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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Apr 06, 2022

Anu Krishna is a mind coach and relationship expert.
The co-founder of Unfear Changemakers LLP, she has received her neuro linguistic programming training from National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, USA, and her energy work specialisation from the Institute for Inner Studies, Manila.
She is an executive member of the Indian Association of Adolescent Health.... more
D Question by D on Apr 06, 2022Hindi

Hi I am 23 years old and had a first relationship with 4 years younger boy.
Everything between us was picture perfect. He was everything I ever dreamt of, but after 1 year our relationship turned toxic.
He's acting like he wasn’t aware that ups and downs come but we should stick to each other.
He asked to break up twice and we again came together but now it’s been months we aren’t together anymore.
I’m emotionally attached to him but tired of bearing this pain and constantly fearing he will leave me when conditions aren’t favourable. 
But after break up he still wants to be friends. I even agreed that.
Even in friendship he's talking and roaming as per only his convenience.
Guide me how to come out of pain as I’m pursuing one of the renowned career course and also this also is affecting my mental health.


Dear D,

Emotional maturity is what is in question here. He still is at an age where commitment is not something he is aware of.

It’s like try this relationship, if it doesn’t work, try another one and so on….

Give him time to settle his emotions till he is ready for a committed relationship; which does not mean, you wait around for ever.

Now that you are ‘friends’ or not, please surround yourself with people your age and if an interesting person comes along, see where that goes.

As far as being attached to him goes, do you really want to continue to inflict pain on yourself by basing your entire emotional world with him?

The world is huge and so are your sights…. Focus on yourself and what you love and be in that space to find yourself again.

Be kind to yourself, all the best! 

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 16, 2022

Dear Mam I am 22 years old and today I want to share my story of heart break and I really want to know what I can I do better to make myself happy. I started dating this a guy in 2017 and I was madly in love with him. Everything for me was about him. Since I was living in a hostel I used to feel alone sometimes. Initially our relationship was normal. Then one day I went for a trip with him and we got physical for the first time. Somehow, I got attached to him more after that. I started calling him to my hostel to spend time with me. Meanwhile I faced some personal problems in my life. Those days were really bad and I used to suffer a lot. He was there for me always. He never made me feel alone in the city. I used to go to my family every year and then lockdown happened. I was stuck in my hometown. I had a fight with him and I just cut the call. From that day onwards his behaviour towards me changed.The very next day he went out with another girl and posted pictures. I was hurt. I didn't know what to say, I was in self-doubt mode but his behaviour started changing towards me.In the beginning, he said when you will come back I cannot come and stay with you. I agreed to it. Then he said I cannot meet you every weekend cause I want to make other plans as well. Slowly I understood that he wants me to stay away from his life. He went for a party with the girl late in the night and that triggered me very badly. I fought with him. I guess that was the moment he was waiting for. He said that he doesn't want me anymore and broke up. I kept begging him not to leave me but it seemed like he was dying to leave me. I was completely shattered. On 15th January he left me. Even after leaving he continued texting me. I was trying my best to control my feelings and I tried giving him the space he deserved. Still he kept texting me. He was not able to stay away from me. My vacation got over and it was my time to go back. This was the most difficult part coz this time I knew that he won't be there for me, and I have to survive alone. Once while coming back from my home town to my work town I texted him. He said that he is with the girl and he is drunk. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was shivering. I was broken. When I entered the city I was shivering cause I was not ready for the consequences. I didn't meet him because he went for a trip with that girl and got physical with her. He always maintained that it’s only after he left me that he got involved with someone else. He wanted me to be a part of his life somehow so he kept calling and texting me. Even when he was with the girl he used to come to my house every Saturday and go on dates with that girl on Sundays. I really didn't understand what was he up to. Meanwhile I went through her profile and came to know that she’s a little suspicious. One day I got the opportunity to tell him about it. He said come and meet me. He was drunk and we got physical. That time I checked his phone and saw the messages he’d shared with her. I was broken again but this time I texted her through his phone to please take care of him. That girl got angry and made things worse. Instead of making sure that he is alright she locked horns with him. He blamed me for losing her. I told him that my existence in your life is not good. Let's just not talk to each other. Next day he again texted me requesting to meet. In the evening when I went to meet him he was a completely changed person. He treated me very well, gave me his phone and made me feel special. Somehow he came back to me and started giving me the importance I was craving for. Today he is with me and pampers me. He has stopped doing certain things which he used to do but I get the importance.Despite all this, I am a bit insecure and scared because of what I have gone through in the past. Can you please tell me what to do?

