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Asked by Anonymous - Mar 19, 2024Hindi

My elder brother is 27, BTech computer science from Lucknow. He worked for 6 months in an e-commerce start-up in Gurgaon and quit to preparing for UPSC and government jobs. He is still unemployed and doesn't want to give up. Everyone at home is concerned about his career and future. Should he continue preparing for his exams or look for a job? Kindly advise.

Ans: Hi,

Choosing between continuing exam preparation and seeking a job is a significant decision that should be based on various factors. Here's some advice tailored to your brother's situation:

1. Evaluate His Progress: Assess how much progress your brother has made in his exam preparation. Has he been consistent in his studies? Has he shown improvement in his performance in mock exams or previous attempts? If he's making good progress and has a strong determination to pursue a career in government services, continuing with his exam preparation might be a viable option.

2. Consider the Competitive Landscape: The competition for government jobs, especially UPSC exams, is intense in India. He should realistically evaluate his chances of success in these exams based on factors such as his academic background, preparation level, and the number of attempts he has left. If he faces challenges in cracking these exams, he may need to reassess his strategy.

3. Financial Stability: It's essential to consider the financial implications of continuing exam preparation without a stable source of income. If your brother's savings are running low or if he's dependent on family support, he might need to explore job opportunities to support himself financially.

4. Professional Growth: Working in the IT industry for six months has provided your brother with valuable experience. While preparing for exams, he could consider exploring part-time or freelance opportunities in his field to keep his skills updated and gain practical experience. This can enhance his resume and provide him with additional career options in the future.

5. Seek Guidance: Encourage your brother to seek guidance from career counselors or mentors who can provide insights into his career options and help him make an informed decision. They can also provide support and advice tailored to his individual circumstances.

Ultimately, the decision to continue exam preparation or look for a job should be based on a thorough assessment of your brother's goals, abilities, and circumstances. It's essential for him to weigh the pros and cons carefully and choose a path that aligns with his long-term career aspirations and financial stability.

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Nayagam P

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Career Counsellor - Answered on Jul 25, 2024

Presently Im a class 12 commerce student and i want to join BCA for my degree next year but i dont know what are the careers after BCA.
Ans: Adella, first of all, shortlist top 5-10 colleges to get admission for your BCA.

Know the Eligibility Criteria / Admission Process / Entrance Exams (such as CUET & other Private Colleges' its own Entrance Exams) you will have to appear in.

There are multiple career options after BCA, but depends upon which specialization you will choose, which specilizations are available in the college you will join & which all skills you will upgrade. Some of the examples of specializations available for BCA are:

1) Software Development
2) Cyber Security
3) Data Analytics
4) Web Development
5) Mobile Application Development
6) Networking & System Administration
7) Cloud Computing
8) Digital Marketing
9) Multimedia & Animation
10) AI & ML
11) Full Stack Development & More.

After you get admission into BCA in any college:

1) Try to maintain a good academic performance.
2) Involve in co/extra-curricular activities.
3) Keep upgrading your skills, as recommended by your college faculties.
4) Start researching about the Recruiters/Companies visited your college for Campus Recruitment.
5) Have a Professional LinkedIn Profile.
6) Put Job Alerts related to your domain in LinkedIn.
7) Get notifications of job vacancies and go through the JD (Job Description) of each.
8) Know the Job Market Trends & keep analyzing how it changes till your 3rd year.
9) Connect with Professionals of your domain, get their advice/views/opinions for your Career Growth
10) At the end of your 3rd year, start applying for jobs through LinkedIn, matching your Profile and also prepare for your Campus Interview.

All the BEST for Your Bright Future.

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