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Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Nov 02, 2023

Sushil Sukhwani is the founding director of the overseas education consultant firm, Edwise International. He has 31 years of experience in counselling students who have opted to study abroad in various countries, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. He is part of the board of directors at the American International Recruitment Council and an honorary committee member of the Australian Alumni Association. Sukhwani is an MBA graduate from Bond University, Australia. ... more
Asked by Anonymous - Oct 01, 2023Hindi

I am a ECE graduate, who wants to pursue MS in Data Science. I have no prior experience in data science except for a small part of data visualization in final year project. What all things do I need to keep in mind, while looking ahead to do masters in US?

Ans: Hello,

First and foremost, thank you for getting in touch with us. I am happy to know that you have earned a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering and wish to pursue an MS in Data Science in the USA. Although you possess no prior experience in the data science field, I would like to inform you that with a background in ECE, it is possible to pursue your Master's in the field of Data Science. However, you will need to take into account the following in order to be able to do so:

Firstly, conduct an extensive study on programs and universities in the USA that resonate with your passion as well as your professional ambitions in data science. To fill in the gap between your background in Electronics and Communication Engineering and as a prerequisite for a program in Data Science, I would recommend that you prepare and appear for required courses in programming (e.g., Python), statistics, and machine learning fundamentals. To showcase your interests and abilities, consider creating your own projects in data science. Also remember that displaying those projects in your portfolio can help make up for your limited experience in the field. Keep in mind that to secure admission, a number of universities in USA require students’ to appear for standardized tests viz., the GMAT or GRE. I would suggest that you look into the particular prerequisites for the programs you intend enrolling to. I also suggest that you draft a strong personal statement or statement of purpose (SOP) outlining how your background in Electronics and Communication Engineering is pertinent to the course you intend pursuing as well as your reasons for wanting to pursue Data Science. Robust endorsement letters from employers and professors who can attest to your abilities in the field of data science should also be obtained by you.

In addition, remember to factor in the tuition fees as well as the costs of living. I would suggest that you look into the available assistantships, scholarships, or other forms of financial aid to help alleviate those costs. Keep in mind the last date to apply to these universities and programs. I recommend that you begin applying beforehand. Follow these steps to pursue your Master's in Data Science in the USA and accomplish your educational as well as your professional ambitions.

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Sushil Sukhwani  |438 Answers  |Ask -

Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Jun 02, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 02, 2023Hindi
My Son wants to pursue Masters in Data Science in US after completing his Computer Science (BE with honors in Data Science). As a parent what are the check list from my end.
Ans: Hello,

To begin with, thank you for contacting us. Being involved and encouraging of your son's educational goals as a parent is fantastic. Pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science in the United States could provide him with several opportunities. This list of ideas can help you as a parent support your son during the process:

1. Colleges and programs for research: Assist your son in his quest for renowned US colleges that provide Master's in Data Science programs. Take into account program curricula, academic expertise, research possibilities, and industry contacts.

2. Entry requirements: Know the requirements for admission to the universities your son is considering. This could consist of academic records, LoRs, GRE/GMAT test results, a SOP, and evidence of English language ability (TOEFL/IELTS).

3. Planning Finances: Talk to your kid about the costs associated with studying abroad. Examine several financial choices, including grants, loans, assistantships, and scholarships. Calculate the approximate cost of living expenditures, health insurance, and other connected costs.

4. Visa and immigration: Know the US student visa procedure. Examine the required forms, processes, and any difficulties that may arise. Keep abreast of changes to immigration laws and requirements.

5. Application timeline: Assist your son in making a schedule for the application procedure that includes the due dates for financial aid, admission, and visa applications. Assure that he stays organised and provides all required documentation on time.

6. Statement of Purpose: Help your son write a compelling SOP that highlights his academic prowess, research interests, professional aspirations, and his particular interest in earning a Master's in Data Science.

7. Recommendation Letters: Encourage your son to ask professors, mentors, or other experts for strong letters of recommendation. Assist him in gathering all the data and due dates demanded by the recommenders.

