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Relationships Expert - Answered on May 30, 2022

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Anonymus Question by Anonymus on May 30, 2022Hindi

Hello Love Guru.
I want to ask about my ex.
We had relationship for past two years but kind of on and off.
During initial stages we both acted immaturely and broke up but still one of us patch up.
Last time, last year in September, my ex broke up saying he doesn't like my personality and our relationship is unmotivating. Even the previous breakup was by him saying he needs time and space.
Although he had introduced me to his sister and friends, I think he is just been in relationship for TP. When he broke up last time, he got promoted at work maybe that’s why. Currently he said he has quit his job IDK reason and suddenly he realised he took wrong decisions.
I was sure I don't want to give any more chance. So I told him that introduce me to your parents as your GF, not for marriage now. He said he will try but not sure.
I have decided he is free and hence he wants relationship so not moving forward with him.
Please tell me what you think. Although, after our patch-up, I do see small efforts from his side but I was always one who was on giving end.


Your mail is quite confusing in the sense that I don’t know whether you’re currently with him or not; you refer to him as your ex and then say that after your patch-up you’re seeing that he’s making an effort.

Anyway, whether you’re on or off at present, this guy seems rather whimsical. And yes, I think your instinct is right in that he’s at loose ends right now without a job, etc, and wants some emotional support maybe, which is why he wants to get back with you.

I’m not saying don’t give him a chance; you can, if you think he’s genuinely realised that he wants to be with you. But, yes, he should make it official.

And if I were you, I’d be sure of things before getting too involved too fast this time around.

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 05, 2022

Dear Anu, I started a relationship with this guy, who I met on a dating app like a year back. I started to like him and everything was going fine. We started talking and soon our conversations steered towards talking about our future. However, he suddenly told me out of nowhere that he is a divorcee. His marriage was called off at the altar due to dowry issues. He and his family are embroiled in a dowry case which is going on. I was shocked and wanted to know the entire truth but he never came clear about what exactly happened. He told me that he cannot think of marriage and the future and wants to keep it casual. I was heartbroken and we fought a lot after which he suddenly stopped talking. After sometime he started talking again and said that he wants me back. He always makes plans to meet in hotels and spend nights with him. I started to grow distant, stopped taking his calls and tried to push him out. I also started to look out for matches, based on my age. I am 32, but nothing is materialising there. I started missing him and recently messaged him again. I lied to him that I am getting hitched and he said ‘okay let’s meet and spend a night together.’ I really don't know. I am amused that all he is really interested in is getting into my pants all the time. I am genuinely in love with him and he says it again now also he loves me. But his thoughts and words are not in sync. I am just not able to get over him. I have been trying hard since I decided to move on. Some thing or the other brings me back to him again and again. I am becoming more lonely, depressed all the more coz the marriage thing is also not picking up and I have no one.Please help.

Dear BG,
What does it tell you about a person when he chooses to hide the fact that he is a divorcee and that too with a reason like dowry?

Doesn’t this ring any bell for you as a sign to the fact that he possibly can never be trusted when he can’t come clean with his life story?

And now the complication of being physically involved has added a dimension that makes you want to be around him even more?

The very fact that you have written to me is because you are revaluating your thoughts about him and GOOD, you must and ask yourself:

Is he really worth my love, time and energy?

Has he done anything to earn my trust?

If it’s a big NO, you know that this guy isn’t the last man on the planet and that just because you are unable to find a suitable life partner, you need to settle for this man.

No, you don’t need to settle and pine for someone who has not bothered to take your feelings into considerations and not much of thought as to: if she finds out about my past, how will she react?

So let me be the one to tell her rather than she hear it from someone else.

Instead, he chooses to defend his decision of hiding this and to top it all stops talking to you.

Why exactly is he playing the victim when he isn’t? Because, he feels that it isn’t his problem and that it is yours and that you need to be making all the adjustments IF you want a future with him.

Did all this give you a good perspective?

Do the right thing and Love yourself. All the best.

