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Physiotherapist - Answered on Feb 07, 2024

Nidhi Bajaj Gupta has 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist.
She founded the Merahki Holistic Wellness Company in 2011 and is the co-founder of Miraaya Holistic Growth Centre.
She has a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, and certifications in myofascial release, dry needling and craniosacral therapy from New York, San Francisco and Singapore.
She combines both Eastern and Western ways of healing. ... more
manjeet Question by manjeet on Aug 20, 2023Hindi

i am 53yr age, bp 140/80 to 180/90 since last 20 days recorded randomly, in last 3yrs i lossed my two elder brothers and mother, i am in heavy mental pressure as a bank guarantor for some body, i am meditate regularly to control my self. But last few weeks i feel some times pain in back side of left chest and inner side of front chest(inner side of left nipple). cholesterol levels within range tested 15days bak, lipid profile ok. now feeling tired quickly, after 20+ steps in stairs, feeling tired in the morning after getting up. so kindly suggest your suggestion . thankyou.

Ans: Hello Manjeet,
Somehow I am only now able to see your question.
How are you doing currently? Are you still having the symptoms?
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Asked by Anonymous - May 27, 2023Hindi
Hello Doctor, I am 44. I was suffering from gastric issues Somewhere in Oct 2021, i started feeling anxious and all negative thoughts. As a nature, i take good care of self. But due to this anxiouness, i was unable to sleep well or even concentrate well. I thought to consult a MD and he took my BP reading, which was in range of 142/90. He avoided started any medications and advised for lifestyle changes to alter this situation, to which i stared with certain life-style changes like, - sun-bath in morning. - walking - morning & evening - meditation - in evening. i continued this till Dec 2021 and again revisited the MD in Jan 2022, to which he advised to continued with the same routine. By March 2022, i was feeling better. Again, the same story repeated in Sep2022 and this time, with lot of gastric issues, sleep troubel and feeling of fear and anxiety and again i visited him in Nov 2022, was getting more anxious. Looking at my condition he started with beta-blocker. The condition was not very much improving and i took the blood tests on my own in Nov 2022 end, to which, Lipid profile was bit out of range, HaB1c - in pre-diabetic zone and in liver tests - SGPT was 62. I visited to the MD with report and he advised me to continue with beta- blocker and to start with the statins daily 10 mg, after dinner. I continued this for Dec 2022 with life style change with yoga and meditation routines along with walks. In Jan 2023, the tests were repeated and it was all NORMAL. The doctor advised to stop the medicines wef Jan 2023 and again advised to repeated tests in Feb 2023. In Feb 2023, all parametere were normal , but Lipid profile was again out of range. The MD again started with the same medicines from March 2023 onwards ie 1 beta - blocker in morning after break-fast and 10 mg statin after dinner. I repeated the tests in April 2023 and it was again all NORMAL. Now, the MD reduced the statin drug to 5 mg from 10 mg and continued with beta - blocker. I am leading a healthy life with yoga, meditation, diets with more fibres and less oily or say no oil deits to the extent possible. I have stopped eating any outside food and fully on home made food only now. benefits till now, - Sleep paterrn improved - Gastric issues has gone - IBS gone, - better mood My questions to you sir, - The MD is again planning to stop the medications in next visit, since all reports are normal and i feel normal. is that okay? - Again, i may develop the symptoms? - I am following a better life style - yoga, meditation, walkings, proper diets, are there chances that i would remain off medicine always? - What are the benefits and disadvantages of station and beta -blockers, if at all, i have to take it? thanks.
Ans: Beta blockers have probably been prescribed for your symptoms of anxiety but they can increase the levels of the lipids. You need to consult a psychiatrist about the best treatment for anxiety.
Ideally statins need to be taken for long because the lipid levels are bound to go up once you stop the statin. We need to decide however whether you really need a statin at your age. Do you have a family history of premature heart disease. If you do not have a family history of premature heart disease, you can probably stop statins for a few years . Can consider doing a CT Coronary calcium score

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