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Education Expert - Answered on Jul 18, 2023

Mayank Kumar is the co-founder and managing director of upGrad, a higher EdTech company. With over 10 years of experience in the education sector, Kumar can offer guidance about degree courses, campus, job-linked and executive programmes and studying abroad.An MBA graduate from ISB Hyderabad, he holds a BTech in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi.... more
RAVI Question by RAVI on Jul 13, 2023Hindi

Hello Mayank My son has done BBA LLB right now he is not getting any good opportinity in LAW firm, he has trying but no getting desired result , now he is planning for SAP consultant and CPA , please advise Thanks

Ans: Hi Ravi, Considering your son's current situation and his interest in pursuing a career as an SAP consultant/ CPA could be a good choice. But it's extremely important for him to carefully evaluate his interests, skills, and long-term goals before committing to a new career path. He may do thorough research and seek professional advice from SAP or domain experts who are best placed to give him the industry knowledge and perspective on the job market. Researching the demand, growth potential, and future trends in these professions will help your son make an informed decision and aligning his personal interest to his aspirations will further help him in achieving overall job satisfaction / professional growth in the long run.

Some of the other factors which are equally important are his natural inclination towards technology and accounting. SAP consultants require a strong understanding of business processes and technical expertise, while CPAs need a solid foundation in accounting principles and analytical skills. it would be ideal to first identify his strengths and interests. Certifications or skill-based Bootcamps can be a good idea to acquire some targeted skills instantly to enhance his skill quotient.

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Aashish Sood  |114 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, Management Expert - Answered on Jun 16, 2023

My son is a graduate in BBA from Manipal University, now he is confused with his career.....and depressed about his career................... please advise as to how he should focus himself now for a good career
Ans: I'm sorry to hear that your son is feeling depressed about his career. It's not uncommon for graduates to feel uncertain about their career path, especially when they have multiple options to consider.

1. What activities does he enjoy? What subjects did he excel in during his BBA program? What kind of work environment does he prefer? This self-reflection can provide valuable insights into potential career paths that align with his personal preferences.

2. Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn can be useful for connecting with professionals in fields of interest and learning more about their experiences.

3. Your son can gain practical experience through internships or entry-level positions in industries or organizations that align with his interests. This can provide him with valuable exposure, help him gain new skills, and clarify whether a particular field is a good fit for him.

4. Network with professionals in his desired field through events, industry conferences, or online platforms. Building connections and staying updated with industry trends can provide valuable insights and potential opportunities.

Its is equally important to prioritize mental well-being. If the depression persist or worsen, seek professional help from a counselor or therapist who can provide the necessary support.

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Krishna Kumar  |350 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Feb 08, 2024


R P Yadav  |304 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Mar 05, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jan 18, 2024Hindi
My son done 12Th from ISC Board in 2020 and joined HCL Tech bee on June 2021and after Completion of Tanning in June 2022 appointed as Analyst in HCL but due to some issue he reigned on 04.01.2024. Presently he is doing BCA from with HCL Partner Team, may be HCL to be stop his BCA with his Partner. Now you are requested please advice best option for his Future.
Ans: I understand that your son has had an interesting journey so far, and it’s essential to consider the best options for his future. Given his background and current pursuit of a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) degree, here are some career paths he can explore:

Master of Business Administration (MBA):
Pursuing an MBA is a popular choice after BCA. It covers various aspects of management, organization, human resources, finance, and other critical business areas. An MBA can open doors to leadership roles and enhance his business acumen1.
Technical Analyst:
As a technical analyst, he can analyze technical requirements, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions. This role doesn’t necessarily require extensive coding skills but demands a strong understanding of technology and problem-solving abilities.
Data Scientist:
Data science is a rapidly growing field. If he enjoys working with data, statistical analysis, and machine learning, becoming a data scientist could be a rewarding path. Data scientists extract insights from data to drive business decisions.
Web Developer:
Web development involves creating and maintaining websites. While coding skills are beneficial, there are tools and platforms that simplify web development. He can specialize in front-end (user interface) or back-end (server-side) development.
Digital Marketer:
Digital marketing focuses on promoting products or services through online channels. It includes social media marketing, content creation, SEO, and analytics. Coding is not a prerequisite for digital marketing.
Software Developer Trainee:
If he wants to continue in software development, he can explore entry-level roles as a software developer trainee. These positions often involve learning on the job and gradually gaining expertise.
Cyber Security Expert:
Cybersecurity is critical in today’s digital landscape. Cybersecurity experts protect systems, networks, and data from threats. While some roles may require coding, others focus on policy, risk assessment, and security protocols.
Blockchain Developer:
Blockchain technology is gaining prominence. Developers in this field work on creating decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. While coding is involved, it’s a specialized skill.
Banking Sector:
The banking and financial industry offers various roles related to technology, operations, and customer service. He can explore positions in banking operations, customer relationship management, or IT support.
E-commerce Executive:
E-commerce companies require professionals to manage their online platforms, product listings, and customer interactions. This role involves understanding e-commerce tools and platforms.
If he enjoys teaching, he can explore opportunities in education. Becoming a computer science teacher or trainer allows him to share his knowledge with others.
Remember that each career path has its own requirements and growth prospects. Encourage your son to explore his interests, gain practical experience through internships, and stay updated with industry trends. His passion and dedication will play a significant role in shaping his successful future!

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