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Dietician, Diabetes Expert - Answered on Mar 17, 2024

Komal Jethmalani is a practising dietician and nutritionist with over 26 years of experience.
She specialises in weight loss and diabetes management.
Jethmalani has completed her MSc in food and nutrition from SNDT University and trained at Jaslok Hospital.
She is a NDEP-certified diabetes educator.... more
Sonia Question by Sonia on Mar 05, 2024Hindi

My fasting sugar is 105 and hb1ac is 6.40 I weigh 94 kg n I'm 48 yrs old

Ans: An HbA1c of 6.4 is indicative of pre-diabetes. To control spikes of blood sugar levels lifestyle modifications are necessary. Consume a balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates and high-fiber foods like whole grains, oats, dahlia, fruits, and vegetable. Focus on foods with a low glycemic index which will prevent rapid spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. Avoid sugary foods and processed simple carbohydrates (such as white bread or white pasta), chocolates, fast foods, etc., especially on an empty stomach. Include good quality protein foods in every meal. Engage in regular physical activity, as exercise can help regulate blood sugar levels.
DISCLAIMER: The answer provided by rediffGURUS is for informational and general awareness purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

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Mayank Chandel  |1670 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Jul 23, 2024


Mayank Chandel  |1670 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Jul 23, 2024


Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5173 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 23, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 18, 2024Hindi
HI, I am 41 years old and want to start a SIP to give a return of 20 lakh in next 15 yrs for children education. which fund I should choose?
Ans: Goal Assessment

You aim to accumulate Rs. 20 lakh over the next 15 years for your children's education.

Starting a SIP is a smart way to achieve this goal.

Let's explore the best approach to meet your objective.

Investment Horizon and Risk Appetite

You have a long-term horizon of 15 years.

This allows you to take on more risk for potentially higher returns.

Equity mutual funds are suitable for long-term goals.

Types of Equity Mutual Funds

Large-Cap Funds: Invest in big, stable companies. Less risky but moderate returns.

Mid-Cap Funds: Invest in medium-sized companies. Moderate risk and returns.

Small-Cap Funds: Invest in smaller companies. High risk but high returns.

Flexi-Cap Funds: Invest across various company sizes. Balanced risk and returns.

Why Not Index Funds?

Index funds follow the market. They lack active management.

Actively managed funds aim to beat the market.

This offers potentially higher returns.

For your goal, actively managed funds are better.

Benefits of Regular Funds

Professional Management: Managed by experts.

Personal Guidance: Certified Financial Planner can guide you.

Better Performance: Regular monitoring and adjustments.

Choosing the Right Funds

Diversify across different types of funds.

This balances risk and reward.

A mix of large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds is ideal.

Example Allocation Strategy

Large-Cap Fund: 40% for stability and steady growth.

Mid-Cap Fund: 30% for moderate growth.

Small-Cap Fund: 20% for high growth potential.

Flexi-Cap Fund: 10% for balanced growth.

Regular Monitoring and Review

Review your investments annually.

Adjust based on performance and changing market conditions.

Seek advice from a Certified Financial Planner regularly.

Benefits of SIP

Discipline: Ensures regular investment.

Rupee Cost Averaging: Buys more units when prices are low.

Compounding: Helps in wealth creation over time.

Why Avoid Direct Funds?

Direct funds lack personal guidance.

You miss out on expert advice.

Certified Financial Planners provide valuable insights.

Final Insights

Starting a SIP for your child's education is a wise decision.

Choose a mix of large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and flexi-cap funds.

Regularly review and adjust your portfolio.

Seek professional guidance to stay on track.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5173 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 23, 2024

I am a PSU employee. Now started getting EPFO pension after the age of 58 years. Where shall I show this amount received in ITR? In Salary Section or Income from other sources? If it is to be shown in the salary section, is the employer is the same as that of my current employee? Presently my age is 59 years and still working in the same PSU.
Ans: Receiving your EPFO pension after the age of 58 is a significant milestone. Given your current age of 59 and your ongoing employment with the same PSU, it's crucial to understand how to report this pension income correctly in your Income Tax Return (ITR).

Where to Report EPFO Pension in ITR
Salary Section vs. Income from Other Sources:
Income from Other Sources: EPFO pension is considered as "Income from Other Sources". This means it should be reported under this section in your ITR.
Reporting Details
Employer Details:
When reporting EPFO pension under "Income from Other Sources", you do not need to list your current employer as the source. The pension is disbursed by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which acts as the payer.
Continued Employment
Working Beyond 58 Years:
Since you are still working in the same PSU, your current salary will continue to be reported under the "Salary" section of your ITR.
There is no overlap or confusion between the two sources of income.
Tax Implications
Taxable Income:
The EPFO pension is fully taxable as per your applicable tax slab.
Make sure to include the entire amount received in the relevant section to avoid any discrepancies.
Benefits of Correct Reporting
Correctly reporting your pension income ensures compliance with tax regulations.
This helps in avoiding any potential scrutiny or penalties from tax authorities.
Ensuring Accuracy
Double-check Figures:
Verify the pension amount received with the statements provided by EPFO.
Cross-check with your bank statements to ensure accuracy.
Professional Advice
Certified Financial Planner (CFP):
Consulting a Certified Financial Planner can provide additional insights into managing your retirement income effectively.
They can help you optimize your tax liabilities and ensure you are maximizing your financial benefits.
Insight into Pension and Salary Reporting
Separate Sources:
Keep your salary income and pension income distinctly separate in your financial records.
This clarity helps in maintaining accurate and transparent financial management.
Final Insights
Clear Distinctions:

Understand the distinction between salary income and pension income.
Report EPFO pension under "Income from Other Sources".
Professional Guidance:

Utilize the expertise of a Certified Financial Planner for comprehensive financial planning.
Ensure compliance with tax regulations to avoid any future issues.
Report EPFO pension under "Income from Other Sources".
Do not list current employer details for the pension.
Pension income is fully taxable.
Consult a Certified Financial Planner for optimal financial management.
Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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