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Soft Skills Trainer - Answered on Jun 16, 2024

Maxim Emmanuel is the marketing director of Maxwill Zeus Expositions.
An alumnus of the Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, Maxim has over 30 years of experience in training young professionals and corporate organisations on how to improve soft skills and build interpersonal relationships through effective communication.
He also works with students and job aspirants offering career guidance, preparing them for job interviews and group discussions and teaching them how to make effective presentations.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Jun 09, 2024Hindi

Hello, I hope you can help me out. This is aboit my boyfriend who just passed his 12th standard from MP board and is having severe health problems at the moment and even in his family his loved ones got operated recently so he has to look after them and even has to take of himself. And he thinks that he isn't capable enough to score 650+ in NEET 2025 exam. He really wanted to become a doctor. He told me that he is thinking about getting into civil line because now becoming a doctor seems impossible to him. What should he do?

Ans: Madam (Minor) ...better stay anonymous with your minor boyfriend, before you guy's invite trouble.

A perfect film script, dukh baree, underaged mohabath ki kahani.. So many problems and twists.

An ambitious plan without an action plan is like a cycle without peddle... Going nowhere!?

Both of you must get back to your studies, tell your boyfriend, to fend for himself.. Or his dreams won't be fruitful...yours too.. Where ever you are in MP, time to focus on your studies.

There's no quick fix on what should he do... If he wants you to do..!?

You said it.. Impossible.. Get rid of the nuisance, move ahead with your life.. Seriously!?

However if you need professional advice happy to assist!


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Mayank Chandel  |1650 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on May 05, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 26, 2024Hindi
Dear Siir, My son is studying BMLT( Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology) of 31⁄2 years duration, (likely to be 4 years) and will complete his study in June'24. Then he will have to undergo mandatory internship in labs or hospitals where he is to be placed by the University. I would request you to show a suitable path to follow for him after the end of his present course. Should he go for further higher relevant study for future prospects or search for a job? He is now 26 years+(DOB- 07/10/1997). He attempted NEET after 12 in 2016 & every time he did qualify but couldn't bag up a general seat due to marks constraint. He did qualify in West Bengal JEE but showed no interest in Engineering career. He always likes to adhere to medical/ allied health service courses. I await your valuable expertise advice regarding my son.
Ans: Hello Sir,
below can be career avenues for your son.

Clinical Laboratory Technologist/Technician: This is the most common career path for MLT graduates. You could work in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, or research facilities, performing tests on patient samples to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.

Research Assistant: MLT graduates can work as research assistants in laboratories, assisting scientists and researchers in conducting experiments, analyzing data, and contributing to scientific discoveries.
Quality Control Technician: You could work in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, ensuring that products meet quality standards by testing raw materials, intermediates, and finished products for purity, potency, and safety.

Infection Control Officer: With additional training or certification, you could work as an infection control officer, responsible for preventing and controlling infections in healthcare settings by monitoring and implementing protocols to ensure patient and staff safety.

Public Health Officer: MLT graduates can work in public health departments or government agencies, contributing to disease surveillance, outbreak investigations, and health promotion programs aimed at improving community health.

Healthcare Information Specialist: With additional training in health informatics or medical coding, you could work as a healthcare information specialist, managing and analyzing patient data to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Education and Training: If you enjoy teaching, you could pursue a career as a teacher or instructor in MLT programs, training future laboratory professionals.

Specialized Laboratory Technologist: MLT graduates can choose to specialize in areas such as microbiology, hematology, immunology, or molecular diagnostics, focusing on a specific area of laboratory testing.
Phlebotomist: If you enjoy working directly with patients, you could become a phlebotomist, responsible for drawing blood samples for laboratory testing.

Healthcare Administration: With additional education or experience, you could pursue a career in healthcare administration, managing laboratory operations, budgets, and personnel.

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