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Rebecca Pinto  |107 Answers  |Ask -

Physiotherapist, Nutritionist - Answered on Feb 23, 2024

Rebecca Pinto is a physiotherapist, nutritionist and founder of Dr Rebecca's Physiotherapy.
She has been helping patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injuries and ageing for over nine years.
She holds a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from SKN College of Physiotherapy, Pune. Rebecca is also a certified PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) practitioner and has trained in dry needling, spinal manipulation and cupping procedures as well.... more
Sumana Question by Sumana on Dec 14, 2023Hindi

Hello Ma'am, For women above 40, what kind of supplements would you suggest...calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin D and so on? Should we take these supplements or just rely on a healthy balanced diet?

Ans: Hi
Women or anyone need the supplements that they are deficient of. It’s best to get it checked and only then start supplements
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Komal Jethmalani  |293 Answers  |Ask -

Dietician, Diabetes Expert - Answered on Nov 11, 2020

Hi KomalWhat tips do you have for vegetarians?Also, since we don’t go out much, how does that affect our Vitamin D? And I also keep hearing about Vitamin B12?Are there any other vitamins and tablets we should take?My friend has started taking zinc.Sanay

Vegetarian diets are healthy if taken in the correct combinations and proportions.

Although the first quality protein is obtained from animal food, we can procure good quality proteins from plant foods as well.

Plant foods are rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which provide many essential nutrients including fibre.

Fibre is an antidote for many ailments -- mainly gut health. A balanced healthy diet must contain sufficient amount of fibre to be a metabolically active diet.

As the sources of B12 are mainly animal foods, most vegetarians do have its deficiency.

Lacto-vegetarians may not have this deficiency but strict vegans may require additional supplements.

Exposure to direct sunlight is the best way of gain Vitamin D. But if that is restricted, you may develop a deficiency.

To prevent the same, you can include sea food, mushrooms, eggs, etc, in your diet and additional Vitamin D supplements.

Our diet can provide all the macro and micro nutrients if it meets individual requirements.

Plant foods are also rich sources of phytonutrients, which are powerful antioxidants like zinc, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, etc, that can help fight the damage caused to our bodies’ cells over time.

If these requirements are not fulfilled by diet alone, then supplements may be required to prevent deficiencies which can otherwise impact our health and immunity. 

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Samraat Jadhav  |1651 Answers  |Ask -

Stock Market Expert - Answered on Apr 20, 2024

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