Dear SR,

Read this sentence that you have written:

“Even when he was with the girl he used to come to my house every Saturday and go on dates with that girl on Sundays.”

Do you not feel used and powerless?

How are you able to allow someone to treat you in such a disrespectful manner?

Did the two of decide to become friends and support one another in your respective relationships, like the way you stood by and watched him date this other girl while he walked into your life seeking approval?

Open your eyes please. The other girl is no longer in his life and he wails and comes back to you and now you are wondering what you should be doing?

If this was your sister or a best friend going through the same thing, will you tell them to put up with this toxic behaviour or will you ask them to take charge of their lives?

Will you tell them to love themselves more and reclaim their power or wait meekly to pick up scraps as and when the guy threw them around?

Stand up for yourself girl; at least he will think before trying this game with another girl.

Do the right thing by just being YOU and loving yourself more.

All the best!

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Love Guru

Love Guru   |187 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert - Answered on May 30, 2022

Dear Love Guru, From where should I begin? It's a rather complex one. Well, I was in a 6-year-old long distance relationship (we met on Facebook) it was a good one and he was the best friend I thought I wanted. Over the years though, I started seeing a controlling streak in him in whatever I did. Though we were only connected online but applications like Discord, having access to my accounts and passwords became a tool to keep tabs on me. I had no privacy of my own and the sad part, I didn't even realise it was toxic. He had taken hold of a lot of aspects of my life and I didn't even realise how unhealthy it is. It was last year when I lost my mother (having lost my father years back) when life hit me. I was completing first year of my MBA programme when this tragedy occurred. Her passing amidst the COVID 2nd wave was terrorising, to say the least. Thankfully, I had gem of friends who were there throughout. It was amidst this that I realised that there was an element of control in the support he provided. He didn't understand the magnitude of what I was going through and always undermined my efforts. There was no respect in him for me and for me there was no love left (when I introspect now I think I was more in love with idea of love rather than loving him) but I didn't realise this because I was so habituated with him. My MBA summer internship started and I was paired with this batchmate who was also a classmate. I didn't know him because COVID ensured that first year of PG is completely online. When I first met him. I found him to be stiff, rude and cribbing. I didn't realise he was an introvert. Eventually, I started warming up to him with us travelling almost two months together there developed a thickness. We bonded over our shared state, food and sadness of losing our mothers. I didn't even realise when I started getting attracted to him and neither did he. But when I did the first thing that I did was to break up with the guy I was with because for the first time in six years I was tilting towards someone else and I knew that this was it for us. The break-up was long, tiresome and hurtful for both of us. I hated hurting him but I couldn't be with him and suffocate myself any longer. We tried to wish each other well but then when has all this been anything but ending up in a train wreck and now we don't have any contact with each other. I keep him in prayers and wishes because I know he is not a bad human being it's just that I allowed him to walk over me and he kept on doing it without realising what he is doing is mental abuse. But it's not the story of me and my ex. It's the story of the guy I have come to love. The rude, stiff and cribby guy… who knew he would turn out be this sensitive, loving and appreciative soul. I got what I always wanted from someone I loved: respect, trust and appreciation. It's not like I don't have fights with him or arguments but there is a dialogue at the end. He understands where he went wrong and so do I. I am finally in a happy, healthy relationship. The only issue here is we both are from two different religions, I am H and he is M. This often makes me feel that there is a timer to us. We are two highly educated people from urban India, completing our post-graduation from one of India's top B-schools with great placements in hand and still the noose of society and religion is tied around our neck. I try not to think of us in the long term but I am on that side of 20s now that settling down is always on my mind. Especially after losing my parents, I often crave a family that is my own. There is also a hint of loss hovering over me. I still haven't moved on from losing my mother and I don't think I ever will. But last one year has been a roller coaster ride with major decisions and incidences. How do I wrap my head around all of this? Now, here I am between love, life and ambitions. Asking you what to do? Where to go? Which road should be taken? Regards, R PS: Please ensure anonymity.

