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Geeta Ratra  |140 Answers  |Ask -

Visas, Study Abroad Expert - Answered on May 22, 2023

Geeta Ratra has been an immigration expert for more than two decades and has strong knowledge of international immigration policies and procedures. She is vice president, operations, at Abhinav Immigration Services. Besides visa and immigration services, they also provide study abroad advice that includes application assistance, counselling and university shortlisting.... more
Vijay Question by Vijay on Apr 30, 2023Hindi

I would like to immigrate to the UK as l have worked there before and have a UK degree. I am a doctor with three decades experience. What would you suggest?

Ans: Hi Vijay
To immigrate to UK you can go on skilled worker visa category. You need to look for the jobs in UK and on the basis of the same apply for the skilled worker visa. At this moment UK is not offering direct permanent residence visa.

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Abhishek Shah  |76 Answers  |Ask -

HR Expert - Answered on Aug 03, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 17, 2023Hindi
Hi, I am an engineer with 11 years experience in technical sales.How can i take up a job in UK and move forward in my career.
Ans: Hello,

I understand that transitioning your career to the UK can be an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth. To successfully take up a job in the UK and move forward in your career as a technical sales engineer, consider the following steps:

Research Job Market and Requirements: Start by researching the job market in the UK for technical sales roles. Look for companies and industries that align with your expertise and experience. Review the specific job requirements and qualifications expected by employers.

Work on Your CV and Cover Letter: Tailor your CV to the UK format and ensure it highlights your relevant experience, skills, and achievements. Craft a compelling cover letter that explains your intention to work in the UK and how your expertise can benefit potential employers.

Networking and Online Presence: Engage in networking both online and offline. LinkedIn can be a valuable platform to connect with professionals and potential employers in the UK. Building a strong online presence can also help recruiters discover you.

Visa and Work Authorization: Check the UK government's official website to understand the visa and work authorization requirements. Ensure you have the necessary visa to work legally in the UK.

Search for Job Opportunities: Utilize job search platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and specialized engineering job boards to find suitable openings. Attend virtual job fairs and industry events to connect with employers directly.

Prepare for Interviews: Be ready for remote interviews or, if possible, travel to the UK for face-to-face interviews. Research the companies you interview with and practice answering common technical sales interview questions.

Highlight Your International Experience: Emphasize the value of your 11 years of technical sales experience in your interviews. Showcase how your diverse background and international exposure can bring unique perspectives to UK-based companies.

Continued Professional Development: Stay updated with industry trends and advancements in technical sales. Consider obtaining certifications or additional training to enhance your skills and marketability.

Cultural Adaptation: Understand and adapt to the cultural differences in the UK workplace. Being culturally aware and open-minded will help you integrate smoothly into the new work environment.

Be Persistent and Patient: Securing a job in a new country can take time. Be persistent in your job search, keep applying, and don't get discouraged if the process takes longer than expected.

Remember, moving to a new country for work can be a transformative experience. Stay positive, embrace the challenges, and be open to new opportunities that may arise along the way. Good luck with your job search and career advancement in the UK!

Abhishek Shah

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Sushil Sukhwani  |438 Answers  |Ask -

Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Apr 11, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 11, 2024Hindi
I want to go to uk for my MBA I'm currently pursuing my graduation in international business please give me some advice
Ans: Hello,

First and foremost, thank you for getting in touch with us. I am happy to hear that you are currently pursuing your undergraduate degree in International Business after which you intend pursuing an MBA in the UK. I would like to let you know that taking into account the prominent business institutions as well as the country’s multicultural environment, opting for an MBA in the UK can be a fruitful choice. As you are presently studying international business, I believe you most certainly already possess a solid understanding of global commerce, which will prove beneficial throughout your MBA degree. Nevertheless, I would recommend that you carry out a comprehensive research pertaining to the various MBA programs provided by universities in the UK prior to applying.

As a first step, I would suggest that you take into account the program accreditation, course outline, experience of the faculty members, as well as possibilities to acquire hands-on experience, viz., internships or consultancy engagements. Not just that, evaluate the fields of specializations that each program has to offer in order to make sure that they resonate with your professional objectives in the domain of international business. Remember that establishing ties in the business environment can greatly improve your employment opportunities after completing an MBA, and for that reason, I would suggest that you explore the networking possibilities that each school has to offer.

Moreover, throughout your stay in the UK, adapt yourself to the various cultures. Your academic journey will be greatly enhanced and you will be able to develop a global mentality, a vital asset in the interconnected corporate world of today, through interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences both within and outside of the classroom. Lastly, in order to acquire guidance and knowledge pertaining to your goals, I would recommend that you get in touch with mentors or students who have previously followed same avenues.

Remember, your MBA program in the UK can greatly enhance your career objectives in international business if you prepare carefully and work hard.

For more information, you can visit our website.

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Shekhar Kumar  |145 Answers  |Ask -

Leadership, HR Expert - Answered on Apr 23, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 16, 2024Hindi
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