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Harsh Bharwani  |56 Answers  |Ask -

Entrepreneurship Expert - Answered on Apr 10, 2023

Harsh Bharwani is a fourth generation entrepreneur.
As CEO and managing director, he leads the international business and employability initiatives at the computer networking institute, Jetking Infotrain Limited.
After graduating from Delhi University, Bharwani joined the family business in 2010 and set up operations in the US and Vietnam.
He has trained over three lakh students in employability, confidence and key life skills.... more
Rohit Question by Rohit on Apr 10, 2023Hindi

I'm 22 undergraduate a cricketer and not finding anything to do in my career I've searched internet like everything but still I'm confused and do not have any financial help totally on road plzz guide me

Ans: I understand that you are feeling lost and uncertain about your career path at the moment. It can be challenging to find direction when you are unsure of what you want to do.
Firstly, it's essential to identify your skills, interests, and passions. As a cricketer, you may have developed skills such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and perseverance. These skills are valuable in various fields, so it's worth exploring your options beyond cricket.
One possible avenue to consider is sports management or sports marketing, where you can apply your knowledge and passion for cricket to a business context. There are numerous opportunities in this field, such as event management, sponsorship, advertising, and media relations. You could start by interning at a sports marketing agency or reaching out to local sports teams to see if they have any opportunities.
Another option is to explore the world of digital marketing. With your familiarity with social media and online communication channels, you could consider learning skills such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation. Many companies, including those in the sports industry, are looking for individuals with strong digital marketing skills to help them reach and engage with their target audience.
Finally, you may want to consider continuing your education by pursuing a degree or certification in a field that interests you. This will not only give you the necessary knowledge and skills but also provide you with a network of professionals who can help guide you in your career.
Remember, it's okay to feel lost and unsure of your career path at this stage in your life. Take the time to explore your options and be open to new opportunities. With hard work and dedication, you can find a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions and interests.

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Shekhar Kumar  |145 Answers  |Ask -

Leadership, HR Expert - Answered on Apr 21, 2024

I have just completed my 12 th and now l don't understand where to proceed which career is best for me. Without going out in lndia.. Thoght of doing graduation and do competition but who knows will l be successful or not.. My financial conditions is not good
Ans: Thank you for reaching out. Managing your career choices can be quite daunting, especially when considering factors like financial constraints and uncertainties about the future. Given your financial constraints, consider the cost of education and living expenses associated with your chosen career path. Explore scholarship opportunities, financial aid programs, or part-time work options to help offset the costs of education and living expenses. If pursuing a traditional college education isn't feasible due to financial constraints, consider vocational training or skill-based programs that offer practical, hands-on training in specific trades or industries. Vocational training programs can provide valuable skills and certifications for in-demand jobs without the need for a traditional degree. Keep in mind that career paths are rarely linear, and it's okay to explore different options and make adjustments along the way. Stay open-minded to new opportunities, be willing to adapt to changing circumstances, and remain resilient in the face of challenges. Remember that finding the right career path takes time, exploration, and self-discovery. Be patient with yourself, stay focused on your goals, and trust that, with determination and perseverance, you'll find a path that's fulfilling and rewarding for you.

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Ramalingam Kalirajan  |5163 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Jul 23, 2024

I am 42 and want to retire by 60, I have 10 lacs in MF, 10lac in equity, 50 lac in FD, 4cr in real estate land shops etc. I don't own a house. What should be my strategy from here my monthly expenditure is close to 2 lac.
Ans: Current Financial Overview
You are 42 years old. You want to retire by 60. You have Rs. 10 lakhs in mutual funds. You have Rs. 10 lakhs in equities. You have Rs. 50 lakhs in fixed deposits. Your real estate investments are worth Rs. 4 crores. You don't own a house. Your monthly expenditure is Rs. 2 lakhs.

Assessing Your Financial Position
Mutual Funds:

Rs. 10 lakhs in mutual funds.
This provides potential for growth.

Rs. 10 lakhs in equities.
This is good for long-term growth.
Fixed Deposits:

Rs. 50 lakhs in fixed deposits.
Safe but with low returns.
Real Estate:

Rs. 4 crores in land and shops.
Significant value but not liquid.
Monthly Expenditure:

Rs. 2 lakhs per month.
High living expenses.
Investment Strategy
Emergency Fund:

Keep at least 6 months of expenses.
This means Rs. 12 lakhs.
Diversify Investments:

Increase mutual fund investments.
Focus on large-cap and balanced funds.
Fixed Deposits:

Consider reducing FD amounts.
Reinvest in mutual funds for better returns.

Continue with equity investments.
Diversify within sectors.
Real Estate:

Real estate is illiquid.
Consider selling some assets.
Reinvest proceeds in diversified mutual funds.
Retirement Planning
Calculate Retirement Corpus:

Aim for a substantial corpus.
This should cover post-retirement expenses.
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):

Start SIPs in actively managed mutual funds.
This ensures disciplined investing.
Regular Review:

Review your portfolio every six months.
Adjust based on market conditions.
Benefits of Actively Managed Funds
Expert Management:

Professionals manage actively managed funds.
They aim to outperform the market.
Better Returns:

Actively managed funds often give higher returns.
They adapt quickly to market changes.
Disadvantages of Index Funds
No Outperformance:

Index funds mirror the market.
They can't outperform during good market phases.
Lack of Flexibility:

Index funds lack flexibility in volatile markets.
Disadvantages of Direct Funds
Complex Management:

Direct funds need more personal management.
Regular funds offer professional oversight.
Regular Funds Benefits:

Investing through MFD with CFP credential is beneficial.
They provide expert advice and management.
Owning a House
Consider Buying a House:

Owning a house gives stability.
It reduces future rent expenses.
Use Existing Assets:

Use some FD or real estate proceeds.
Fund the house purchase without heavy loans.
Tax Planning
Utilise Tax Benefits:

Invest in tax-saving instruments.
Reduce taxable income and save more.
Final Insights
To retire by 60, focus on diversified investments. Ensure an emergency fund. Increase mutual fund investments. Consider selling some real estate. Reinvest proceeds wisely. Buy a house for stability. Review your portfolio regularly. Consult a Certified Financial Planner for personalized advice. Stay disciplined and focused on your financial goals.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


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