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Aasif is a mechanical engineer with 16 years of experience, specialising in maintenance, troubleshooting, planning, training and creating documents. He currently works as a manager at Rashtriya Chemical and Fertilizers Ltd in Mumbai.
Aasif is passionate about guiding students and aspiring engineers as they aim to choose the right educational paths, including courses and colleges.
He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Indore Institute of Science & Technology in Indore and is currently pursuing a master's degree in thermal and fluid engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.... more

Answered on Jul 13, 2024

I had requested a company to provide internship plus project for my regular M.Tech course, instead i was offered internship plus job and contribution to pf was also there. In 3rd Sem we need to do internship which ended at Jan 2021, pf contribution started for month of October 2020. In 4th sem, no subject only project and i continued my job and project parallely This was during covid time, will this be a problem to work in IT gaint like TCS, If Yes, what best can i do ?
Ans: Having both an internship and a job during your M.Tech is commendable. It shows your commitment and multitasking abilities. The contribution to your provident fund (PF) is an added benefit. Remember, many successful professionals have navigated similar situations. Your dedication and adaptability will be valuable assets.

The pandemic accelerated the move toward hybrid workplaces, combining remote and in-person work. IT companies are increasingly open to flexible arrangements. Highlight your adaptability and remote work experience during interviews.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your internship, job, and project experience. Emphasize the skills you gained during your job and project. Showcase any relevant technologies or tools. Connect with professionals in your field. Attend virtual events and webinars. Prepare for technical interviews. Practice coding, algorithms, and system design. Understand TCS’s work culture, values, and projects. During interviews, explain your situation honestly. Highlight your achievements and how you managed both work and studies.

Answered on Jul 13, 2024

My son recently completed his Btech Mechanical at Thapar Institute but still waiting for placement.He got 8.5 cg till 7th sem and cg of 8th sem not declared yet and I hope he will not get less than previous cg. Please guide us about his placement. Can he placed of campus? or but about his study now.
Ans: Job searches can be challenging, but persistence pays off. Remind your son to stay positive, keep refining his approach, and learn from any setbacks. Remember that every student’s journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Encourage your son to explore both on-campus and off-campus options, and support him throughout the process. Your son’s strong CGPA can certainly attract recruiters during these placement drives.

If on-campus placements don’t yield immediate results, off-campus placements are an alternative. Off-campus placements involve applying directly to companies outside the college. Your son can explore job portals, company websites, and networking platforms to find relevant job openings. Tailor his resume, write personalized cover letters, and apply proactively.

While waiting for placements, your son can enhance his skills. Consider certifications, online courses, or projects related to mechanical engineering. Practical experience and domain-specific knowledge can make him more attractive to employers. Networking plays a crucial role in off-campus placements. Encourage your son to connect with alumni, industry professionals, and attend job fairs or industry events.

Answered on Jul 13, 2024


Answered on Jul 13, 2024

Hello I completed btech in mechanical engineering from iiT kanpur but I have not placed by recruiter and didn't get any job then what is I do
Ans: Remember that job searching takes time, and rejection is part of the process. Stay motivated, keep learning, and believe in your abilities. You’ll find the right opportunity eventually!
Job hunting can be challenging, but persistence pays off. Keep applying and stay positive.
Reflect on your skills, interests, and strengths. Identify areas where you excel and areas where you need improvement. Consider taking online courses or certifications to enhance your skills in specific domains.

Use job portals, company websites, and social media platforms to search for job openings. Apply to positions that align with your background and interests.
Connect with professionals in your field through LinkedIn, industry events, and workshops. Attend job fairs, conferences, and meetups to expand your network.
Update your resume and tailor it to highlight relevant experiences and skills. Write a compelling cover letter that showcases your passion and suitability for the roles you’re applying for.

Consider learning programming languages (Python, MATLAB, etc.) or software commonly used in mechanical engineering.
Explore areas like data analysis, simulation, or CAD design. Apply for internships or short-term projects to gain practical experience. Showcase any personal projects related to mechanical engineering on your portfolio. Obtain relevant certifications (e.g., Six Sigma, AutoCAD, SolidWorks) to enhance your profile.

In other hand, If you’re open to it, explore master’s programs or specialized courses that align with your interests.

