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Physiotherapist, Nutritionist - Answered on Sep 29, 2023

Rebecca Pinto is a physiotherapist, nutritionist and founder of Dr Rebecca's Physiotherapy.
She has been helping patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injuries and ageing for over nine years.
She holds a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from SKN College of Physiotherapy, Pune. Rebecca is also a certified PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) practitioner and has trained in dry needling, spinal manipulation and cupping procedures as well.... more
Padma Question by Padma on Sep 26, 2023Hindi

Hi Doctor, i am 41 years ( F). ..i have right shoulder adhesive capsulitis from May 2023. Till now it has not improved significantly, despite of continuous physiotheraphy..plus last 2 months i have started sidha treatments also. Now i stopped physio and started similar thokkanam treatment using herbal oils....pain has reduced but hand is still having the limitation..cant lift up to 90 deg. How long this will take to recover ?

Ans: It usually doesn’t take to long to recover. Please go to a good physio centre and get treated. Also make sure you do not stress and trigger the shoulder after therapy hours
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Nidhi Gupta  |161 Answers  |Ask -

Physiotherapist - Answered on Mar 08, 2023

I had frozen shoulder problem as told to me in my left hand and from November, 2020 to August, 2021 i consulted various reputed orthopedic surgeons and even got treatment from Safdarjang Sports Injury Centre New Delhi and as per advice got physiotherapy treatment for full one year but to no avail. Then in September, 2020 i consulted one of the top most Ortho Surgeons who after xray etc. told me that he will give me two injections(whereas he gave three such injections) and my problem will be got with physio treatment in three months but from day one his physio told him that my shoulder is very stiff and only solution is to get MRI done and then operation be done which was done in October, 2020 and I was told that after five week physio i will be ok but even after operation there was so much pain at the time of physio and afterwards that i could not have sleep for 20/22 hours and then Doctor extended time limit to two months and then to three months but even after five months there was no relief. ultimate i stopped treatment and consulted another ortho in south delhi reputed hospital he told me that my veins were weak and at the first place i stopped hard core physio and that surgery was not a best option. Though after I stopped physio and started doing light exercises at home there is slight improvement but at times i have great pain at lower of my shoulder/shoulder and upper half portion of left hand. It is one year since i have started treatment from present ortho. What to do?
Ans: Hello Ravinder,
What did your MRI and x-ray show? What was the operation done exactly for?

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Dr Shakeeb Ahmed

Dr Shakeeb Ahmed Khan  |88 Answers  |Ask -

Physiotherapist - Answered on Jun 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - May 24, 2024Hindi
Hi Doctor, My query is regarding Physiotherapy. I recently underwent a surgery for 'Flexor Tenosynovitis' of the Thumb. I am currently undergoing physiotherapy since last 1 month to regain thumb movement. My queries are: (1) Is it possible that index finger adjacent to the affected thumb gets sore due to physiotherapy of the thumb. There is no pain , only soreness of the index finger since last 1 month. (2) How many days/ weeks it takes to regain complete normalcy in thumb movement, especially the bending of thumb. At present my thumb is extremely stiff and I can hardly bend it. (3) Is it possible to regain 100% normalcy of thumb movements by doing physiotherapy? For reference I'm 36 yrs of age and physically fit. Thanks in advance.
Ans: Thank you for your query regarding physiotherapy following your surgery for Flexor Tenosynovitis of the thumb. It is possible for the index finger adjacent to the affected thumb to become sore during physiotherapy. This soreness can occur due to increased use or compensation during exercises aimed at improving thumb mobility. The muscles and tendons of the hand are interconnected, and stress on one area can affect adjacent areas. Ensure that your physiotherapist is aware of the soreness in your index finger so they can adjust your exercises or provide specific techniques to alleviate the soreness.

The time it takes to regain full movement in the thumb can vary based on the severity of the initial condition, the extent of the surgery, and individual healing rates. Generally, it may take several weeks to months. Stiffness is common in the early stages of recovery, but continued physiotherapy, including range-of-motion exercises and stretching, will gradually improve flexibility and movement. Many individuals can achieve significant improvement and even full recovery of thumb movement with consistent physiotherapy, but the extent of recovery can vary.In a retrospective study of 41 patients with flexor tenosynovitis, Dailiana et al. found that the best functional outcome associated with this condition resulted from early diagnosis, drainage through small incisions, and continuous postoperative irrigation. Worse outcomes were associated with delayed treatment and infections with specific pathogens. By following these guidelines and working closely with your physiotherapist, you should be able to maximize your recovery and regain as much thumb function as possible.

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