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Feb 11, 2022

 Hi Anu Ji,I am in a relationship with a guy from one year who is from a different state and different background. I am from north and he is from South. As of now the relationship is perfect when we both are together but I am stressed about my future as this guy had warned me that future is very difficult due to family issues and all. Our relationship also started on a very different note. We were close friends for a few years and then got close over a few incidents. I have gone out all the way to put my efforts in the relation because it looked picture perfect what I was creating. He has given me no promises of the future telling things are very different in our state. Earlier he used to ask me to be casual, but both of us know that my nature is not casual, he has apologised also feeling that he is wasting my time.He also asked if I want to look for a proper marriage partner.. all his words show this and makes me scared that in future we will be separated.On the contrary his actions are so sweet and romantic. Multiple times I thought I should think straight and leave but I guess I am too attached and so is he.My parents keep on pushing for rishtas as I am in prime age to be married, and I am only delaying this because of this guy, what should I do? Why are his actions and words not in sync. I have also informed my parents about him. If he is not willing to take it forward he should leave me and go na. Why should I initiate any breakup when I like my life with him.Help me with ways to talk sense into this guy so that he has courage to take us up at his home and family.Any guidance will be helpful. Please keep it anonymous.

Dear SS,

When his words and actions are not in sync, what exactly are you pushing for?

Are you hoping for him to see things your way? He seems to have made it clear that he wants this to be casual.

It could be one of two things:
1. He isn’t ready for a commitment as of now
2. He isn’t ready to stir the hornet’s nest back at home and face the music

Either case, this is holding you up and your movement in life. Why do that?

Ask yourself:

  • How long do I want to wait for a strong commitment from him? After which, you most certainly must move ahead
  • Will he ever be able to convince his parents of this relationship? Now, if it’s a NO, you know what to do
  • How fair is it to keep my life on hold for him? – If it’s a NO, check what is this hold up costing you this very moment

Please have an honest discussion with him on how this is affecting you and what you exactly want.

Take a call based on his responses and his involvement in the discussion that concerns the future of your relationship.

Best wishes and take charge NOW.

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Love Guru

Love Guru   |187 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert - Answered on Apr 04, 2023

Hello Mam ! Mam I don’t know if I have right to ask you this cause Iam still 17 ! Mam Iam Seetha ..I have completed my inter 2nd year and I am preparing for Neet 2023 and Yes I am least confident about my first attempt so I’ll be preparing for Neet 2024 to ! There is a boy whom I know him since 5th class but we were close to each other from 9th class ….. but like a good friend and 4 months ago he proposed me and I slowly fell in love with him !!! He is a good guy he respects me a lot and he respects everyone …from past one month we were very close and we met several times and mam Highlighting this point —-mam we had passionate romance twice but not that intensely and now I feel regret of doing so if he leaves me ….. He is a guy who respects my time and his time he don’t have obsession like I have for him ….I always force him to stay or talk bit longer and he felt like I won’t respect his time and Said Iam a person who won’t understand his efforts he puts for us and he said 10 days ago that we should be away for a year so that concentrate on ourself and he said to that I should change to a mature person …and he blocked me everywhere but I refused but I done it I mean neither we talked or chatted with each other for 5 days but after few days I called him from other number and he know that and unblocked me so we spoke to each other ! He said that we should be apart for our self but then again he said we should have been friends only but whatever happened is happened now we can’t do anything he said ! I asked him that be true and if you want to ask for a break up you can buy he said no I want you and I don’t want to leave you … and yeah mam he never tried to be physical with me …only I was and for this he sayid that I never understand him and etc etc and said that I just loved him physically not truely and that broke my heart ! But I don’t know what I should do now ? He said this is test for us that will our love be the same for one year ? But then again few days ago We talked to each other and that to I started first …yesterday as a friend we were talking and he said he wrote a poem and I asked for whom u wrote this he said For my ex …he said that if she comes again then he will accept and I was really confused 😐…And we had a huge fight he felt bad and I too but lastly I said sorry and today he asked for a break up and I said I won’t repeat my behaviour gain and I asked for last chance so that I could change from childish behaviour to a mature girl as he likes … Now you please say me mam that what should be done ? Should I have to stay away from him temporarily until I get changed to a better person as he wants or should I break up with him since he said we should have been frnds only ! What should I do mam ? Kindly please reply me as fast as you could mam !!! 😕
Ans: Seetha, he proposed to you. Then you got physical with him, then he conveniently said you’re better off as friends and blocked you! And then came up with this one year test nonsense! He’s taking you for a ride, and you’re falling for it; don’t be so stupid. I understand that you’re young, but you haven’t done anything wrong and there is no need to feel guilty about anything that has happened. What is important, however, is that you understand this boy is not quite as wonderful as you think he is! He’s taken advantage of you and now he’s trying to worm his way out of it. Cut him off completely, he’s no good. Focus on your studies and if you meet someone else, no harm in exploring a relationship. But this worm doesn’t deserve a minute of your time or attention.