8. Standardized exams: Encourage your youngster to study for exams like the GRE or GMAT if necessary. To become acquainted with the format and scheduling of the exams, provide resources and practise materials, and urge him to take practise exams.

9. Academic readiness: Make sure your son keeps up a high academic record throughout his college education. Find him relevant online workshops, tutorials, or courses to help him expand his understanding of data science and related topics.

10. Collaboration and internships: Support your son's attendance at data science-related conferences, seminars, and workshops. Encourage him to look into possible field internships that could improve his practical experience and expose him to the sector.

11. Wellness and good health: Throughout the process, ensure your son's physical and mental well. While studying abroad, make sure he prioritizes his well-being and develops a solid support system.

12. Cultural adaptation: Prepare your son for cultural differences he may face in the United States. Counsel him about adjusting to a new environment, such as housing, transportation, and local traditions.

Respect your son's decisions and be transparent with him throughout the process. Together, going through the checklist might make the journey easier to manage. Good luck to your son as he pursues his Master's in Data Science!

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Sushil Sukhwani  |438 Answers  |Ask -

Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Sep 11, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Sep 10, 2023Hindi
Deat Sir, I am 2nd year B.Tech student (Computer Science) and would like to persue MS either in UK or US. I Dont have any knowledge about the right process. Can you please guide me how should i prepare for the same?
Ans: Hello,

First and foremost, thank you for contacting us. An important move in your academic and professional journey involves preparing to pursue an MS in Computer Science in the UK or the US. For the same, careful planning and preparation is crucial. The process involves the below mentioned steps:

1. Study available options: The first step involves conducting a thorough research on universities and courses offered in both the UK and the US. Take into account each program’s standing, the location, expense, and particular research fields or specialties you are interested in.

2. Academic Readiness: Ensure you have a good academic record. Maintain a high grade point average (GPA) and enroll in specialized courses in your preferred field.

3. Appear for Standardized Tests: English proficiency tests like the TOEFL or IELTS are often required for admission to universities in the UK. On the other hand, the GRE is required by majority of the universities in USA. Look into the unique criteria of your programs’ of interest.

4. Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement: Compose a convincing SOP that highlights your academic and professional ambitions, your reasons for wanting to pursue an MS, and your interest in the said course and university.

5. Recommendation Letters: LoRs are of prime importance in the application process. You will need to submit letters of recommendation from professors who can attest to your intellectual prowess and character.

6. Curriculum Vitae/Resume: Make a strong CV outlining your academic accomplishments, research expertise, apprenticeships, and any pertinent projects or publications you’ve submitted.

7. Plans your Finances: Look into the finance possibilities, scholarships, and opportunities for assistantship. International students studying in both, the UK and the US are offered scholarships.

8. Submission Deadlines: Each university has different deadlines, keep tabs on application deadlines for the programs of your choosing.

9. Visa Prerequisites: Familiarize yourself with the visa requirements to study in the UK or US. The application process for each country is unique, and you will require to apply for a student visa.

10. Prepare for Interviews (if necessary): As part of the application process, certain programs may require students to appear for interviews. Prepare for the same by evaluating your application documents and practicing your answers to such inquiries.

11. Submit your Applications: Via the official websites of the universities or through the application portals, submit your applications. Take note of all the necessary documents and costs.

On receiving admission offers, the next step involves preparing to migrate. As part of this, you should find accommodation, organize your funds, and get the required immunizations or medical exams done. Plan your travel beforehand, and on arrival, attend the orientation program held by the university. Prepare yourself for both academic and cultural adaptations. For assistance, consult academic counselors and avail international student services. Start socializing with other students and professors early. Search for internship openings that match your professional objectives.

The application process being cut-throat, you will need to begin well in advance and work hard on every part of your application. In addition, consult professors, mentors, and former students who have already undergone the procedure. All the very best for your MS journey!

For more information, you can visit our website.

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