Dear R, religion plays as big or as small a role in your life as you wish it to.

If either of you is overtly religious and tries to force your beliefs on the other, then yes, it can prove a problem.

If religion inside a home doesn’t matter, then intermarried couples usually have years of happy celebrations together of all festivals, their children follow both customs and everything works out well. And I have seen that happen.

So I would suggest you have the conversation on religion with each other right now, it’s imperative.

And then, if you’re on the same page concerning your future, go ahead and plan it together. 

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Aug 23, 2022

Hi mam, I am a 19 years old girl. In 2019, after my 10th boards, I came across a guy in FB. He was 9 years older than me. He seemed to be a really nice and helping guy. And he also belonged from a prestigious university pursuing his research. After my 10th, I started preparing for entrance exams. So, he used to motivate me, give me validation, encourage me to do better in my mocks. It all happened online. I haven't even met this guy till date. At that time, he showed me the dream of targeting the best college of India of which I hadn't even thought of before. And I was also so motivated that I started studying hard. Besides, I started emotionally depending on him for validation. He is such a manipulating guy, that slowly I started falling in love with him. He told me that we should wait and see what the time decides. But, slowly he showed his real colours. He was just interested in 'friends with benefits' type of relationship with me. I strongly disagreed on it. Then days and months passed, his validation, manipulation, toxic and provocative words made me stand before an existential crisis. I used to cry out for the entire day. By 2020, during the lockdown phase, staying back at home, dealing with these sh***y things and exam pressure pushed me into depression. He made me insecure about every single thing... My academics, studies, results, my looks, my innocent nature, my previous success, my future.... every single thing. I eventually came to know he was just interested in sharing his life stories, getting an emotional support in his life, a good timepass element, hoping to get intimate with me someday. Moreover he was just interested in successful girls and ladies. So, all I thought at that period was that I have to succeed in my entrance exam at any cost and then everything will be alright.Unfortunately, I could not make it. I failed to qualify in my first attempt. I went into a severe depression, had to attend some online mental health rehab and counselling. To add salt to my wounds, the guy disclosed that he has been in a relationship since the past 1 year. And he is very happy. I broke down completely. For 5-6 months I could not study anything. I have an exam just round the corner. How can I just forget whatever happened and focus on my work? Please help and guide me... I am still having emotional breakdowns very frequently.

Dear AI,

The nature of a virtual relationship can be the way that you have mentioned.

What is being shared virtually may not be reality and it is difficult to spot this.

Now that you know, isn’t it a lesson learned not to rely on anyone outside of you for your own happiness?

Did you have to study hard just so that you fit his choice of ‘successful’ women/girls?

Can you not work hard to live your dreams?

What you lack is self-love! Something that you didn’t focus on because you were working hard to prove how relevant you are in his life so that he chooses you.

Even if this relationship works, it will be his call always and other than strive hard to be in his life, there’s nothing that will grow in it.

Moreover, isn’t it a red flag when he revealed that he has been in a relationship for over a year?

Time to get back to yourself. Value yourself more, love yourself more…if you don’t, no one else will!

Start every morning doing these little things:

  • in gratitude for being alive
  • list down 3 things that you love about yourself
  • do one thing that you love at least for 15 minutes everyday
  • spend time in Nature
  • surround yourself with people that love you

These are tried and tested methods to get you out of a low phase.

Again, love yourself more and yet again!

All the best!

