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Physiotherapist, Nutritionist - Answered on May 26, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - May 25, 2023
In continuation to the below query, the LS Spine MRI report says: 1. The lumbo-sacral vertebrea exhibits diffuse hypointense marrow signal on T1W and T2W sequences without appreciation in signal on STIR images. Such appearance is due to red marrow predominance and may be seen in conditions affecting bony metabolism, most common being osteomalacia/osteoporosis or many hematological conditions; 2. L4-5 disc is partially dessicated and exhibits mild broad based posterior disc postrusion with inner annular tear indenting on thecal sac and left exiting L4 nerve root. Mild facet joint arthropathy is seen at this level Vitamin D levels are 30.80; Did Dexa scan which showed result as under: Left forearm shows evidence of Osteopenia with increased fracture risk. Lumbar spine and both femoral neck BMD are normal.
Ans: Hi,
You’ll need to get on a weight bearing strengthening protocol. Please visit a near by physio centre so they can customize it for you and also help you with pain management.

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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 30, 2023


Anu Krishna  |446 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on May 30, 2023

Mam, my son has just completed his 12 class in commerce stream. His self confidence is low and in exams he failed to give his 100% and score low marks than his capability. His is also careless in studies. please guide how we can help him and how he can improve on this. We are very much disturbed due to this. Please help...
Ans: Dear Lakhbinder,
That age is a very confusing time for youngsters as they not only have to deal with the expectations of the school and parents but also 'fit in' with their peers.
It is natural to be defocused from academics and not do their best and I do understand your worry especially if he is aiming at a highly academic course after Class 12.

In my experience, working with youngsters, this is what I have understood:

Youngsters are not careless with their studies without reasons.
- They are doing a course which they were forced into or don't have an aptitude for
- They have immense pressure at home and school to perform
- They have been subject to a lot of comparison with those performing well in their class
- They have a lot of unwanted influences through chat apps and social media apps
- They are constantly monitored as to how much effort they are putting
- They are simply giving into their rebellious streaks given the age

It could be any of the above. Do identify and if there are things as a parent you can do, kindly step in NOT as a friend but by being more accepting and FRIENDLY. If it's about focus orientation, seek an expert who in one session will be able to help him through re-training the mind hacks which are simple to follow with amazing results.

All the best!
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