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Patrick Dsouza  |467 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, XAT, CMAT, CET Expert - Answered on May 23, 2024

Patrick Dsouza is the founder of Patrick100.
Along with his wife, Rochelle, he trains students for competitive management entrance exams such as the Common Admission Test, the Xavier Aptitude Test, Common Management Admission Test and the Common Entrance Test.
They also train students for group discussions and interviews.
Patrick has scored in the 100 percentile six times in CAT. He achieved the first rank in XAT twice, in CET thrice and once in the Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test.
Apart from coaching students for MBA exams, Patrick and Rochelle have trained aspirants from the IIMs, the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and the S P Jain Institute of Management Studies and Research for campus placements.
Patrick has been a panellist on the group discussion and panel interview rounds for some of the top management colleges in Mumbai.
He has graduated in mechanical engineering from the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. He has completed his masters in management from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.... more
Asked by Anonymous - May 18, 2024Hindi

Hi! I am 26 years old (f)...have been working in digital marketing for last 2years but in really low salary with no growth in kolkata. I am thinking about pursuing MBA from a private university to give a boost in my career. Still having a little doubt about how the placement and other things will work as I will be 28 by then...? Kindly help me to understand.

Ans: If you get into a good college, you will have a good chance of decent placements. Can also look at applying to other jobs where the salary is higher. As far as I know, with a 2 year work ex in Digital Marketing profile you could land up with better profile and salary.

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Aashish Sood  |114 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, Management Expert - Answered on May 30, 2024

I am 27 yrs old female. Currently I am in 4th semester of my MBA degree. I am doing dual MBA specialization in Systems Operations and markering from a state university. I had done Btech in Civil Engineering. Now I am facing a problem. There are not so good placement drive at my campus. Where can I apply for good placement and how ? At these age am I eligible for government job ? Please advice me. Also this MBA department started from 2022 and I belong to a first batch.
Ans: 1. Register on job portals like Naukri.com, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Create a detailed profile highlighting your BTech and MBA qualifications, skills, and any relevant work experience.
2. Work on projects or case studies related to your specializations. Showcase these projects in your resume and during interviews to demonstrate your practical knowledge.
3. Create a Strong Resume and Cover Letter highlighting relevant skills and experiences.
4. Send tailored cover letters and resumes to the HR departments of these companies, explaining why you are a good fit for their organization.
5. Reach out to the alumni network of your university for job leads and mentorship.

At 27 years old, you are still eligible for many government jobs. Age limits vary, but many positions have upper limits of 30-35 years, and some have relaxations for women and other categories.

Your MBA specialization in Systems Operations and Marketing can be valuable for roles in public sector banks, marketing roles in government enterprises, and administrative positions.

Read industry journals, follow relevant blogs, and stay updated with the latest trends in operations, marketing, and civil engineering.

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Patrick Dsouza  |467 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, XAT, CMAT, CET Expert - Answered on Jun 18, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 17, 2024Hindi
Actually, I am 32 year male, unmarried and currently working in an Education Sector as a Content Manager/ Subject Matter Expert from the past 4 years. And, I did my BE in the year 2014 and since then I was preparing for UPSC civil services and even appeared in the interview but unfortunately didn’t tasted the success and join this industry on this basis. Whereas, I am got stagnated here and not getting much in term of salary or career growth and looking forward for doing MBA to switch my career field to analytics/Finance. I did Master in Public Administration in distance mode while I was preparing because this was my optional. Previous month, I took admission in Executive MBA from IIT Patna but unfortunately, its substandard in terms of quality and learning. I have certain doubts, Please let me help to come to the conculsion. Shall I go with the Full time MBA at 32 age by giving CAT/GMAT? Shall I opt for executive MBA from IIMs like Indore, Kashipur etc, here I have concern related to placements, considering 12 Lakh Fee? Shall I do 1 year full time PGP at IIM Indore, ISB or any good institutions for the change? Or shall I opt for CFA/FRM along with my IIT Patna Executive MBA? I am way behind my collogues and even not settled due to my UPSC unsuccessful attempts, I need to switch the filed. Please revert and help me out tin clearing my dilemma, I am really very confused right now.,
Ans: It is advisable to write GMAT and try to do Executive MBA from one of the good IIMs or XLRI. These colleges do have good placements and it could help your career. Usual requirement for these courses is minimum 5 years of work experience

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Moneywize   |122 Answers  |Ask -

Financial Planner - Answered on Jun 25, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 13, 2024Hindi
Ours is a family of 3 people -- My wife, I and my daughter who is 15. I am 39, my wife is 37 and our monthly expenses are Rs 90K. I own my house and expect to have no fixed income after 65 years, and expect to live till 75. Considering the ever increasing price rise what should be my corpus at 65 for me to continue living the life style I am living today?
Ans: Calculating your retirement corpus:

Here's how to estimate the corpus you'll need to maintain your current lifestyle after retirement:

1. Retirement period:

You plan to retire at 65 and expect to live till 75. So, your retirement period is 75 - 65 = 10 years.

2. Inflation adjustment:

You've rightly considered inflation. To estimate future expenses, we need to factor in inflation. A safe assumption for India is 5-7% inflation. Let's take an average of 6%.

3. Current monthly expenses:

You spend Rs 90,000 per month currently.

4. Future monthly expenses:

To find the monthly expense at retirement (at 65), we need to consider inflation for 26 years (39 years till retirement + 10 years retirement).

You can use an inflation calculator online or a simple formula:

Future monthly expense = Current monthly expense * (1 + Inflation rate)^number of years

In your case, Future monthly expense = Rs 90,000 * (1 + 0.06)^26 ≈ Rs 3,28,550 (approximately Rs 3.29 lakh)

5. Total corpus calculation:

Now you can calculate the total corpus needed. Here's a common approach:

Total corpus = Monthly expense * Number of years in retirement * 12 (months)

However, this method doesn't consider the fact that you'll be withdrawing money every month, reducing the corpus. A more accurate method is using the Time Value of Money (TVM) concept. There are online TVM calculators or Excel functions you can use.

Here's an alternative approach that provides a reasonable estimate:

Multiply the future monthly expense (Rs 3.29 lakh) by a factor considering inflation over the period. This factor can vary depending on your risk tolerance and investment strategy. A factor of 200 is often used as a conservative estimate.
Total corpus = Rs 3.29 lakh/month * 200 (factor) = Rs 6.58 crore (approximately Rs 658 million)

Additional factors to consider:

• Daughter's future expenses: Your daughter will be an adult by the time you retire. While she won't be financially dependent, consider any potential future support you might want to provide for her education or marriage.
• Healthcare costs: Healthcare expenses tend to increase with age. Factor in potential medical needs during retirement.
• Debt: If you have any outstanding debt by the time you retire, you'll need to account for its repayment in your corpus calculation.
• Investment returns: The corpus amount assumes a certain rate of return on your investments. Research different investment options and their potential returns to refine your calculations.


Consult a financial advisor for a personalised retirement plan considering your specific financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals. They can help you create a more comprehensive plan and suggest suitable investment strategies to achieve your corpus target.

Remember, this is an estimate. Regularly review your plan and adjust it based on changing circumstances.

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Mayank Chandel  |1003 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Jun 24, 2024

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post by the expert is the personal view of the rediffGURU. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related document carefully before investing. The securities quoted are for illustration only and are not recommendatory. Users are advised to pursue the information provided by the rediffGURU only as a source of information and as a point of reference and to rely on their own judgement when making a decision. RediffGURUS is an intermediary as per India's Information Technology Act.


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