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Child and Parenting Counsellor - Answered on Aug 09, 2023

Dr Aarti Bakshi is a psychologist licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India.
A school counsellor, she has worked for 15 years with young adults.
She has two PhD degrees -- developmental psychology from Global Institute of Healthcare Management and clinical psychology from Singhania University.
She is on the CBSE panel for counsellors and special educators. She collaborates with SAAR Education to help children develop life skills.
She has authored SEL (social emotional learning) journals for Grades 1-8.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Jul 28, 2023Hindi

My kid with mild autism keep throwing objects out of house window. I understand that there are no medicine. But is there any trick or technique using whitch i can stop his habit politely?

Ans: Dear Parent, find included a few suggestions:
1. Visual Schedule and Choice Board - Create a visual schedule and choice board for your son. This will provide a clear structure and routine for him, reducing anxiety and the need for escape behaviors. Include preferred activities and breaks in the schedule to motivate him. When he shows signs of wanting to throw something out of the window, redirect his attention to the visual schedule or choice board, allowing him to make a choice of what activity he would like to engage in.

2. Sensory Breaks - Provide him with sensory breaks throughout the day. This can include using sensory tools such as fidget toys, stress balls, or sensory bins. These sensory breaks can help the child to regulate his sensory needs and reduce the urge to throw things out of the window. Teach him to use these sensory tools as a replacement behavior when he feels the need to throw something.

3. Social Stories - Create and use social stories to teach your child appropriate behavior and alternatives to throwing things out of the window. The social stories should include visuals and simple language to explain why throwing things out of the window is not safe and the consequences it may have. Reinforce positive behavior and provide praise when your son chooses an appropriate alternative behavior, such as asking for help or using a sensory tool.

4. Communication Support - Implement a communication support system as a family, such as a picture exchange communication system (PECS) or a communication app on a tablet. This will allow him to express his needs and desires without resorting to throwing things out of the window. Provide positive reinforcement when he uses it appropriately.

5. Environmental Modifications - Make modifications to the environment to reduce the likelihood of your son throwing things out of the window. This can include securing windows with childproof locks or installing window guards. Ensure that your child's preferred toys or objects are accessible in a safe and supervised manner, reducing the need for him to throw them out of the window.
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