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Nikunj Saraf  |281 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds Expert - Answered on Oct 27, 2022

Rohit Question by Rohit on Oct 27, 2022

I am 31 yrs old. I am investigating in below schemes since last 2 years. My plan is to build a portfolio such that I can expect an amount of 1cr in next 8-10 yrs. (Goals-Daughters education, Clearing home loan). Request to give your appreciation of my existing portfolio and request to suggest if any changes to be done with required. Investment amount to fulfill the goal.

1) ICICI Prudential Technology Fund-2000

2) Nippon India Small cap Fund-1000

3) Parag Parikh flexicap Fund-1000

4) SBI Bluechip fund-1000

5) Axis small cap fund-1000

6) PGIM India Midcap opportunities fund-1000

7) Franklin India feeder franklin us opportunities fund-1000

8) Axis Bluechip fund-500

Total: 8.5k/Month

Ans: Hi Rohit. It appears that your portfolio has a good report. It would be advisable to reconsider the SBI AMC fund with better peer schemes.

The current amount of SIP is very low to achieve a corpus of 1 cr in 10 yrs; you should increase your SIP amount to 35,000 and above.


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Hardik Parikh  | Answer  |Ask -

Tax, Mutual Fund Expert - Answered on Apr 23, 2023

I'm 45 years old and have the following investments in Mutual Funds and other investments. Kindly review my portfolio and suggest changes as needed. My goals are: retirement and higher education for my son who is 13 years old now AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY FUND REGULAR IDCW PAYOUT - 1 lakh (one time) AXIS MULTICAP FUND-REGULAR PLAN-GROWTH - 1 lakh (one time) DSP TAX SAVER FUND IDCW PAYOUT - 50,000 (one time) ICICI PRUDENTIAL VALUE DISCOVERY FUND IDCW PAYOUT - SIP (5000) SBI BLUE CHIP FUND REGULAR PLAN IDCW PAYOUT - 1 lakh (one time) ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund -IDCW - 1 lakh (one time) Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Regular Plan Growth - SIP (5000) Tata India Tax Savings Fund Regular Plan IDCW - 50,000 (one time)
Ans: Dear Sriram,

Thank you for reaching out to me for advice on your investment portfolio. Based on the information you provided, here's an overview of your current investments and some suggestions to optimize your portfolio.

Current Investments:

Axis Long Term Equity Fund - ₹1 lakh
Axis Multicap Fund - ₹1 lakh
DSP Tax Saver Fund - ₹50,000
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - ₹5,000 (SIP)
SBI Blue Chip Fund - ₹1 lakh
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund - ₹1 lakh
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - ₹5,000 (SIP)
Tata India Tax Savings Fund - ₹50,000
Here are some recommendations:

Diversification: Your current investments are heavily focused on large-cap and tax-saving funds. To diversify your portfolio, consider allocating a portion of your investments to mid-cap, small-cap, and debt funds. This will help you spread the risk and potentially achieve better returns over time.
Review SIPs: Your SIPs in the ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund and Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund are a good start for long-term wealth creation. Evaluate their performance regularly and consider increasing the SIP amount as your income grows.
Education Goal: Since your son is 13 years old, you have around 5 years before he starts his higher education. It is advisable to start a separate investment in a balanced or hybrid fund specifically for this purpose. This would help you achieve the required corpus by the time he is ready for college.
Retirement Planning: At 45, you have around 15-20 years before retirement. For this goal, consider investing in a mix of equity and debt funds with a long-term horizon. You can also consider starting an SIP in a retirement-focused mutual fund to ensure a steady income post-retirement.
Reinvest IDCW: For funds with IDCW (Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal) payout option, consider switching to the growth option. This will allow your earnings to be reinvested and compounded, resulting in better returns over the long run.
Please note that these suggestions are based on your stated goals and the information you provided. It is always a good idea to consult with a financial advisor in person to better understand your risk tolerance, time horizon, and specific financial goals.

Wishing you the best in your investment journey!
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Anu Krishna  |458 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 03, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 02, 2023
I am a 45 years old Indian living in the US for the past 10 years with the family. Despite having a steady job and a pay which typically is considered high, I end up spending more than my income. My wife also works full time with good pay as well but she thinks it's my responsibility to provide and she just saves all her money in her own accounts. We have multiple properties on both our names including cars but only I pay. I pay for groceries, bills, travel everything. On discussing about the expenses, which I have done multiple times so far, she says I should be ashamed to expect money from a woman. If this continues, I will reach retirement age kind of broke I feel. Also, I will spend sleepless nights thinking about finances until then. Please advice.
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
Like in any partnership, marriage is one such partnership where everything is usually shared. But I do know of couples, where they mutually agree that one partner takes care of the bills and the other education etc.
In your case, your wife has been saving up and you have been bleeding dry of your finances.
But why exactly are you spending more than your income? Financial mismanagement? Maybe that's why your wife is worried that it might happen to her portion of the income too?
Having said that, I guess your wife also needs to move past the belief that the Man is solely responsible for bringing money home. By that logic, she should never have worked, right?

Since she is working as well, she can contribute towards the family to the extent it can help but it is also imperative that as a woman she keeps some finances saved as a back-up for herself. It provides a good safety blanket for a woman since she possibly feels that you are spending more than what you earn.
It's up to you to bring about the subject without her feeling that you are out to spend all her money. So, you really need to start with managing your finances better...I am sure things will get better from thereon...

All the best!

Anu Krishna  |458 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 03, 2023

Hi Anu, I hope you're doing well. I'm a 24 year old girl working as a software engineer. I was in love with a boy in long distance relationship and I met him only once. We both had great understanding, respect on each other. It was all good between us. On February 2023, he called me one day saying that he wants to tell his parents about our love matter. I said okay and asked him what he wanted to do if his family disagrees. He said that he'll wait until his family approves. I was okay with it and he informed to his family. But things started changing after he talked with his family. He wanted to break up with me. I told him many times that I wanted to be with him and don't want to break up. But, he didn't agree. Eventually, we stopped talking with each other. It was hard for me to move on but after few months, i finally decided to move on with my life. Then suddenly he messaged me saying that he wants to get back with me. I didn't agreed as I lost my trust on him. He even informed his family about getting back with me and they were okay with it. He wants to marry me. But, now the problem is I still like him, but I lost trust in him. I wanted to give him a chance but I'm afraid because of past break up with him. I'm confused about what should I do? Anu, can you please suggest me about giving him a chance or moving on with my life?
Ans: Dear Mahi,
Thank you for asking. I am doing well and trust that you too will be in the same space as well.
When what he has done has broken your trust, it is difficult to get it back... he has come back, but you are perhaps thinking: what if he pulls the same stunt again? And this makes you question every move of his...

If you look at it from his point of view, he possibly also loves you but his family pressures are getting to him and he can do only that much. Yes, it would have been more 'human' to talk to you about what had happened after he spoke with his family. But he chose not to and that lack of transparency is what has thrown you off...perhaps, he isn't all that mature emotionally or feels that he might lose you if he shares anything.

Whatever it is, your loss of trust on him is justified after the way he had behaved. If the two of you still want to give your relationship a chance, kindly do so...and clearly state to him that you have lost trust on him. Not only does he have explaining to do but he must reassure you that he will be honest with you in future. Also, give some time before committing to a marriage while you watch whether he has changed and he is consistent with what he has committed to changing. Only when you are sure, take a decision either way!

All the best!

Anu Krishna  |458 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 03, 2023

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