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Dr Karthiyayini

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General Physician - Answered on May 23, 2023

Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan has been practising for 30 years.
She specialises in general medicine, child development and senior citizen care.
A graduate from Madurai Medical College, she has DNB training in paediatrics and a postgraduate degree in developmental neurology.
She has trained in Tai chi, eurythmy, Bothmer gymnastics, spacial dynamics and yoga.
She works with children with development difficulties at Sparrc Institute and is the head of wellness for senior citizens at Columbia Pacific Communities.... more
Asked by Anonymous - May 23, 2023Hindi

Is it a Medical condition? or Am i hyper sensitive to noise? I have a occasion weird pain in lower abdominal area occurs only when i hear loud songs or noises. I'm a women aged 28 and perfectly healthy. But whenever i use headphones or hear loud noises around me. I get easily irritated and distracted. Prolonged exposure to this noises for 5-10 min, I get pain in my lower abdomen. The pain will ease out after the absence of noise slowly and it takes like 5-6 hours or longer to get completely free from pain.

Ans: This is a very good observation.
Even though human ears are capable of receiving sounds from 20Hz - 20KHz. But listening through headphones for a long time, keep the hearing through bone conduction over engaged. These are taken as signals to the brain and hypersensitise the hair cells in the inner ears.
So use sound mufflers and avoid using headphones.
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Dr Shakeeb Ahmed

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Physiotherapist - Answered on Mar 08, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jan 25, 2024Hindi
Dear Sir, From last week I am having pain in my lower right back (after in periods end), it is more when I wake up (start when I get into sitting position for the first time after waking up... I don't feel it if I continue to lie down). It start reducing as soon as the start moving... in 2-3 hr is down by 50%-60% and get nearly 0 till evening or night, and the same happen next day. But from last 2 days it is very cold here and the intensity of pain has increased... it’s getting uncomfortable. If I have to compare the pain: If feel like the pain you have the next day after doing heavy exercise, like the muscle is solidify and every movement it stretch it with pain making it loose. It is mostly concentered at the dimple of my right hip. Feel like originate from under the skin and radiating outward. Not on surface but deep inside toward the surface. Also, I was feeling burning sensation in the lower right side of the abdomen (again inside not on the surface). It started with winter getting cold, I consult the doctor and was told that it may be due to accumulation of acid (HCL) in my large intestine. She ask me to eat more (many times a days- include fruit and nut in between proper meals) and 15 days of medication (homeopathy) it is gone. For the history of all this- In November – One day after I wake up when I was getting into sitting position ... I don’t know what I did wrong or how I jerk my body up.... I feel a sudden sharp pain on my back same point... I was not in sitting position still half way in air little bend toward right.... And I know I have pulled something wrong...a muscle, nerve or ligament something... The pain was a lot like a sudden cramp you feel in your calf... I slowing get back to lying position and the pain die down in minutes... It was uncomfortable, little tight, but no pain when I again get to sitting position slowing. I started feeling soreness or tightness in my back someday not daily when I wake up. And it goes after some time has passed (30min -1 hr). It was like that till the weather get cold in mid dec. and I started have little pain in morning and burning sensation during days as told above.... I don’t have both (pain and burning) when I was on medicine... and for the next week till I get my periods... and as soon as the period ends the pain is back (on my 5th day). I don’t remember having pain during my period both in nov and dec... (I going to check the same in Feb if that the case). I know it a lot of reading and I should go to doctor.... Sorry to say my experience with back pain treatment (in 2011 after falling from vehicle) was very bad...firstly No doctor in interested in listening your part how you feeling and what you think. Secondly If you are feeling some non-standard problem (not in the book) always my case... you suddenly became a test sample... they ask you to take all the test... from blood test to MRI to bone marrow and if very test report in negative they give you more test. (I know it’s part of diagnosing the root cause). But it’s very disturbing... the test goes on and you are given strong painkillers and asked to rest and wait... as back pain take long time to heal (2 years though I stop going to doctor after initial 3-4 months of tests an no answers). The second time (2019) I went to my homeopathy doctor after my sciatic nerves get pull during exercise. With medicine I feel the pain traveling down from my back to thigh to knee then ankle - toe and out (same right side), It took 5-6 months and lot of endurance I don’t know why I am so scared this time... Please suggest me what should I do... which type of doctor I should go or what type of test I should take or simple allow time to heal... Or is it some kind of symptoms of some other underlying problem... what should I do? I am 36 year old / female, weight 70kg, Average building, 5.4ft height, having 8hr sitting job. For last 2 days I am taking medicine from my homeopathy Doc for my back pain (soreness/ sprains/ stiffness)
Ans: ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````Sorry to hear about your condition. It is advisable for you to visit Physiotherapist considering you may have disc involvement. It is necessary that you complete minimum 10 sessions and later do exercises at home regularly. This will ensure your condition remain manageable.

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