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 24, 2024

hello mam i had a breakup a year ago and i still havent moved on from him. i am trying to push myself and have given myself enough time. But the core memory i share with him still hurts me. Then like this i get many days to get myself back. he is always on my mind 24*7 and due to this i cannot concentrate on my studies. i am stuck in this position and i dont wanna go back because ik he will never come. I have peak time of my career and i dont wanna regret this. My heart keeps wrenching and it pains a hell lotttttttt with the thought that its over and that one day he will be married too and i will have to see him with someone. idk what should i do?
Ans: Dear Hazel,
Losing someone when in love causes grief. So, go through the pain and don't be in a hurry to heal as when you allow yourself to feel the pain, you are actually stepping into the healing process and healing one day at a time.
It's a suggestion if you can actually keep the gifts given by him etc away during this time. It can torment you more.
And while you are healing and when you feel like the world crashing on you, you need to distract yourself by:
- Physical activity/exercise helps displacing the stuck feelings giving a good release
- Join communities with larger than life causes as this helps looking beyond oneself

Life can dynamically change; what we can do is navigate through these and step into your own life.
Ask yourself: What is it that I can do now that I am single again? How can I make best use of this time?
Easier said than done; but believe that things do get better BUT take that first step towards your healing journey.

All the best!
Anu Krishna
Mind Coach|NLP Trainer|Author
Drop in: www.unfear.io
Reach me: Facebook: anukrish07/ AND LinkedIn: anukrishna-joyofserving/

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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5300 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 15, 2024Hindi
Sir I want to SIP of 40k per month and want to make a corpus of 1cr in coming 8 years kindly suggest
Ans: Evaluating Your Goal
You aim to create a Rs. 1 crore corpus in 8 years. Investing Rs. 40,000 per month via SIPs is a solid strategy. Let’s break it down.

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)
Disciplined Investing: Helps you invest regularly.
Rupee Cost Averaging: Reduces the impact of market volatility.
Compounding: Small amounts grow significantly over time.
Expected Returns
Assuming an average annual return of 12%, your monthly SIP of Rs. 40,000 can potentially help you reach Rs. 1 crore in 8 years.

Disadvantages of Index Funds
Limited Growth Potential: Only matches market returns.
No Active Management: Lacks strategic adjustments.
Lower Flexibility: Cannot react to market changes.
Benefits of Actively Managed Funds
Expert Management: Professionals manage your investments.
Higher Returns Potential: Aims to outperform the market.
Strategic Adjustments: Reacts to market conditions.
Disadvantages of Direct Funds
No Professional Guidance: You miss expert advice.
Higher Risk: Due to lack of professional management.
Complexity: Requires deep knowledge and time.
Benefits of Investing Through MFD with CFP
Expert Advice: Helps in making informed decisions.
Regular Monitoring: Keeps your investments on track.
Customized Portfolio: Tailored to your goals and risk profile.
Investment Strategy
Step 1: Diversify Investments
Equity Funds: High growth potential.
Debt Funds: Stability and lower risk.
Hybrid Funds: Balanced approach.
Step 2: Regular Monitoring
Review Quarterly: Adjust based on performance.
Rebalance Annually: Maintain your risk-return balance.
Step 3: Increase SIP Amount Annually
Inflation Adjustment: Increase SIP by 5-10% annually.
Step 4: Stay Committed
Market Fluctuations: Stay invested despite market ups and downs.
Long-Term Focus: Keep your eyes on the 8-year goal.
Importance of Professional Guidance
A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help you:

Set Realistic Goals: Based on your financial situation.
Create a Plan: Customized to your needs.
Monitor Progress: Ensure you stay on track.
Additional Considerations
Emergency Fund: Keep 6 months of expenses aside.
Insurance: Adequate health and life insurance coverage.
Tax Planning: Use tax-efficient investment options.
Final Insights
To achieve your Rs. 1 crore goal in 8 years:

Invest Rs. 40,000 monthly via SIPs.
Focus on equity funds for growth.
Seek professional advice for customized planning.
Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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Samkit Maniar  |151 Answers  |Ask -

