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Harsh Bharwani  |56 Answers  |Ask -

Entrepreneurship Expert - Answered on Aug 11, 2023

Harsh Bharwani is a fourth generation entrepreneur.
As CEO and managing director, he leads the international business and employability initiatives at the computer networking institute, Jetking Infotrain Limited.
After graduating from Delhi University, Bharwani joined the family business in 2010 and set up operations in the US and Vietnam.
He has trained over three lakh students in employability, confidence and key life skills.... more
Maninath Question by Maninath on Jun 24, 2023Hindi

Hi Harsh, how are you. I am working as a quality control manager in pharma industry with total experience of 14 year. After first lock down i were started my own business of agriculture inputs with my job and also working as a astrologer on Astrotalk but I am not happy with all of this. I love to travel and in all my job business I dont have time for me. Can you please suggest me some job or business in which I earned decent money (near about 50K) with lots of time to travel all around world right now I an earning near about 3lakh per month but I lost my time, relation, friends and every think which I earned before money. My age is 36 right now.

Ans: 4 types of trip jobs There are numerous different ways to travel while working. All of the trip jobs listed in this composition fall into one of the following orders Digital rambler jobs Jobs that pay to travel Expats working and traveling abroad Rambler jobs Some types of trip jobs bear a high position of moxie, and some are not as flexible as others. still, they all give you the means to cover some( or each) of your trip charges.

1. Digital rambler jobs Digital gadabouts are people who travel while working online. As a result, digital rambler jobs give an enormous quantum of inflexibility and independence when traveling. exemplifications of digital gadabouts include freelance inventors, graphic contrivers, and drop shippers. With this type of trip job, all you need is a dependable internet connection and a laptop. You can travel to the stylish digital vagabond metropolises and work from coffee shops, hospices, or co-working spaces. The jobs are frequently completely remote.

2. Jobs that pay to travel This type of job encompasses traditional trip jobs, generally in the hospitality and tourism diligence. exemplifications of jobs that pay to travel include voyage boat workers, flight attendants, and stint attendants. These jobs frequently mandate when and where you get to travel and frequently give free accommodation. So while there’s lower freedom than in digital rambler jobs, these jobs may be easier to get if you have previous experience working in hospitality.

3. Expats working and traveling abroad The term “ expat ” stands for “ émigré. ” It refers to people who are citizens of one country but decide to live and work in another country. exemplifications of expat trip jobs include English preceptors, au dyads, or government workers. Expats might live in other countries for just a many months or times at a time. So, if you’d prefer to work outside your home country and sink your teeth into a new culture or language, this may be the dream job for you.

4. Rambler jobs Let me give it to you straight Rambler jobs are presumably the least glamorous, taking you to work long hours for a minimum pay envelope. exemplifications include bartenders, hotel workers, and probing preceptors. Still, this type of trip job has a lot of benefits. These entry- position trip jobs don’t generally bear a computer or council degree. They also give plenitude of inflexibility so you can travel at your own pace. Plus, chancing original work while traveling is one of the stylish ways to meet intriguing people and experience different societies. 25 stylish trip jobs to make plutocrat while traveling the world Now that you understand the types of trip jobs available, let’s dive a bit deeper. Then are 25 of the stylish jobs for people who like to travel. Let’s launch with jobs that you can do with just a laptop and an internet connection.