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Anu Krishna  |1057 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 03, 2023

Hi Anu, I hope you're doing well. I'm a 24 year old girl working as a software engineer. I was in love with a boy in long distance relationship and I met him only once. We both had great understanding, respect on each other. It was all good between us. On February 2023, he called me one day saying that he wants to tell his parents about our love matter. I said okay and asked him what he wanted to do if his family disagrees. He said that he'll wait until his family approves. I was okay with it and he informed to his family. But things started changing after he talked with his family. He wanted to break up with me. I told him many times that I wanted to be with him and don't want to break up. But, he didn't agree. Eventually, we stopped talking with each other. It was hard for me to move on but after few months, i finally decided to move on with my life. Then suddenly he messaged me saying that he wants to get back with me. I didn't agreed as I lost my trust on him. He even informed his family about getting back with me and they were okay with it. He wants to marry me. But, now the problem is I still like him, but I lost trust in him. I wanted to give him a chance but I'm afraid because of past break up with him. I'm confused about what should I do? Anu, can you please suggest me about giving him a chance or moving on with my life?
Ans: Dear Mahi,
Thank you for asking. I am doing well and trust that you too will be in the same space as well.
When what he has done has broken your trust, it is difficult to get it back... he has come back, but you are perhaps thinking: what if he pulls the same stunt again? And this makes you question every move of his...

If you look at it from his point of view, he possibly also loves you but his family pressures are getting to him and he can do only that much. Yes, it would have been more 'human' to talk to you about what had happened after he spoke with his family. But he chose not to and that lack of transparency is what has thrown you off...perhaps, he isn't all that mature emotionally or feels that he might lose you if he shares anything.

Whatever it is, your loss of trust on him is justified after the way he had behaved. If the two of you still want to give your relationship a chance, kindly do so...and clearly state to him that you have lost trust on him. Not only does he have explaining to do but he must reassure you that he will be honest with you in future. Also, give some time before committing to a marriage while you watch whether he has changed and he is consistent with what he has committed to changing. Only when you are sure, take a decision either way!

All the best!

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Ravi Mittal  |260 Answers  |Ask -

Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on Jul 01, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 29, 2024Hindi
Around 2022, I got a marriage proposal from a mutual acquaintance of a guy who us also known to my family . At that time I was in a relationship with someone else so my family told that I am currently focusing on my studies . But recently , I am single and saw his account on social media . We started chatting with each other and I realised that we are conpatible in many aspects . But after some days ... my mother started pressuring me that they will start to see marriage prospects for me. Also I felt that he also feels the same for me because how he talked to me... So out of pressure ,I asked him and told about my feelings for him and told why it will be profitable if we consider ourselves as a couple .He told that he has a lot of pressure from his family to settle for a well paying job (though he is working in a private company)and also wants to focus on his passion too. Also he had brojen his heart 2 times. Although he assured that he is not saying no and also he would think over this proposal and would give me an answer . But the next day I saw he blocked me from social media . I would have appreciated if he had an open communication with me as I had the same . Btw now he is 27 and I am 23 .
Ans: Dear Anonymous,

I am very sorry to hear that you had to go through this. Some people do not have the emotional maturity to say a simple no or speak their truth. He might not have wanted to make things awkward or thought he was sparing you some pain but ultimately that isn't the case. But the important thing to remember here is that his action reflects on him and what kind of a person he is; it does not highlight your worth. I know it hurts right now, but it will get better and you will find someone who loves you.

Best Wishes.

