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Virender Kapoor  |28 Answers  |Ask -

Self-improvement Expert - Answered on Jan 06, 2023

Virender Kapoor is the former director of Pune's Symbiosis Institute of Management and the founder of the Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence in Pune.He has authored more than 36 books on self-improvement designed for school students, senior managers and CEOs.... more
Anonymous Question by Anonymous on Jan 06, 2023Hindi

I need your help to find a job. I am an MBA in marketing with specialisation in economics. I recently got married and I need to take care of my mother in law since she is bedridden and my husband works in the UAE. I can work 8-10 hours from home. Can you pls suggest what job roles I can apply for?

Ans: Hi Divya,Work from home is very much possible but for that you need to do something in the area of digital marketing. In MBA programs, generally they do not have digital marketing as a course. Today there are a lot of good online courses being offered by even IIMs. They are a bit xpensive. Not sure of your financial status but since your husband is earning you could do a good course and then seek employment otherwise it can be frustrating to do hit and trial. A good qualification is a direct long term investment on yourself which will remain with you for ever and will keep giving remuneration for life. Wish you luck.

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Archana Deshpande  |50 Answers  |Ask -

Image Coach, Soft Skills Trainer - Answered on Jun 08, 2024

Greetings of the Day! Iam 54 year old female with just 2 years of work experience but now due to family situation need to look for a job My strengths are good communication, empathy, willingness to learn and the heart to help others.what kind of job will i get and where should i scout for the openings?
Ans: Greetings to you too!!
Congratulations to you for stepping out of you comfort zone, ready to pitch in financially for your family !! It's not a small act, pat yourself on the back for this and move into the world with confidence .
Ask people you know, friends, family and past colleagues to help you find a job. There is no harm in asking, at the most they'll say no, not the end of the world, but what if they say "yes", you never know!!
With your kind of strengths - good communication, empathy, willingness to learn and the heart to help others, look for a job with NGOs, schools....and anywhere where your willingness to help others becomes a strengths. You can start home tutoring too, I have seen my own cousin becoming a millionaire teaching from home.
You haven't mentioned your qualifications, if you can add a qualification in counselling, then your strengths will get a booster dose!!
If this can help you, I would like to share that I picked up my first job, 04 years after completing engineering, by then I was married, had my first baby and then set out to look for a job and found one,
In today's world ,age is just a number, groom yourself well and confidently set out into the world with all your strengths.
All the very best....

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Dr Nagarajan J S K

Dr Nagarajan J S K   |47 Answers  |Ask -

Health Science and Pharmaceutical Careers Expert - Answered on Jul 20, 2024

Dr Nagarajan J S K

Dr Nagarajan J S K   |47 Answers  |Ask -

Health Science and Pharmaceutical Careers Expert - Answered on Jul 20, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 18, 2024Hindi
What is better to choose between vet or bpharm (I am a gen category student).According to my research I came to know that in today's market the bpharm graduates are not even considered as reputated pharmacists,after the degree too they get placements of 12k-15k per month only and growth even after a master's is not much. Whereas in vet gov vacancies are open but will everyone get the gov jobs ? Also in coming years what are the demands of these both fields and what is better to choose
Ans: Hi,
It seems there may be some misunderstanding and disappointment regarding the analysis of job opportunities in the pharmaceutical field. It's important to note that the pharmaceutical sector still holds promising prospects. However, it is essential for candidates to acquire in-depth knowledge. Completing a B.Pharm alone does not guarantee comprehensive expertise. It's essential to delve beyond the basic surface-level knowledge obtained during undergraduate studies. I'm unaware of your state of residence and the college where you pursued your B.Pharm.

Key locations with a strong pharmaceutical industry presence include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Chennai also has a few reputable pharmaceutical companies, albeit in limited numbers. It's crucial to consider your career choice rather than just a job. What is your preference: IT, Marketing/Sales, or Core Pharma? In IT, the remuneration is considerably higher in comparison to core pharmaceutical roles, but sustainability may be a concern. On the other hand, Sales/Marketing requires hard work but offers significantly better remuneration, e.g., INR 6-8L per annum. If the pharmaceutical industry is your preference, starting packages for fresh B. Pharm graduates typically range between INR 15,000 to 25,000.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. I wish you the best for your future endeavors.

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