Tax Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hi Samkit, I'm a retired person, 66 years old. Before retirement, I had invested Rs.93.5 lakhs in a commercial real estate in Navi Mumbi in Feb.2017 and registered the property jointly with my wife on 50/50 basis. The value of the property as determined by stamp duty registrar at that time was Rs.73.41 lakhs. The expenses on stamp duty, registration and brokerage was Rs.7.53 lakhs and improvement expenditure of Rs.4 lakhs. So total cost of purchase worked out to Rs.1.09 crores. I sold this property in Feb.2024, exactly after 7 years, for Rs.1.1 crore. Market value (for stamp duty purpose) on this date was Rs.89.89 lakhs. While filing my ITR2 in AY 2024-25, I had split all the above values by 2 and 50% was shown in my ITR2 and the remaining 50% was shown in my wife's ITR2 under CG for showing the capital gain. The system has calculated and shown the capital gain as minus Rs.31.24, i.e. Rs.-15.62 in each of our ITR2. The system has also automatically adjusted my LTCG arising out of other share transactions during the FY. The system allows the remaining loss to be carried forward to next year under CFL. My questions are: (1) Can we both go ahead and finalise & submit the ITR2 as shown above? (2) Can we use the losses carried forward during the next AY to set off our incomes arising out of share market transactions? Thank you so much in advance for your valuable time and advice.
Ans: Yes, seems correct treatment done. You can go ahead with submitting your returns respectively.

Please note that Long term losses can only be set off against long term gains, if that's the case then you can.

Please consult your CA before moving ahead.

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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5300 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 15, 2024Hindi
I'm a 20 year old student. I want a corpus of 15 crores in the next 15 to 20 years. How much daily SIP should I do? And which type of mutual fund should I invest it.
Ans: Creating a corpus of Rs. 15 crores in 15 to 20 years is a significant goal. You will need a structured investment strategy and disciplined approach to achieve it.

Benefits of Early Investment

Starting investments at 20 gives you a huge advantage. Time is on your side, allowing your investments to compound and grow significantly.

Daily SIP for Consistency

A daily SIP ensures regular investment without burdening you with a large lump sum. It helps inculcate discipline and takes advantage of market fluctuations.

Types of Mutual Funds

Given your long-term horizon, equity mutual funds are ideal. They offer higher returns compared to other types, albeit with higher risk.

Recommended Mutual Funds

Large-Cap Funds

These invest in large, established companies.
They offer relatively stable returns.
Mid-Cap Funds

These invest in mid-sized companies.
They provide a balance between risk and return.
Small-Cap Funds

These invest in small companies with high growth potential.
They come with higher risk but can offer substantial returns.
Flexi-Cap Funds

These funds invest across market capitalizations.
They offer diversification and flexibility.
Sectoral/Thematic Funds

These invest in specific sectors.
Higher risk but can provide significant returns if the sector performs well.
Disadvantages of Direct Funds

Investing in direct funds requires a deep understanding of the market. Without expert guidance, it can be challenging to manage. It's beneficial to invest through a Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credential. They offer professional advice, regular portfolio reviews, and help in achieving your goals efficiently.

Calculating Daily SIP

To estimate the daily SIP amount:

The total corpus required: Rs. 15 crores
Investment horizon: 15 to 20 years
Let's assume an average return of 12% per annum from equity mutual funds. For accurate daily SIP calculation, consider consulting a Certified Financial Planner.


Diversifying your investments reduces risk. Allocate your SIP across different fund types to balance risk and returns. For example:

Large-Cap: 30%
Mid-Cap: 30%
Small-Cap: 20%
Flexi-Cap: 20%
Regular Monitoring and Adjustment

Regularly review your portfolio. Market conditions and your financial situation may change. Adjust your investments accordingly.

Building Financial Discipline

Consistent investing and financial discipline are crucial. Avoid unnecessary expenses and focus on your long-term goals.

Importance of Professional Guidance

Consulting a Certified Financial Planner can provide personalized advice and help you navigate market complexities. They ensure your investment strategy aligns with your financial goals.