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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5306 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 19, 2024Hindi
Hi I am 42 year old and have monthly income of 68k. Monthly expenses are appx 40k which includes my children fee. I invest 4k in SIP which I started last year and have savings of 7lakh no loan and have parents own house. Have to spent appx 8k monthly on my medicines because of some health issues, this amount I reimbursed through corporate policy for which I paid 70k annual.( Excluding of in-hand salary and get sum insured of 1.5 lakh). My daughter is doing BCA and Son is in 10th standard. I want to give them better future and spend my savings on their higher study as and when needed if not manageable with salary. Pls tell me how I can arrange fund of 40 lakh in next 10 years. With salary growth of average 8 to 10% every year.
Ans: Evaluating Your Current Financial Situation
You have a stable income and manageable expenses. Let’s plan to arrange Rs. 40 lakh for your children's higher education over the next 10 years.

Current Financial Overview
Monthly Income: Rs. 68,000
Monthly Expenses: Rs. 40,000 (including children’s fees and medicines)
Current SIP Investment: Rs. 4,000
Savings: Rs. 7 lakh
No Loans
Health Insurance: Corporate policy with Rs. 1.5 lakh sum insured
Financial Goals
Arrange Rs. 40 lakh in 10 years
Continue managing current expenses and health needs
Strategy to Achieve Rs. 40 Lakh in 10 Years
Increase SIP Contributions
Current SIP: Rs. 4,000 monthly
Proposed SIP Increase: Gradually increase SIP by 5-10% annually.
Targeted SIP: Aim to invest Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 monthly in diversified mutual funds over time.
Utilize Savings
Savings of Rs. 7 lakh: Keep Rs. 2 lakh as an emergency fund.
Invest Rs. 5 lakh: In a mix of equity and debt mutual funds for growth and stability.
Leverage Salary Growth
Salary Growth: Assume an average increase of 8-10% annually.
Increment Allocation: Allocate a portion of salary increments towards increasing SIP investments.
Investment Plan
Step 1: Monthly SIPs
Equity Mutual Funds: Focus on high-growth potential.
Debt Mutual Funds: For stability and lower risk.
Step 2: Lump Sum Investments
Use Rs. 5 lakh Savings: Invest in diversified mutual funds.
Regular Top-Up: Add lump sums from bonuses or extra income.
Estimated Growth
Assuming a 12% average annual return on mutual fund investments, your SIPs and lump sum investments can potentially grow to Rs. 40 lakh in 10 years.

Health and Emergency Management
Maintain Emergency Fund
Emergency Fund: Keep Rs. 2 lakh liquid for unforeseen expenses.
Health Expenses: Ensure Rs. 8,000 monthly for medicines, covered by corporate policy.
Children's Education Planning
Estimate Education Costs
Higher Education: Plan for tuition, living expenses, and additional costs.
Prioritize Savings: Keep savings liquid for immediate educational needs.
Final Insights
To arrange Rs. 40 lakh in 10 years:

Increase SIP investments gradually.
Utilize a portion of current savings.
Allocate part of salary increments to SIPs.
Maintain an emergency fund and cover health expenses.
Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5306 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hello, I am 45 and I earn 1.5 lacs per month after Tax and Mandatory PF deduction. I have no Loan EMI and never took any loan in my life. I have 68 lacs in provident Fund, 8.5 lacs in PPF, 17 lacs in Bank FD, 55 lacs of a home, 50 lacs of land, 90 lacs in Equity and MF investments (with 1.20 Cr current value), 10 lacs investments in LIC/other insurances, and 10 lacs of cash. I am planning to retire at 50. Kindly guide me how to reach 3 Crore Corpus Savings/liquid fund or 1 lac earnings every month after age 50 in the best possible way?
Ans: Evaluating Your Current Financial Situation
You have a well-diversified portfolio and good income. Planning for retirement at 50 is a great goal. Let's analyze your assets and create a strategy.

Current Assets Overview
Provident Fund (PF): Rs. 68 lakh
Public Provident Fund (PPF): Rs. 8.5 lakh
Bank Fixed Deposit (FD): Rs. 17 lakh
Home: Rs. 55 lakh
Land: Rs. 50 lakh
Equity and Mutual Funds: Rs. 1.2 crore
LIC and Other Insurances: Rs. 10 lakh
Cash: Rs. 10 lakh
Monthly Income and Expenses
Monthly Income: Rs. 1.5 lakh
Expenses: Not specified, assume moderate living expenses.
Retirement Goals
Corpus of Rs. 3 crore by age 50
Monthly Income of Rs. 1 lakh post-retirement
Step 1: Analyzing Current Investments
Your current investments are strong. Here’s how to optimize them:

