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Dr Shyam

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Dentist - Answered on Feb 27, 2023

Dr Shyam Jamalabad holds a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from Government Dental College and Hospital, St George Hospital, Mumbai. He has been practising independently at his clinic in Mumbai since 1983.His patients range from celebrities to slum dwellers.... more
M Question by M on Feb 24, 2023Hindi

Dear Dorctor, I did RCT for my (right upper) 6th around 3 years ago & 7th around 1 year ago my 8th tooth removed over 25 yrs ago & now I am 65. Though 6th is ok but 7th some times paining. Do I need to go for RCT again ? Kindly respond. Thank u

Ans: Hello
Your dentist will most likely take xrays to check if one of the mentioned teeth is reinfected. In which case retreatment may be necessary. However please note that upper molar teeth can sometimes show misleading signs of tooth infection if sinuses are inflamed. This happens because the roots of the upper molars are in close contact with the sinuses. So your dentist will try to rule out that angle, too.
The exact cause of your occasional pain can only be determined after careful clinical examination and correlating the findings with xrays and your history.
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Dr Shyam

Dr Shyam Jamalabad  |63 Answers  |Ask -

Dentist - Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Hello Dr. I am writing to seek your professional guidance regarding my oral health, as I have been facing persistent issues with my teeth, particularly my molars. These problems have arisen due to unhealthy childhood habits, and I am eager to find a permanent solution to address them. To provide you with some background, I have previously undergone root canal treatment (RCT) for six of my molars, 02 removed, approximately 12 years ago. However, it seems that my dental issues have persisted, and I am concerned about their long-term impact on my oral health. Given my current age of 38, I am motivated to take proactive steps to ensure the best possible care for my teeth. I kindly request your professional advice on the following: Is there a permanent solution available to address the ongoing issues with my molars? What preventive measures can I take to maintain the health of my remaining teeth? Are there any specific dental treatments or procedures that you recommend in my case? How often should I schedule dental check-ups to monitor and manage my oral health effectively? I understand the importance of seeking expert guidance, and I trust your expertise to provide me with the best possible recommendations to improve and maintain my oral health. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
Ans: First of all, it's important to realise that no solution or treatment can be guaranteed to last a lifetime. At best you can hope for and seek long-term solutions. Even so, your oral health and hygiene will have to be reviewed periodically and corrective action taken as and when necessary.
To prevent further decay and to preserve your restored teeth in good health you need to brush/floss well at least twice a day. Preferably after every meal. And you need to see your dentist every 6 months.
Please consult your dentist who can evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums and then suggest the best possible treatment for you

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Career Counsellor - Answered on Jul 16, 2024

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