Answered on Jul 10, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jun 28, 2024Hindi
Sir my son is keen on doing Mechanical Engineering however is preparation is not much infact he is not the studious types but practically he is good ...his scores aren't very great ..his comedK is 54000 rant and bit 110000...infact he got a back in Maths..he is a bright child ...now I have to wait for him clear his back and then apply...how some good colleges are having mgmt quota ...but I don't know what to do ..as a parent i think he must earn it ...but then I also feel that if given a chance maybe he might prove himself...i have asked him mahy times are you sure u want to Mechanical engineering he is like yes if I do i want only that...i can get in srm and new horizon just checked these but I don't know what to do pls advise also suggest some good colleges in bglr
Ans: Appreciate your concern as a parent, and it’s natural to want the best for your son.
While it’s essential for students to earn their achievements, sometimes a supportive environment can make a significant difference. Encourage your son to work hard, seek guidance, and explore practical aspects of mechanical engineering.
If he’s determined, he can prove himself regardless of past scores. Remember that success isn’t solely about academic scores; it’s also about passion, perseverance, and practical skills.
Some colleges offer management quota seats. These seats are usually available at a higher fee, and admission is based on direct application rather than merit. While management quota can be a way to secure admission.

Bangalore has several reputable colleges for mechanical engineering. Here are some of them:
M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT): Known for its strong industry connections and placements.
BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE): Offers a vibrant campus life and good social interactions.
R. V. College of Engineering (RVCE): Balanced workload and excellent industry exposure.
New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE): Known for infrastructure and placements.
PES College of Engineering: Another good option.
SRM University is also a decent choice.
These colleges have their unique strengths, so consider factors like location, campus culture, and faculty expertise. remember to visit the campuses (if possible) and gather more insights before making the final decision.

Answered on Jul 10, 2024

I got Campus Placement Job offer after getting M. Tech from IITDelhi & worked for Tata Steel, Birla White, Diamond Cement, L&T etc from 1993-1998. After that I joined BITMesra to prepare students for Campus Placement from 2001-2022 with opportunity to get Senior Management Professional from IIM Calcutta but sad part was losing wife due to Covid 19 in 2021 who was under treatment for her kidney failure by costly dialysis in Fortis, Vellore, Santevita etc. Myson got Campus Placement Job offer from my Alma mater IITDelhi like her sister. I guided one of Society resident's son to opt for IITGuwahati rather than BITsPilani. What is your suggestion for me at my present status with IIT &IIM certificate but without wife? I should charge for career guidance &Industry /Govt. Consultancy.
Ans: It’s commendable that you’ve had a successful career and have guided others along the way.
Given your background with an M. Tech from IIT Delhi and the opportunity to become a Senior Management Professional from IIM Calcutta, you have valuable credentials.
Remember that your journey doesn’t end here. While the loss of your wife is undoubtedly painful, your skills and knowledge can continue to make a positive impact. Take time to heal, and when you’re ready, explore these avenues. Your guidance and expertise can benefit others, and you can find fulfillment in helping them succeed.
If you decide to charge for your services, ensure that you provide value and maintain empathy toward those seeking your guidance, here are a few suggestions for you.

Career Guidance and Online Mentoring:
Leverage your expertise and experience to offer career guidance and consultancy services. You can charge for personalized advice on career paths, interview preparation, and industry insights.
Consider creating an online platform or offering one-on-one sessions to students and professionals seeking guidance. Your IIT and IIM credentials will add credibility to your services.

Industry and Freelancer Consultancy:
With your extensive industry experience, explore opportunities in industry and government consultancy. Many organizations seek experts to provide strategic advice, process optimization, and problem-solving.
Network with professionals in your field, attend conferences, and explore collaborations. Your insights can be valuable for organizations looking to improve their operations.
If you’re interested in consulting, consider applying to top consulting firms. Firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and AT Kearney recruit from IIMs and other premier institutes.
Consulting involves solving complex, unstructured problems. Your experience can be an asset in this field.

Answered on Jul 04, 2024

Sir, I have two questions: (i)my son is pursuing BE. in Mechanical Engineering from the Jadavpur University, Kolkata. What is his scope of getting job in the core stream from JU? (ii) He has ambition to work as Scientist/ENGINEER-SC under ISRO. What mehtod he has to follow for this?
Ans: Encourage your son to pursue his passion and stay focused on his goals. Working at ISRO can be a rewarding experience!
Jadavpur University’s Mechanical Engineering department has a rich history, functioning since 1906. It is currently the largest department in the Faculty of Engineering.
The department actively engages in various research projects with organizations like DRDO, BRNS, DST, ARDB, and NSTL.

To work as a scientist or engineer at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), your son can follow these steps:
Educational Foundation:
Start with a strong educational background. Complete a bachelor’s degree (B.E. or B.Tech.) in a relevant field (such as Mechanical Engineering). Pursue a master’s degree (M.E. or M.Tech.) if desired. While optional, it can enhance qualifications.

Gain practical experience through internships, projects, or industry collaborations.
Stay Updated and Network, Keep abreast of developments in space research and technology. Network with professionals in the field.