Provident Fund and PPF: Stable and safe, continue as they are.
Bank FD: Consider moving part to higher-yield investments.
Equity and Mutual Funds: Good growth, continue SIPs and increase contributions.
Step 2: Targeting Rs. 3 Crore Corpus
Increase Equity Investments
Higher Returns: Equity investments yield higher returns over time.
Diversify: Continue SIPs in diversified and sectoral funds.
Regular Review: Adjust based on market performance.
Move Some FD to Mutual Funds
Better Returns: Mutual funds offer higher returns than FDs.
Balanced Approach: Consider hybrid funds for a mix of equity and debt.
Step 3: Ensuring Monthly Income of Rs. 1 Lakh
Invest in Annuity Plans and SWPs
Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWPs): From mutual funds for regular income.
Annuity Plans: For guaranteed income, though not recommended as primary.
Build a Dividend Portfolio
Dividend Yield Stocks: Invest in companies with a good dividend record.
Regular Income: Provides a steady cash flow.
Step 4: Emergency Fund and Insurance
Maintain Liquidity
Emergency Fund: Keep Rs. 10 lakh or more as a buffer.
Insurance: Adequate life and health coverage.
Step 5: Review and Adjust Annually
Annual Review: Check performance and adjust as needed.
Rebalance Portfolio: Ensure the right mix of equity and debt.
Final Insights
To reach a Rs. 3 crore corpus by 50 and ensure Rs. 1 lakh monthly income:

Increase equity investments.
Move some FD to mutual funds.
Invest in dividend stocks and SWPs.
Maintain a strong emergency fund and insurance.
Review and adjust your portfolio annually.
Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5306 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hi, I am 37 years and having a income of 1 lakh. My household expense is manged by husband. Having home loan - 40k monthly (13years) Personal exp - 15k monthly Equity - invested 3.5 lakhs ( now 5 lakhs) Started mutual funds last year for 5k SIP in quant small cap (2 lakhs) 2 LIC - sum insured 5 lakhs (one ll mature in 2026 , where should I reinvest or should I use to repay home loan) 1 sip in max ulip of 5k - for kid education (for 5 years , matured after 15 years) 1 sbi ulip - 40k ( annually) Where should I invest to get corpus of atleast 2 cr in next 10 years
Ans: Your income is Rs. 1 lakh per month.

Your monthly expenses include a home loan EMI of Rs. 40k and personal expenses of Rs. 15k.

Your equity investment has grown from Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs.

You have a SIP in a small-cap mutual fund and other investments.

Evaluating Current Investments

Your small-cap SIP is a good start. Small-cap funds have high growth potential.

Your LIC policies provide insurance coverage. One matures in 2026.

Your ULIP for your child's education is a long-term investment. It matures in 15 years.

Investment Strategy for 2 Crores in 10 Years

To achieve a corpus of Rs. 2 crores in 10 years, you need a disciplined approach.

Diversification of SIPs
Large-Cap Funds

Invest in stable, large companies.
These funds offer steady growth.
Mid-Cap Funds

Invest in medium-sized companies.
These funds provide balanced growth.
Flexi-Cap Funds

Invest across different market capitalizations.
These funds offer diversification.
Balanced Advantage Funds

Mix of equity and debt.
These funds balance risk and returns.
Increase SIP Contributions
Consider increasing your SIP contributions.

A higher SIP amount will help you reach your goal faster.

Reinvestment of LIC Maturity
When your LIC matures in 2026, reinvest the maturity amount.

Consider allocating it to equity mutual funds for higher growth.

You can also use a part of it to prepay your home loan.

Evaluate and Adjust ULIPs
Your ULIP for your child's education is long-term.

Review its performance regularly.

Consider switching to mutual funds if returns are not satisfactory.

Avoid ULIPs with high charges and low returns.

Emergency Fund
Maintain an emergency fund.

Keep at least 6 months of expenses in a liquid fund.

Insurance Coverage
Ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Review your term insurance and health insurance.

Consider increasing your coverage if needed.

Professional Guidance
Consult a Certified Financial Planner.

They can help you design a personalized investment strategy.

Regular reviews and adjustments are crucial for achieving your goals.

Final Insights
A disciplined investment approach can help you achieve Rs. 2 crores in 10 years.

