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Asked on - Jul 07, 2023Hindi

My father is 89 years old and has recurring abdominal pain from last few months. In Apr'23 he was admitted in one private hospital at our locality and admitted for 7 days due to the pain issue. Various tests were conducted including blood tests, CT scan, fibroscopy and endoscopy, no major issues observed except some liver irregularities and discharged after providing certain oral medication. The cashless benefits are obtained through corporate TPA (EWA). However after certain weeks intermittently severe pain recur for almost a week and this time, on first week of July, my father was taken to Kolkata at a hospital specific to liver and digestive treatment. As advised by doctor he was admitted and again various tests are conducted including blood and stool culture, LFT, CT scan and colonoscopy..But this time also no major issues observed and he was discharged after certain medications, which differs from earlier hospital medicines. But this time claim is denied by TPA (EWA) stating that the admission is done only for investigation and observations and no line of treatment was done.. although new medicines are prescribed in the discharge summary and along with that IV fluid and some other medicines were regularly given during his stay in hospital. As TPA has denied the claim, I have to pay the entire amount in spite of paying a hefty amount of premium for my father. Can you pls suggest, why the claim is denied and whether there is any possibility of reimbursement of the claim by any means?
Ans: I'm sorry to hear about your father's health issues and the challenges you're facing with the insurance claim. The denial of the claim by the TPA (Third Party Administrator) could be due to several reasons, including discrepancies in documentation, interpretation of policy terms, or classification of the treatment as investigational rather than therapeutic.

To address this issue and explore the possibility of reimbursement, here are some steps you can take:

Review Policy Documents: Carefully review the terms and conditions of your father's health insurance policy to understand the coverage and exclusions. Pay attention to the criteria for claim eligibility and the definition of covered treatments.

Seek Clarification: Contact the TPA or the insurance provider to seek clarification on why the claim was denied. Request detailed information on the specific reasons for denial and ask for clarification on any policy terms that are unclear.

Gather Documentation: Gather all relevant medical records, including discharge summaries, prescription details, invoices, and receipts for medications and treatments provided during the hospital stay. Ensure that the documentation clearly demonstrates the medical necessity and therapeutic nature of the treatment received.

Appeal the Decision: If you believe that the denial was incorrect or unjustified, consider filing an appeal with the insurance company. Provide supporting documentation and any additional information that may strengthen your case for claim reimbursement. Follow the appeal process outlined by the insurance provider and submit the appeal within the specified timeframe.

Consult an Expert: If necessary, consider seeking assistance from a healthcare advocate or insurance specialist who can help navigate the appeals process and advocate on your behalf. They may offer valuable insights and assistance in presenting your case effectively.

Explore Legal Options: If all attempts to resolve the issue through the appeals process are unsuccessful, you may consider seeking legal advice to explore further options, such as mediation or legal action, to resolve the dispute.

It's important to remain persistent and proactive in pursuing reimbursement for legitimate medical expenses. Keep thorough records of all communications and documentation related to the claim, and continue to advocate for your father's rights as a policyholder.
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