Prepare for entrance exams:
ISRO Centralized Recruitment Board (ICRB) Exam: The primary gateway to becoming an ISRO scientist or engineer. It includes multiple-choice questions on technical subjects related to space.
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE): While not specific to ISRO, a good GATE score can be beneficial.

Answered on Jul 02, 2024

My son got Mechanical in NIT ROURKELA, Shall he take or go for a drop for IIT.He is an IIT aspirants. Pl.tell about droper .
Ans: If your son is genuinely passionate about IITs and willing to put in the effort, consider the drop. Otherwise, NIT Rourkela’s Mechanical Engineering is an excellent choice. Remember, both paths have their merits. Discuss this decision thoroughly with your son, considering his interests, passion and long-term goals.

If he wants to continue & not opt for drop then consider:
Dropping a year for IIT preparation is a significant decision. While the IIT tag is prestigious, it’s essential to evaluate your son’s genuine interest in the field. IITs are highly competitive, and success isn’t guaranteed even after dropping.
Consider your son’s long-term aspirations and passion for mechanical engineering or computer science.

NIT Rourkela is renowned for its excellent faculty and quality teaching. The Mechanical Engineering department has qualified professors, well-furnished laboratories, and research facilities. NIT Rourkela boasts promising placements. In 2022, the highest package was INR 46.08 LPA, and the average package was INR 20.88 LPA. Top recruiters include Apple, Google, and VISA.
Research Scope: NIT Rourkela offers good research opportunities, making it suitable for those interested in further studies.

If he wants to drop consider some points:
Advantages: Droppers get dedicated time for preparation, coaching, and self-study.
Challenges: It can be mentally taxing, and there’s no certainty of success.
Support System: Ensure a strong support system during the preparation phase.
Asked on - Jul 06, 2024 | Answered on Jul 06, 2024
Thank u very much.
Ans: Hope it helps.

Answered on Jul 02, 2024

My son got IIT bhilai mechanical, bits score 258 and IISER 679 so IISER Bhopal BS dara science, which is better choice
Ans: Encourage your son to think about his interests, long-term goals, and preferred career path.
If he leans toward data science, IISER Bhopal might be the best fit.
If he enjoys traditional engineering and wants a broader scope, IIT Bhilai is a strong option.

IISERs are known for their research-oriented environment, which can be advantageous for future academic pursuits.
IITs offer a mix of research and industry exposure.

IIT Bhilai (Mechanical Engineering): IITs are renowned for their rigorous academic programs and excellent faculty.
Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bhilai offers a solid foundation in traditional engineering principles.
If your son enjoys working with machines, materials, and design, this could be a good fit.
IITs also provide ample research opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

BITS Pilani is known for its multidisciplinary approach and strong industry connections.
A BITS degree opens doors to various career paths, including software development, data science, and consulting.
If your son is interested in computer science or related fields, BITS could be a great choice.
However, securing a CS branch at BITS might be competitive due to the score.

IISER Bhopal (BS Data Science and Engineering): Data Science and Engineering program is highly interdisciplinary.
It equips students with data handling skills, analytics techniques, and domain knowledge in natural science, economics, and engineering.
If your son is passionate about data science, this program could be an excellent fit.
IISERs also emphasize research, making it a good choice for those considering higher studies.

Answered on Jul 02, 2024

Sir My son got 98.5 percentile in JEE.He may get Mechanical in Nit kurukshetra.He got good rank in Vit and booked a seat for AI ML . Which one be better in your opinion while considering MTech possibilities
Ans: Both paths have their merits. Encourage your son to explore his interests further and consider where he sees himself applying his skills. Ultimately, the decision should align with his passion and career aspirations.
Choosing between Mechanical Engineering and AI/ML for his undergraduate studies is an important decision.
If your son enjoys the traditional aspects of mechanical engineering and wants to combine it with AI/ML, this could be a great choice.
NIT Kurukshetra’s Mechanical Engineering program with AI/ML specialization would provide a strong foundation in mechanical engineering along with skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Graduates from this program can work in industries where AI and automation are becoming increasingly important. If he leans more toward traditional engineering, mechanical engineering could be a solid choice.

VIT’s AI/ML program offers specialized training in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related fields.
Students in this program delve into topics like machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and computer vision.
Graduates with expertise in AI/ML find ample opportunities in various sectors, including algorithm development and efficiency enhancement. If he enjoys programming, math, and working with data, AI/ML might be a better fit.

Pursuing an M.Tech after completing either program can open up exciting opportunities.
M.Tech in AI programs focus on machine learning, NLP, robotics, and computer vision. Graduates work on developing and applying algorithms to improve machine performance.
M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with AI/ML specialization would allow him to combine both fields, making him well-rounded and versatile.

Answered on Jul 02, 2024

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