Diversify your SIPs and increase contributions.

Reinvest your LIC maturity amount wisely.

Regularly review your ULIPs and consider switching to mutual funds.

Maintain an emergency fund and ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Seek professional guidance for a tailored investment strategy.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP

Chief Financial Planner


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5306 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hello, I am a businessman and now im 38 years. My monthly income is around 100000/- approx but not fixed for every months since im from events industry. This year I have taken home loan of 42 lakhs for 30 years ( 2024 ) and current emi is 33000/- and additionally I have to pay approx 1.5 Lakhs in every 4 months till 2025 end. And car loan emi is 18000/- and duration left approx june 2028 and misc loan of 15000/- left for 2 years. My goal is to get 2 crore at the age of 55 and to enjoy loan free life. Can you please suggest me how to achive my goal. Thank you.
Ans: Current Financial Situation
1. Income and Loans:

Monthly income: Rs 1,00,000 (variable).
Home loan EMI: Rs 33,000 for 30 years (starting 2024).
Additional home loan payment: Rs 1.5 lakhs every 4 months until 2025 end.
Car loan EMI: Rs 18,000 until June 2028.
Miscellaneous loan EMI: Rs 15,000 for 2 years.
Financial Goals
1. Debt-Free Life:

Clear all loans by 55.
Reduce financial burden and stress.
2. Savings Goal:

Accumulate Rs 2 crore by age 55.
Secure a comfortable future.
Strategies to Achieve Your Goals
1. Debt Management:

Prioritize clearing high-interest loans.
Focus on repaying the miscellaneous loan first (Rs 15,000 EMI for 2 years).
2. Optimize Loan Repayments:

Pay extra towards the principal of the home loan when possible.
Consider making additional lump-sum payments to reduce the loan tenure.
3. Investment Plan:

Start a disciplined investment plan.
Invest a portion of your income regularly in diversified mutual funds.
Detailed Investment Strategy
1. Emergency Fund:

Keep 6 months' worth of expenses in a liquid fund.
Ensure financial stability during income fluctuations.
2. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):

Invest in diversified equity mutual funds.
Consider actively managed funds for higher returns.
Start SIPs with any surplus after meeting loan EMIs and expenses.
3. Long-Term Investments:

Invest in equity mutual funds for long-term growth.
Choose funds with a strong track record and professional management.
Investment Amount and Expected Returns
1. Monthly SIP Contributions:

Allocate Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 for SIPs.
Increase SIP amount as income grows or debts reduce.
2. Expected Returns:

Equity mutual funds can yield 10-12% annual returns over the long term.
Reinvest the returns for compounding benefits.
Additional Tips
1. Regular Review:

Review your investment portfolio annually.
Adjust investments based on performance and goals.
2. Professional Advice:

Consult a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for personalized advice.
Ensure your investment strategy aligns with your risk tolerance.
3. Tax Planning:

Use tax-saving instruments like ELSS mutual funds.
Optimize your tax liability to increase investable surplus.
Final Insights
To achieve your goal of Rs 2 crore and a loan-free life by 55, focus on disciplined investing and strategic debt repayment. Regularly review your financial plan and seek professional advice to stay on track.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP

Chief Financial Planner,


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5306 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hlw SIr Good evening I want to know about Reits.. Real Estate investment. Plz guide me of how much min investment I will make.
Ans: REITs are companies owning income-producing real estate.
They allow individual investors to earn dividends without buying, managing, or financing properties.
Advantages of REITs

Liquidity: Easily bought and sold on stock exchanges.
Diversification: Invest in different property types and locations.
Regular Income: Dividends from rental income.
Professional Management: Managed by professionals ensuring efficiency.
Minimum Investment

Varies: Depends on the specific REIT and platform.
General Range: Can start with as low as Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000.
Disadvantages of REITs

Market Risk: Subject to market volatility like stocks.
Fees: Management and transaction fees can reduce returns.
Dividend Tax: Dividends are taxable, affecting net returns.
How to Invest in REITs
Through Stock Exchanges

Listed REITs: Available on stock exchanges.
Process: Similar to buying stocks; use a demat account.
Mutual Funds

REIT Mutual Funds: Funds that invest in REITs.
Benefit: Professional management and diversification.
Tips for Investing in REITs

