination of savings and protection. It includes a guaranteed sum assured and potential bonuses. However, this type of policy has several disadvantages.

Disadvantages of HDFC Life Uday
Lower Returns: Traditional policies typically offer lower returns compared to other investment options. The returns may not keep up with inflation.

High Costs: These policies often have higher costs due to premiums covering both insurance and savings components.

Limited Liquidity: Traditional policies have long lock-in periods. Accessing your money before maturity can be difficult and costly.

Inflation Impact: The fixed returns may not keep pace with inflation, reducing the purchasing power of your maturity amount.

Complexity: The structure of bonuses and guarantees can be complex and less transparent.

Surrendering the Policy
Given the disadvantages, it may be beneficial to surrender your HDFC Life Uday policy and reinvest in more efficient options.

Surrender Value: Before making a decision, check the surrender value of your policy. This is the amount you will receive if you terminate the policy early.

Reinvestment Strategy: Consider reinvesting the surrender value in mutual funds. Mutual funds can provide higher returns and greater flexibility.

Benefits of Mutual Funds
Higher Returns: Mutual funds generally offer higher returns compared to traditional policies.

Diversification: Mutual funds invest in a variety of assets, reducing risk.

Liquidity: Mutual funds are more liquid, allowing you easier access to your money.

Professional Management: Funds are managed by experts who adjust investments based on market conditions.

Flexibility: You can choose from a wide range of funds based on your risk appetite and financial goals.

Investing Through a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Consider investing in mutual funds through a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Here’s why:

Expert Guidance: A CFP provides personalized advice tailored to your financial goals.

Regular Monitoring: They continuously monitor and adjust your investments to optimize returns.

Comprehensive Planning: CFPs offer a holistic approach, covering all aspects of your financial life.

Final Insights
Given the lower returns, high costs, and limited liquidity of traditional policies like HDFC Life Uday, it may be wise to surrender the policy. Reinvesting in mutual funds through a Certified Financial Planner can provide higher returns, greater flexibility, and professional management. Review your surrender value and consult a CFP for personalized advice and a comprehensive financial plan.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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