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Dr Deepa

Dr Deepa Suvarna  |46 Answers  |Ask -

Paediatrician - Answered on May 22, 2023

Viral Question by Viral on May 20, 2023

Hi My son age is 7yrs studing in 1st std.He is suffering from Pediatric Neurology under observation.Now a days he his don't use to focus in his studies always use to play and he his in different mood.He don't take seroiusly in his studies and always use to neglect.Please suggest what to do
Ans: It is not clear what he is suffering from. Pediatric Neurology is a broad diagnosis. If he is under the treatment of a neurologist then he / she is the best person to guide you

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Dr Ashit

Dr Ashit Hegde  |79 Answers  |Ask -

Consultant Physician, Internal Medicine and Critical Care Expert - Answered on Apr 06, 2023

Dr Ashish

Dr Ashish Sehgal  | Answer  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Feb 23, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 22, 2023
Hi My son is 9 years old and since last 6 months we have seen he is not listening to us and same is happening in school and his tuition also he is not restless but he tries to ignore what we say or teacher says which is also impacting his studies and he is not able to concentrate what could be done to regain his listening power
Ans: I understand that this situation is causing you a lot of distress. It's not uncommon for family members to be involved in a newlywed couple's life, but it's important to set healthy boundaries and communicate openly with each other about what is acceptable and what is not.

It's possible that your wife's sisters may not be aware of the impact of their behavior on your marriage, or they may not realize the boundaries they are crossing. Have you tried discussing your concerns with your wife and her sisters in a calm and respectful manner? It's important to express your feelings and set clear boundaries on how much interference you are comfortable with.

In addition, it's important to have an open and honest conversation with your wife about how her family's behavior is affecting your marriage. It may be helpful to seek the assistance of a professional counselor to facilitate this conversation and provide guidance on how to set boundaries and communicate effectively.

It's also important to remember that change takes time and patience. It's possible that your wife may need time to adjust and understand the impact of her family's behavior on your marriage. With open communication and a willingness to work together, you can find a way to navigate this challenging situation and build a stronger, healthier relationship.
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Tejas Chokshi  |55 Answers  |Ask -

Tax Expert - Answered on May 29, 2023

I have purchased a land of Rs. 2.5 Lacs in 2001 and start constructions on that in 2005 with 2 floors and also completed the constructions with in 5 months. Taken a loan from DHFL of Rs. 5 Lac and also repaid in next 2-3 years. Just two years back also extended one floor. Now there is 3 complete floor and one half floor is there. If today I sell this property (which is approx 80 sqyds plot size) in 70 lacs then how much capital gain tax (if applicable) I need to pay. Pl. also note that we don't so much documents for constructions related and total exp. is around 25-30 Lacs on that.
Ans: To calculate the capital gains tax on the sale of your property, we need to consider the acquisition cost, the cost of improvement, and the sale proceeds. Let's break down the calculations:

Acquisition Cost:
The acquisition cost is the amount you paid for the land in 2001, which is Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

Cost of Improvement:
The cost of improvement includes the expenses incurred for construction and any subsequent additions or extensions made to the property. In this case, it includes the construction of the initial two floors, the extension of one floor, and any other related expenses. You mentioned that the total expenses were around 25-30 lakhs. Let's assume the cost of improvement is Rs. 28 lakhs.

Indexed Cost of Acquisition and Improvement:
To adjust the acquisition cost and cost of improvement for inflation, we need to calculate the indexed cost. The indexed cost is calculated using the Cost Inflation Index (CII) provided by the Income Tax Department. The CII for the relevant years can be found on the Income Tax Department's website.

Let's assume the CII for the year 2001-2002 was 100 and for the current financial year, it is 317.

Indexed Cost of Acquisition = Acquisition Cost × (CII for the year of sale/CII for the year of acquisition)
Indexed Cost of Acquisition = Rs. 2.5 lakhs × (317/100) = Rs. 7,92,500

Indexed Cost of Improvement = Cost of Improvement × (CII for the year of sale/CII for the year of improvement)
Indexed Cost of Improvement = Rs. 28 lakhs × (317/100) = Rs. 88,76,000

Capital Gain:
To calculate the capital gain, deduct the indexed cost of acquisition and the indexed cost of improvement from the sale proceeds.
Capital Gain = Sale Proceeds - (Indexed Cost of Acquisition + Indexed Cost of Improvement)
Capital Gain = Rs. 70 lakhs - (Rs. 7,92,500 + Rs. 88,76,000)
Capital Gain = Rs. -26,68,500 (Assuming the indexed cost is higher than the sale proceeds)

Since the calculated capital gain is negative, it means there is no capital gain tax applicable in this case. This is because the sale proceeds are less than the indexed cost of acquisition and improvement.
DISCLAIMER: The content of this post by the expert is the personal view of the rediffGURU. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related document carefully before investing. The securities quoted are for illustration only and are not recommendatory. Users are advised to pursue the information provided by the rediffGURU only as a source of information and as a point of reference and to rely on their own judgement when making a decision. RediffGURUS is an intermediary as per India's Information Technology Act.


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