Research: Understand the REIT's portfolio, performance, and management.
Diversify: Don't invest all in one REIT; diversify across sectors and regions.
Long-Term Perspective: Hold investments for a longer period for potential growth.
Alternatives to Direct REIT Investment
Actively Managed Funds

Flexibility: Fund managers can adapt to market changes.
Potential for Higher Returns: Aim to outperform index funds.
Regular Mutual Funds

Guidance: Investment through Certified Financial Planners ensures professional advice.
Convenience: Easier management and oversight.
Final Insights
Start Small: Begin with a manageable amount and increase gradually.
Monitor Regularly: Keep an eye on market trends and performance.
Consult a CFP: Seek advice from a Certified Financial Planner for tailored guidance.
Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Hi, I have 43L and I'm planning to buy a flat worth 1.4Cr. It is due completion in 2029. So I can either put in more now or at the end. I have decided to do below. Pay 10% since it's compulsion, now I have 30lacks with me. My biggest advantage now is time. So I have invested lumpsum of 20L in PPFAS Flexi cap and 10L in HDFC Balanced Fund. I have a loan sanctioned of remaining amount 1.2Cr. My question is, in 5yrs time, should I use 87L from loan and use whatever I get from these MF's or should I stay invested in MF's and use full loan amount of 1.2cr instead? My plan was to pump in additional 30k per month if I use only 87L from loan as my EMI would be less and 8-10yrs down the line, I can apply for PreClosure. What's the best way forward? Use full loan amount and pay higher emi and keep my 30L in MF intact or use partial loan amount, pump in additional sip and utilize what I get to foreclosure of loan? Other details, 30M, Monthly Exp around 50k. I am investing 35k in SIP, 50k for various plans, ULIP, insurance ROP, Assured returns etc. I consider these as debt instruments in my investments. End goal is to save enough for retirement and an additional real estate asset worth 1.5cr before retiring.
Ans: You have Rs 43 lakhs and plan to buy a flat worth Rs 1.4 crores due for completion in 2029. Here's an analysis of your options:

Current Investment Plan
1. Initial Payment:

Paid 10% (Rs 14 lakhs) upfront.
Remaining Rs 30 lakhs available.
2. Investment Allocation:

Rs 20 lakhs in PPFAS Flexi Cap Fund.
Rs 10 lakhs in HDFC Balanced Fund.
3. Loan Details:

Sanctioned loan amount: Rs 1.2 crores.
Option 1: Partial Loan and Additional SIP
1. Plan:

Use Rs 87 lakhs from the loan.
Use returns from mutual funds for the rest.
Pump in an additional Rs 30k per month as SIP.
2. Benefits:

Lower EMI, making it easier to manage monthly expenses.
Ability to invest more monthly, enhancing wealth creation.
Option to pre-close the loan in 8-10 years.
3. Considerations:

Assess the expected returns from mutual funds.
Ensure the investments outperform the loan interest rate.
Option 2: Full Loan Amount
1. Plan:

Use the full Rs 1.2 crores loan.
Keep the Rs 30 lakhs in mutual funds.
2. Benefits:

Larger loan amount may offer tax benefits.
Investments remain intact and grow over time.
Flexibility to use investment returns for other goals.
3. Considerations:

Higher EMI impacts monthly cash flow.
Loan tenure may be longer, increasing interest paid.
Comparative Analysis
1. Loan Interest vs. Investment Returns:

Compare the loan interest rate with the expected returns from mutual funds.
If mutual fund returns are higher, keeping investments intact might be beneficial.
2. Monthly Cash Flow:

Evaluate your ability to manage higher EMIs.
Consider the impact on your overall financial stability.
3. Pre-closure Option:

With lower EMIs, pre-closure of the loan becomes feasible.
Additional SIP investments can create a pre-closure fund.
1. Balanced Approach:

Use a mix of both options.
Opt for a partial loan and keep some investments intact.
2. Regular Review:

Monitor your mutual fund performance regularly.
Adjust investments and loan repayments based on market conditions.
3. Financial Goals:

Align your investments with long-term goals like retirement.
Diversify your portfolio to balance risk and returns.
Final Insights
Considering your goals, a balanced approach of partial loan and maintaining investments is optimal. Regularly review and adjust based on performance and market conditions.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP

Chief Financial Planner,


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