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CAT, Management Expert - Answered on Nov 22, 2023

Aashish Sood is an IIM-Lucknow alumnus who has been teaching maths and quantitative aptitude to MBA aspirants for over a decade.
He also mentors management student hopefuls for the group discussion and personal interview rounds that follow competitive examinations.
He has appeared for CAT seven times since 2016 and scored in the 99.9 percentile.
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Asked by Anonymous - Sep 22, 2023Translate

Hi Ma'am Regarding my daughter she has passed Bcom Business Analytics with 9.01 GPA She persuaded me and joined MBA Business Analytics I have paid initial amoy of 1 lakh rupees the university is 24 km from home so arranged university transportation Now after going for 2 days in preparatory classes she is saying silly things like she heard voices believing some ghosts are there in university now she wants to quit i have tried to explain but no positive results I don't know what to do Please 🙏help this way her career will be ruined I am from Hyderabad Telangana

Ans: This seems more like a mental health professional query than a career one. I will still try to address it as best as I can

First off, I would suggest you to seek professional help. Experiencing such symptoms may be indicative of mental health concerns that require assessment and treatment.

Secondly, Career is a secondary issue here. You need to understand that Mental health is an integral part of overall wellness.

If you're unsure how to proceed or if you're concerned about her safety, consider reaching out to a mental health crisis line or contacting a mental health professional for guidance. They can provide advice on how to approach the situation and help ensure she receives the support she needs.

Toll free number 1800-599-0019 can be called from any mobile or land line of any telecom network from any part of India.


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Anu Krishna  |723 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Nov 26, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Nov 02, 2023Translate
My 24 yr old daughter is very anxious about her career. She wants power, money, highest post. So that she is recognised by everybody in the society. As she is from Arts background for which she is regretting. And blaming parents that they have not guided her properly. If she would have taken science stream she might be doctor or engineer by which she can earn money more. Now she is preparing for bank exam. She is doing hard work. But she has closed herself in her room, windows are shut. Not interacting with parents or guests. She is taking medicine stalopam 15 and taken help of psychologist for three sitting which is incomplete. Now she is not willing to go to psychologist because psychologist has not listened to her empathically ( her version). We parents helpless donot know what is our next step. Please can you help me in this regard. Please send reply in my email if possible.
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
At 24, if she is still looking for validation from the external world to create her identity, she's again setting herself up for failure. If she still thinks that money, name and fame is what is going to earn her recognition from the society, she really needs a course that will change her mindset.
As parents, kindly call out such behavior that is messing with her mind. Talk therapy or advice from home isn't going to help anymore...she hasn't had much exposure of what the outside world is like...
Every stream of education brings with it many opportunities that can be explored!
My suggestion would be for her to be part of activities, communities and the like where she will be able to interact with different people from various backgrounds...Even volunteering opportunities can give good exposure...
Now, she may not be willing to do this as she finds comfort in what she is doing by shutting herself from the outside world...again 'CALL OUT' this behavior and that you as parents don't support her self-pity tirade. Also, as parents you can become part of any community or volunteering opportunity that 'shows' her that her parents are not just preaching to her but actually living it...
Just to reiterate, do not feel sorry for her; she will thrive on that sympathy...if you want to see a change in her, then it's time to shake things up so she knows that her parents mean business...remember, she is an adult...so, treat her as one!
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