5. Digital rambler jobs
1. Web design/ development A common job for digital gadabouts is web design and development. To start, learn how to produce a website. Or try searching for jobs on spots like GitHub Jobs and Up work.
2. Writing These days, it’s possible to make plutocrat writing about nearly anything. Look for jobs on spots like Freelance Writing, Blogging Pro, and Pro blogger. Freelance Writing Jobs
3. Graphic design Do you love graphic design? Why not turn your passion into a job that covers your trip costs? You can find graphic design traveling jobs on spots like Freelancer and Dribble. Dribble Graphic Design Jobs
4. Trip blogger numerous people make plutocrat with trip blogging. still, it can take time to make a sustainable income from this source. To find out further, check out How to Start a trip Blog.
5. Drop shipper might just be the stylish job to travel the world. It’s a hands-off approach to dealing physical products online. You manage your store and promote products to your target request. also, your supplier will transport the products to guests on your behalf. To get started and gain experience, read How to Start a Drop shipping Business.
6. Online tutoring/ instructor tutoring online is one of the stylish trip jobs, thanks to its low hedge to entry.However, you can be over and running in no time, If you’re a native English speaker and love to educate. To learn more, check out our full-length companion, Online Teaching Everything You Need to Know.
7. Online translator still, consider getting an online translator, If you’re fluent in further than one language. This job makes it easy to travel while working. Plus, there are plenitude of websites out there to help you find implicit guests, similar as Translators Base. Translators Base Job Boards
8. Digital marketer in numerous businesses need help with digital marketing. Like numerous of the stylish trip jobs, digital marketing is not commodity you can learn in a week or two. still, there are plenitude of free coffers online to help you come a digital marketer and make big bucks while traveling! Get started with this composition Digital Marketing Made Simple The Complete freshman’s companion.
9. Programmer If you know how to decode — or you would love to learn — you could travel the world while working as a computer programmer. There are plenitude of websites out there that educate programming, similar as Free Code Camp,Code.org, and Code Academy.
10. Virtual adjunct numerous businesses and individualizes hire people to help them with executive tasks, like scheduling and responding to client inquiries. These people are known as virtual sidekicks. To learn more, check out How to Come a Virtual Assistant.
11. client service agent Are you great with people? Do you have plenitude of tolerance and a genuine desire to help? Tons of businesses hire remote client service agents. To find client service jobs, check out remote job boards like Flex Jobs, Just Remote, and We Work Ever. We Work Ever Jobs that pay to travel Do you want to travel for a living? Then are some jobs with trip openings.
12. Yacht worker This trip job nearly sounds too good to be true. You can travel for a living on some rich person’s luxury yacht — you just have to earn your upkeep as a deckhand or slave! The yacht is like a free house because you do not pay rent. Look for yacht trip jobs on spots like Ya crew and Blue water.
13. Cruise boat worker still, consider working on a voyage boat, If you ’d rather sail on a bigger boat. This type of trip job provides plenitude of work openings. For illustration, you can work as a server, bartender, cleanser, lifeguard, or musician. Try searching for jobs on websites like All voyage Jobs, Indeed, and Cruise Job Finder. Jobs That Pay to Travel All Cruise Jobs
14. Flight attendant Working as a flight attendant provides plenitude of openings to travel different countries, with airline and hostel abatement to charge! still, the hours can be long, and spurt pause is a common circumstance. You can find flight attendant openings on Indeed and Airline Career.
15. shooter Photography could be your round the- world ticket. It’s not easy to turn this hobby horse into a career, but numerous people achieve it every time. Make sure to specialize in a niche geared for trips, similar as destination marriages or trip photography. To learn more, check out this companion on How to Start a Photography Business. Expat jobs still, consider living abroad long term with these trip jobs, If you want to immerse yourself in a different culture.
16. English schoolteacher To come an English schoolteacher, it’s likely you’ll need a TEFL( educate English as a foreign language) instrument. Find out further on TEFL’s website or look for jobs on Go Overseas. Jobs Related to trip TEFL.
17. Scuba diving educator Do you love scuba diving? If you get good, you could educate scuba diving each over the world, from India to Iceland. To learn more, check out the Professional Association of Diving preceptors or look for jobs on Dive zone and Go Abroad.

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Krishna Kumar  |330 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Mar 04, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 04, 2024Hindi
Hi Krishna I have worked as a software engineer for last 20 years and I am exhausted and feel like quitting the software industry. Even though work is manageable, due to my experience the expectation from Leadership is high, and delivery expectations also is too much. Workplace is toxic, and too much of politics. I am an introvert and feel like doing remote jobs for lesser pay or rather quit completely and continue with my spiritual journey since I have seen lot of pain and suffering with respect to my health, marriage etc etc. I am also drawn towards spiritual life because leading a materialistic life seems meaningless. I am 45 today, I have no more interest in material life but due to obligations towards family and 1 child, I am working for money and I also need money for medical expenses because I underwent through a major health crisis 10 years back where I lost organ for surgery, this has created major imbalance in hormones leading to depression, anxiety and unable to face everyday challenges. This is also the reason due to which I cannot continue working. I have some 50k monthly as passive income and only 1 child. With some ppf, pf amount. Would this be enough for me to continue on spiritual journey and exit material and hectic IT life due to health issues and no peace in what I am doing ? Can you suggest how I can get some remote jobs that I can do if in case I need money. I am a BTech MBA graduate and managed to survive in this pressure hectic IT life for 20 years and feel like giving up everyday. I sometimes feel it was better off to lead a life without this education, engineering because all we need is 2 pair of clothes, shelter and 2 times food and for that we need to struggle so much in a city when compared to a village life. Please guide me not just from your perspective but step into my situation and understand and share your thoughts, or have you seen anyone like me and how have they managed to lead life after quitting and leading a monastic life
Ans: Dear

At the outset let me express my gratitude to you for putting up your question. It's indeed very profound.

