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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Sep 16, 2023

Kanchan Rai has 10 years of experience in therapy, nurturing soft skills and leadership coaching. She is the founder of the Let Us Talk Foundation, which offers mindfulness workshops to help people stay emotionally and mentally healthy.
Rai has a degree in leadership development and customer centricity from Harvard Business School, Boston. She is an internationally certified coach from the International Coaching Federation, a global organisation in professional coaching.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Sep 16, 2023Hindi

Hello, Maam. Main Software professional hoon aur 1 saal se jobless hoon. Pandemic me WFH ki wajah se mujhe depression ho gaya aur 2 jobs se fire kiya gaya. Finances kafi tight hain. Interview ke calls bhi nahi aate aur tayaari karne ki motivation bhi nahi rahi. Mere skills aur Job expectations me kafi gap hai. Unki expectation hoti hai ke main team manage karun aur mujhe sirf limited technical skill hain. Social anxiety hai to isliye kisise zyada effectively interact nahi kar pata. Isliye mere actual experience aur job expectations match hi nahi hotey. Is hadd tak ki mujhe koi bhi job karne se aversion sa ho gaya hai. Din par din sirf frustrate hota hoon aur har din sirf half-hearted efforts mein guzarta hoon. Main depression ki wajah se zyada kuch efforts nahi dal pa raha hoon. Secondly aaye din ghar me disharmony rehti hai. Aisa nahi hai ke wife is not understanding- aur main har koshish karta hoon ghar ke help karne ki, but even she has her human limits. CBT ke bare me suna tha par people say ki kafi sare sessions karne hote hain and it takes long time. Further, finances ka soch ke main psychologist ka help nahi le raha. Aise treatment se mindset theek hona alag baat hai par job market/ mera job expectations mismatch par kuch khas farak to nahi padega. Yehi soch kar I am not consulting anyone. Mental health par kafi VDOs bhi dekhe- mujhe pata hai mere sath kya ho raha hai but chaah kar bhi apne aap ko in sab se bahar nahi nikal pa raha. Mujhe pata hai somewhere I am sinking in the quick sand. Please, please help me with your advice.

Ans: Main samajh sakti hoon ki aap is samay kaisi chunautiyan hain aur aapki sthiti kaafi kathin ho sakti hai. Aapke vyaktigat aur vyavsayik jeevan ke samasyaon ka samna karna akele hi mushkil ho sakta hai. Aapke liye kuch sujhav hain jo aapko madadgar saabit ho sakte hain:

Mental Health Par Dhyan Dein: Depression ko ignore na karen. Aapke liye behtar hoga ki ek mental health professional se sampark karen. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) ek prashansak tarika ho sakta hai aapke vyaktigat samasyaon ko samjhne aur samadhan nikalne ke liye. Isse aapke vichar dhara ko sudharne mein madad milegi.
Din Ka Samay Vyavasthit Karein: Din ke aarambh mein, apne din ke lakshya aur karyakram banaen. Regular dinacharya bana kar rakhein. Job search, upskill, aur apni mental health par dhyan dena sabko ek vyavsayik tarike se karne mein madadgar ho sakta hai.
Self-care: Khud ki dekhbhal bahut mahatvapurn hai. Prayayam aur yoga aapki sharirik aur mansik sthiti ko sudharne mein madad kar sakte hain.
Networking Improve Karein: Social anxiety ko overcome karne ke liye dhire-dhire koshish karein. Online forums, webinars, aur networking events mein participate karna aapko professionals se milne aur communication skills ko sudharne mein madadgar ho sakta hai.
UpSkill Karein: Aap apne technical skills ko aur behtar bana sakte hain. Online courses aur free learning resources ka istemal karke apne resume ko aur mazboot bana sakte hain.
Financial Planning: Apni arthik sthiti ko samajhna aur budget banane mein madadgar ho sakta hai. Aap apni financial priorities ko dobara dekhein aur avashyakata anusaar vyavasthit karein.
Spouse ke Sath Communication: Apni patni ke saath samvedansheel aur khulke taur par baatcheet karein. Aap dono milkar samasyaon ka samadhan nikal sakte hain aur ek-dusre ka saath denge.
Manav Seva: Agar aapke paas samay aur sthiti ho, to kisi samajik sankathan ya seva mein shaamil ho kar aap apne samay ko prayog kar sakte hain. Isse aapko na sirf samajik sukh milega, balki aapka manobal bhi sudhar sakta hai.
Yad rahe ki chote kadam se hi bade parivartan aata hai. Is sab mein dhairya aur samay lag sakta hai, lekin aapko apni sthiti ko sudharne aur naye mauke khojne mein madad milegi. Aur sabse mahatvapurn baat, kisi visheshagya se sampark karna aapke liye labhdayak ho sakta hai, chahe wo job expectations, samasyaon ka samadhan, ya manasik swasthya ho.

