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Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on May 02, 2024

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Asked by Anonymous - May 01, 2024Hindi

Im 28 F and planning to focus on career before thinking about marriage. Parents are pressuring me to get married but im not interested now. Is it too late already?

Ans: Dear Anonymous,

It's a really good decision. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your career first and marriage after. In fact, it is best to have financial independence before marriage. And though I understand your parents' concerns, 28 is absolutely not too late to get married. There is no right time frame to get married. There's only the right mindset. If you are not ready for it, you should not rush into it.
Your parents have your best intention in mind, let's remember that first. But that does not mean you have to give in to their ideas. Try to make them understand the importance of having a career of your own and the importance of being financially independent. I'm sure with time they will come around.

Best Wishes.

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Anu Krishna  |1054 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 16, 2022

Hi Anu, I am 30 years old girl and for the past three years, I have been in relationship with a guy who is two years younger to me. He is Marwadi and his parents are not agreeing to our marriage. I have tried breaking up with the guy several times and tried moving on but he always keeps saying that his parents need some time. My BF is a genuine guy and he loves me a lot.My parents on the other hand want me to get married by the end of this year. I am really confused if I should wait for my BF or listen to my parents and get married by their choice. I am unable to understand what to do. I am really depressed. Will it be really late if I get married after 30 or is it okay to wait for my BF?Please help me out.

Dear AY,

And is your boyfriend also really depressed like you are?

Is he also desperate to get married?

Is he afraid of talking to his parents?

Does he also want to get married and settle down?

Is there a future for the two of you?

If the answer to each is a YES, please have that ‘uncomfortable yet firm’ conversation with your boyfriend.

Being in a limbo isn’t great, so please ask him how much time he needs to talk to his parents and when he is going to talk to them and how serious is he in this relationship?

Else, it will be an endless wait and that is what seems to be getting to you, the uncertainty.

So, by getting a clear commitment on the WHEN, will eliminate this stress that is eating you away. Things will get clearer, and you will know what to do!

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