Final Insights

Achieving a corpus of Rs. 15 crores in 15 to 20 years is ambitious but attainable. Start with a daily SIP in diversified mutual funds. Regularly review and adjust your investments. Professional guidance can greatly enhance your investment strategy.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP

Chief Financial Planner


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5300 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 15, 2024Hindi
Dear Sir We had booked a flat in one of the projects in Karnataka ( 15 + years back) but when the project is about to complete the land owner of that apartment filed the case against the builder because the builder had constructed few flats illegally in that project.. The land owner had demanded few crores from the builder for illegally constructing the flat...During that time we were in abroad and 3 flats werent registered in this project one is ours and 2 more flat owners were in abroad too..Thats out of 35 flats... Hence the builder had registered three flats in their name for the safety..But till now we havent got registered of that flat in our name becos there is case in the court. Hence there is no completion certificate issued for that project..etc.... and no flat owner can sell their flat due to the court case. However the builder had given us a power of attorney for the flat for rent it out or stay... And we have rented the flat and are getting the rent... we have been regularly followed up with the builder, he everytime promises today tomorrow....like this 15+ years passed...last year we asked for a replacement flat in one of their new project and he agreed to give us a replacement flat provided we pay some extra bucks as per the rate...We agreed for that and got the agreement signed and also got the sale deed of the land etc.. we have paid the payment in cheques.Its a huge project and completion of the project is bit slow and got delayed.... Recently, the builder had sent an email to all flat owners to register their flats but when we consulted for registration the builder said he had to transfer the payment done by us from the previous project to this new project...hence it would take time (by the way thats their internal issue) everytime we consulted for registration he says it would take one months time and his legal team is working on it...Sometime he says the court case should get over of the other project and then only he can help to register the the present flat..(though the previous flat is in their name itself) we have nothing to do with case (as the Case is between land owner and builder) also the previous flat registration al in their name..we have only agreement and receipts.of payment done...hence so far the flat is not registered...most of the flats got registered in the new project...The project is not completed yet it would take one more year... My question is why the builder is delaying the registration process of our flat and why is he not doing the internal issues solved and help us to register our flat in our name... Should we register the flat ourselves provided we get required documents from the builder? Or consult a lawyer in this regard...Pls guide...
Ans: You booked a flat 15+ years ago in Karnataka. The project faced legal issues due to illegal construction. You haven’t been able to register the flat in your name.

Builder’s Delay
The builder registered three flats, including yours, in their name. You have a power of attorney to rent it out. The builder promised a replacement flat in a new project, but the registration is still delayed.

Key Questions
Why is the builder delaying registration?
Should you register the flat yourself?
Should you consult a lawyer?
Builder's Delay Analysis
Internal Issues
Fund Transfer: The builder needs to transfer payments from the previous project to the new one. This seems to be causing delays.

Legal Complications: The builder indicates that the ongoing court case may affect the registration process. However, you have no involvement in this case.

Project Completion
Project Delay: The new project is not yet complete. This might also contribute to the registration delay.
Consult a Lawyer
Legal Advice: Consult a lawyer to understand your legal standing and options.

Documentation: Ensure all your documents are in order. The lawyer can help review and prepare necessary paperwork.

Registration Process
Self-Registration: With the required documents from the builder, you might register the flat yourself. This requires legal guidance.

Follow-Up: Continue to follow up with the builder regularly. Ensure all communication is documented.

Legal Action
Notice to Builder: Your lawyer may suggest sending a legal notice to the builder for delaying registration.

Court Case: If the builder doesn’t cooperate, consider filing a case against them. This might expedite the process.

Insightful Evaluation
Assessing Risks
Builder's Reliability: Evaluate the builder’s past projects and their completion rates. This helps in assessing the likelihood of further delays.

Legal Risks: Understand the legal risks associated with the ongoing court case. Your lawyer can provide a detailed assessment.

Future Steps
Replacement Flat: If the builder provides a replacement flat, ensure all legal aspects are clear before agreeing.

Backup Plan: Have a backup plan in case the registration process faces more delays. This might include exploring other housing options.

Transparent Dialogue: Maintain open and transparent communication with the builder. Document all discussions and agreements.

Legal Assistance: Have your lawyer involved in all major communications with the builder. This ensures legal backing.

Final Insights
Proactive Steps
Consulting a lawyer is crucial. They can guide you through the legal complexities and help expedite the registration process.

Keep all your documents organized. This will be helpful during any legal procedures.

Regularly follow up with the builder. Ensure you have written records of all communications.

Evaluate the reliability of the builder and the legal implications of the ongoing court case. This helps in making informed decisions.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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