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Dr Karthiyayini

Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan  |885 Answers  |Ask -

General Physician - Answered on Jun 12, 2024

Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan has been practising for 30 years.
She specialises in general medicine, child development and senior citizen care.
A graduate from Madurai Medical College, she has DNB training in paediatrics and a postgraduate degree in developmental neurology.
She has trained in Tai chi, eurythmy, Bothmer gymnastics, spacial dynamics and yoga.
She works with children with development difficulties at Sparrc Institute and is the head of wellness for senior citizens at Columbia Pacific Communities.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Apr 04, 2024Hindi

I am aged 47 but my looks gives feeling to other ad my age is above 60, slowly my hairs on head also vanishing and am already 25% bald. How can I return back to my normal self.

Ans: If there is a family history of early baldness, then not much one can do to prevent this. One can always follow certain lifestyle changes which combats accelerated ageing. Dietary discipline plays a very important role. Clinical research reveals that fasting in periodic intervals help slowing this ageing process. So achieve this, considering your age, Eat just two meals. Brunch around 10.30 /11 am followed by dinner by 6.pm.Physical exercise also plays a vital role in improving your muscle tone and circulation
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Roopashree Sharma  |187 Answers  |Ask -

Yoga, Naturopathy Expert - Answered on Dec 31, 2021

Hi Roopashree. I am 46 years of age and I have following problems, kindly guide. 1. A double chin which looks ugly and makes me look 55-plus; how do I cure this or is there a safe surgery or non-surgical process? 2. I have white/grey hair since 25 years of age and the problem is even though I had applied the best dye in market such as L’Oreal, I got severe skin reaction and now I cannot apply hair dye. These two issues make me look much older than I am. Please help. Regards, Deepak Pandey

There could be multiple reasons for double chin -- either lack of exercise or just incorrect posture. Just get a body profile done to rule out any ailments like diabetes, etc.

If you are not following an exercise regime, start with 30-40 minutes of daily walks.

Alongside, start face yoga (consult a certified practitioner and do it for at least two months). Basic neck exercises and pranayams will also help.

For your greys, try home-made amla dye.

Soak whole dry amlas overnight. Boil them the next day. Then strain the water and retain the pulp.

You can apply this directly on your hair. Add powdered amla if you want a thicker consistency.

Apply this like a hair colour. After some time, wash it off with water only. Follow this up with an oil massage.

This might not give instant results but, over time, it will give a darker shade to your hair and slow further greying.

You can do this once every two weeks.

Other hair packs are coffee powder mixed with homemade aloe vera gel or potato juice mixed with aloe vera gel.


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Dr Ashish

Dr Ashish Sehgal  |97 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 18, 2023

Sir I am now 53 yrs and grown bald in the front that really embarrasses me in office or whenever I give an interview it is worsened since I also wear specs. Kindly suggest something to reduce my embarrassment
Ans: I understand that hair loss and wearing glasses can sometimes lead to feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Here are a few suggestions that may help you feel more confident:

Embrace your appearance: Remember that baldness is a natural occurrence for many men and doesn't define your worth or abilities. Embracing your appearance as it is can help boost your self-confidence. Focus on your positive qualities, skills, and experiences instead.

Consider a new hairstyle: If you're uncomfortable with your current hairstyle, you can try different haircuts that work well with thinning hair or a receding hairline. Consulting with a professional hairstylist who specializes in hair loss can provide valuable suggestions tailored to your specific needs.

Facial hair: Growing a beard or a well-groomed mustache can sometimes help divert attention from hair loss. Experimenting with different styles of facial hair may enhance your appearance and make you feel more confident.

Explore hair restoration options: If you are interested in addressing your hair loss, there are various options available. Hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation, and non-surgical hair systems are some of the methods you could consider. Consult with a qualified hair restoration specialist to discuss the most suitable option for you.

Confidence through accessories: Accessories such as hats, caps, or headscarves can be used to complement your style and help you feel more at ease in professional settings or during interviews. However, it's important to ensure that these accessories are appropriate for the occasion and workplace.

Rock your glasses: Wearing glasses is a common occurrence and should not be a source of embarrassment. In fact, glasses can be a stylish accessory that enhances your overall appearance. Opt for frames that suit your face shape and personal style. Additionally, keeping your glasses clean and well-maintained can also make a positive difference in how you feel while wearing them.

Remember, true confidence comes from within. Embrace your unique qualities and focus on your skills and achievements rather than fixating on any perceived physical shortcomings. Your professional competence and character are far more important than your physical appearance.

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Mayank Chandel  |1474 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Jul 13, 2024

Aasif Ahmed Khan

Aasif Ahmed Khan   |61 Answers  |Ask -

Tech Career Expert - Answered on Jul 13, 2024

Hello I completed btech in mechanical engineering from iiT kanpur but I have not placed by recruiter and didn't get any job then what is I do
Ans: Remember that job searching takes time, and rejection is part of the process. Stay motivated, keep learning, and believe in your abilities. You’ll find the right opportunity eventually!
Job hunting can be challenging, but persistence pays off. Keep applying and stay positive.
Reflect on your skills, interests, and strengths. Identify areas where you excel and areas where you need improvement. Consider taking online courses or certifications to enhance your skills in specific domains.

Use job portals, company websites, and social media platforms to search for job openings. Apply to positions that align with your background and interests.
Connect with professionals in your field through LinkedIn, industry events, and workshops. Attend job fairs, conferences, and meetups to expand your network.
Update your resume and tailor it to highlight relevant experiences and skills. Write a compelling cover letter that showcases your passion and suitability for the roles you’re applying for.

Consider learning programming languages (Python, MATLAB, etc.) or software commonly used in mechanical engineering.
Explore areas like data analysis, simulation, or CAD design. Apply for internships or short-term projects to gain practical experience. Showcase any personal projects related to mechanical engineering on your portfolio. Obtain relevant certifications (e.g., Six Sigma, AutoCAD, SolidWorks) to enhance your profile.

In other hand, If you’re open to it, explore master’s programs or specialized courses that align with your interests.

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Mayank Chandel  |1474 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on Jul 13, 2024

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