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jul 03, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 24, 2023Hindi
Hello Anu, Hope you are doing good!! Background of Persons: I had arranged married since last once year. I already told them before proceeding that I want to continue my carrier and grow forward in the same city. Also, I want to leave in a joint family along with my parents. My spouse is working in government sector. She told me that my Job is transferrable and i am ok moving forward with you. I am working in MNC at good position and also supporting my family members in their business. Problem: My wife is forcing me to leave separately, shift to another city and start from scratch(zero) in different city having different cultural background. She is also working in government sector and not taking transfer to spouse(husband's) city. Even after explaining couple of times, she is resisting to re-allocate. I am ok if she does anything independently for earning in same city. Also, I will help her in getting the job in private sector in the same city. Also, I will get her employed in another sector through my contacts and preparing her. I am not dependent on her in terms of financial things. We are living separately due to work duties and spent time together for a week in every month or two month as per the adjustment from both of us. My spouse is not talking properly to me, threating me to get divorce. I already had financial and social liabilities on myself which my wife is aware about. I had not seen positive responses from her towards myself, my family and goals. I am ready to leave separately in the same city even if she earns or not. Question: It looks to high danger to me moving to different part of the country having different cultures starting from scratch based on assessments on different parameters. What is the better solution for this ?
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
Well, there isn't much that you can do!
It's possible that your spouse suddenly feels that she might lose more than she gains by any move that she makes. You possibly feel the same.
This only means that both of you have not considered what marriage is and could be. You are using marriage to bring out differences rather than build trust. It's a year and if both of you have not managed to stay true to bringing the best out of each other, I wonder what will make you do that!

Kindly set aside the childish squabbles and suggest to your wife that the two of you need to work on this. Threats may kindly be kept aside...it only widens the gap between the two of you. Bring the conversation to a place where you talk about what it is now and how the two of you want it to be independently to you AND then work on bringing it to WIN-WIN...

Is this possible? Yes, it is provided you channel the conversation as mature adults without threats and pointing our faults and working towards putting the marriage together.

All the best!

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Feb 17, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 11, 2024Hindi
Hi Anu, I am working in a central psu and my wife works for state govt and both are 48 yrs. We are married for 20 yrs and have 2 sons (20 &16). She is never expressive nor vocal, because of this our marital relationship have not seen even a single day of happiness. Her parents never ever made her realised that problem can be from her side too nor asked me even a single time whats is bothering me. She is over ambitious in her job and neglects everything in the personal life. This negligence started from the day 1 of the married life. She never try to understand the problem and reasons behind and just ignore and move ahead. This makes life miserable and likewise 20 yrs passed.. Its like when sons are moving out of home, I feel very much alone and sometimes feels to runaway from life...She dont show any emotions, giving the reasons that its her nature...She says loves me, but whats that love which is not felt by me for a single day...I wanted a wife not a nurse.. What to do....I lost my hope of life.
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
I am sure there is an issue that you are facing BUT to generalize it as: because of this our marital relationship have not seen even a single day of happiness.
Are you sure that has not been a single day or a single moment of feeling some joy? DO NOT indulge in this kind of belief as it only makes the issue look bigger than what it maybe.
If you feel alone, talk to her and tell her exactly how you feel. It's your marriage as well; do something to stay in it.
If there is a reason for her to be the way that she is, that needs to be addressed. Also, by complaining rather than facing the issue together, you are alienating yourself from the marriage. Give this a fair chance and deal with it in a mature way. Talking about it helps more than complaining; as she will bring her list of complaints and then it just gets into a loop.
- have an honest conversation
- make space for a back and forth conversation
If she refuses to talk, then possibly there is a need for a professional to intervene. She will also need to understand what hurts you and work on it, so that the marriage moves on smoothly. Marriage is a two-way dance.

All the best!

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Ravi Mittal  |250 Answers  |Ask -

Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on Jun 14, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - May 16, 2024Hindi
Hello sir mai 28 year ki hoo mai abhi llb kar rahi hoo mai last 7 year se relationship mai hoo vo mujse 25 year bade hai saruaat 1 to 2 year inhone muje bhot priorities di ab hum 3 to 4 month mai kabhi milte hai hum dono alag alag city mai hai unki bhot badi family hai or finincially bhi problem chal rahi hai last 3 yaer se vo.muje priority nai de rahe hum.roj bat karte hai vo mera khyal bhi rakhte hai lekin muje unse ab dur nai hona mene sadi na karne ka decisions Liya hai lekin kitni bar bhot akela feel karti hoo vo muje itna time nai dete phele jaisa nai hai aisa lagta hai.fir vo ku6 help kar de ya pyar se bat bhi kar le.to.lagta hai sab theek hai mai.bhot confused hoo mai.kya karu muje kya karna chahiye ..
Ans: Dear Anonymous,

Dating someone older than you is not the problem, but the fact that you are making major life decisions based on what he wants and doesn't want is concerning. I am guessing that you decided to not get married because he doesn't want it either. Is that fair to you? You yourself mentioned that you often feel lonely. Don't you think you deserve better? Don't you deserve someone who would love you and would like to spend the rest of their life with you? Please reconsider this relationship. Speak to your partner and ask him what his plans are for the future. Does he want to settle down with you? How will you two continue this relationship in the future? There are many important questions that need answering. Sort them out and you will have the solution to your dilemma.

Best Wishes.

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