First and foremost, your personal health is of foremost importance. Nothing should come in between that.

Secondly, money is essential but it's like the fuel not the engine.

Thirdly, work we must because it makes us fulfilled but we should not let work define our identity.

Fourthly, family commitment is our responsibility never run away from that.

Finally, spiritual journey or pursuing hobbies should not be taken up because we feel frustrated with some other things in life. They should be an end in itself.

I can feel what you are going through because many are in a similar situation like you but they don't have clarity or courage to accept that. So cheers to you for being aware of your situation and accepting it.

Here are few thoughts that I would share, however please take them as pointers and not as an advise, because we all have our own emotional disposition. That's why I believe an advise that may work for one person will not work for another because we all have our own emotional state and that defines the way we feel after taking certain decisions.

1. Slow down...you may want to ask your company to make you contractual with reduced responsibility and pay or you can take up contractual assignment with some other companies. In today's cost cutting environment companies would prefer that.

2. Talk to your spouse about your current state, let me tell you our spouse has a better feel of what we should and should not do. Moment you talk to your better half world of options will open. But more than that you will realise that you have someone in life who cares for your well being...that feeling is what we all need...someone caring for us.

3. Give up the notion of self identification through work. After salary that's the biggest drug that keeps us going in a job. We can't see ourselves outside of work as if we are born to work.

Lastly pray to God seeking guidance and clarity, trust me prayer is very powerful because it makes us calm and it's the calm mind that gives clarity.

Wishing you the very best. Trust me you will be alright soon.

With Love

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R P Yadav  |304 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Sir my name is Pooja I'm from Mumbai.. I am always concerned my job. After graduation i worked in call centre because I'm not aware of jobs i got then I did that time. I told my friend i m working as Customer service.. they look cheap !! Eww she is working.. but my goal is to get job in good finance profile I'm getting in accounts executive profile and that are 40+ km from my hometown to travel. Idk what I do ? Should I do that job or and also jobs was very far from where I live like a 40 km or 50km. Is it worth?? I want to do but traveling k vajah se raat bhut late hoga wahi soch Rahi hu ! Please give me a suggestion. I would love to hear back.
Ans: Hello Pooja, it’s great to hear from you. Your concerns about your job and travel are completely valid. Here are a few things you might consider:

Job Satisfaction: It’s important to find a job that aligns with your career goals and interests. If the finance profile is what you aspire to, then it might be worth considering, even if it’s a bit far.
Travel Time: Long commutes can be tiring and can affect your work-life balance. However, some people use this time to read, learn new things, or relax by listening to music or podcasts.
Safety: Since you mentioned that you might get home late due to the commute, consider the safety aspect as well.
Opportunities Closer to Home: Keep looking for opportunities that might come up closer to your home.
Remote Work: With the current trend of remote work, many companies offer flexible work-from-home options. You could look for such opportunities in your desired profile.
Remember, it’s your decision at the end of the day. Consider all factors including your health, safety, interest in the job profile, and work-life balance. Hope this helps

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Shekhar Kumar  |145 Answers  |Ask -

Leadership, HR Expert - Answered on May 13, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - May 10, 2024Hindi
Hi, I'm 40 years old ,i have done BBA in finance and marketing. It's completed in 2006.i have experience of 5 year in retail and then I moved to foreign exchange company and worked for another 4-5 years in 2-3 companies.but I lost my job in corona time.and since then I'm working as a freelancer for the forex customers.also looking for jobs but couldn't get right job.i have responsibilities but I am not earning as I needed. Pls suggest me what should I do?
Ans: I understand this must be a frustrating situation. You have a strong educational background and experience, but the job market can be tough. Don't view freelance work as a gap in your employment history. Frame it as an opportunity where you leveraged your expertise to consult with clients. Quantify your achievements as a freelancer whenever possible (e.g., increased client base by X%, secured Y new contracts). The financial and marketing fields have likely evolved since your graduation in 2006. Consider taking online courses, certifications, or workshops to update your knowledge in areas like financial technology (FinTech), digital marketing, or social media marketing. These in-demand skills can make your resume more attractive to employers. Since you already have experience freelancing for forex clients, explore ways to expand your freelance offerings. Can you offer additional services like market research, competitor analysis, or content creation related to finance or foreign exchange? Don't limit yourself to just finance or forex roles. Consider marketing positions within financial institutions, wealth management firms, or fintech companies. Your marketing background could also be valuable in other industries like retail, healthcare, or technology. Remember, your age and experience are assets. Age is not a liability; hence, by highlighting your transferable skills, expanding your skillset, and utilizing a strategic job search approach, you can increase your chances of landing the right job.

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