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Abhishek Shah  |76 Answers  |Ask -

HR Expert - Answered on Nov 16, 2023

Abhishek Shah is an experienced tech and HR leader. He has over 10 years of experience in helping create sustainable thriving businesses, leveraging technology and mentoring people. He founded Testlify, a talent assessment platform in 2022. He is passionate about helping founders build high-performing tech teams. ... more
Asked by Anonymous - Nov 15, 2023Hindi

Hi, Currently I am working as HR Associate, and in my organisation I am unable to understand why my director without informing me fired sales team, also currently our food also not having good value in market, in such situations I am trying to connect with him but he is not properly answering me. What should I do now,

Ans: If you aren't getting a proper response from the director, you should convey the same to your manager or someone senior in your team so that they can communicate with the director and discuss the reasons and solutions for the issues. Clear communication with your team members would help you in the decision-making.

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Anu Krishna  |1047 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Apr 21, 2023

Dear Khevna Shah I am in the business of my father's after his death with my uncle for the last 15 years and so and when my father died my age was 22 and I was a simple, shy and fear boy and was happy and i am doing the accounts job and i was not taking my salary on monthly basis or yearly basis means i want to say that i take 200 or 500 or sometimes 10000 to 20000 as per my requirement and sometimes i have to give it to my mom for her personal expenses. After two and half years, i was having problems with my uncle due to professional reasons and i was talking to him at that time and discussing all the problems and business related issues facing by me and he was listening but not responding to my problems during these years and after passing of two and half years i tried my best for talks, discussion but i was not getting any response from his end and after that period i stopped myself for any talks, discussion and sharing with him and I was prepared to left him and go elsewhere and do something new or do a job or start a new business on my own as we were are living in joint family and still we are in joint. Mam i did not left him and he provided me a new business and I became the proprietor of that new business and i didnot have any idea of that new business and when i engaged in that business i came to know that this business is all runs on liabilities for around three months to six months and depends on how you capture the market with low competitive rates and that time was new and i was not having any distributorship also and the business went on losses and i have beared losses for almost lakhs and lakhs of rupees. So, I closed the shop and again started doing account job in my father's business with my uncle as all the decisions related to business was taken by my uncle and same problem which i was facing in my early stage was repeated and the days were passing as it was passing previously. Now when corona came in the world, we were all lockdown in our homes and in that time we were all of our family members lockdown in our home. In that period we were all fighting with the corona that when will corona go and when we will go outside again and when will our normal life will start we were talking about our works of home should be divided. In that period all the works were divided and when lockdown was over and we were slowly slowly coming back to normal. Our joint family divided and now we are separate but our business is not separate and i am getting the salary fixed after our separation. Now the problem is that the salary fixed is not upto the mark and i am facing financial crisis at my end and our relation are so so and i am facing heated conversation with my wife related to money problems as i have to give her the money for household activities, personal expenses, my child school fees, admission fees and other activities related to school and i am very much exhausted with all the daily dose. So, therefore what will be my steps to go forward regarding the issues with my uncle and the problems which i am facing right now and have a peaceful time.
Ans: Dear Ashish,
Time and again you have been waiting for things to change in your favour. Your first sign was when your uncle's resistance at doing or thinking anything good for you.
Good nature of yours to trust him and still keep at it, but I guess now being in your 30s, should tell you that you need to make your life yourself and on your own terms.
Don't hang around thinking that the tides will change for you; instead change things the way you want by breaking free. Now. how you want to do it; is something that you need to discuss with your wife and decide. You have been far too dependent on this dream world that your uncle is going to make things happen and will be kind to you.
Be kind to yourself and now ask yourself:
- how can I revive my financial position on my own?
- what support do I need and from whom to achieve this?
- how can I keep myself motivated every day as I change things for the better?

The time has also come to have a clear chat with the person controlling the business. It gets messy when the family is divided and the business is still joint. Money troubles are never going to have clarity ever in this type of an arrangement. So, take matter into your own hands without fearing the outcome and think of only how you can have a better and peaceful life. The answer will be crystal clear to you.

All the best!

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R P Yadav  |304 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Feb 29, 2024

Sir thank for valuable support only my job profile OK it is selling of cnc cutting tool for mahindra Bajaj Indian ordinance factories and I traveling all over India but my owner not listening our grievances last 20 year not even single increase made also in my line lot of local competitors there I tried with them also nothing going on my way
Ans: I understand that your situation is challenging, and it can be frustrating when your efforts don’t yield the desired results. Working tirelessly for two decades without any increase or acknowledgment can indeed take a toll. Let’s explore this further:

???? In the Realm of Cutting Tools ????

In the heart of India’s bustling factories, Where sparks fly and machines hum, You tread the path of precision, Selling CNC cutting tools, your daily drum.

Mahindra, with its rugged might, And Bajaj, weaving dreams on wheels, Their factories echo with industry’s pulse, And you, the silent architect, sealing deals.

But alas! Your grievances fall on deaf ears, The owner, a distant figure in the shadows, Twenty years of dedication, yet no raise, Your spirit wanes, like a fading meadow.

Local competitors swarm like hungry ants, Nibbling at the edges of your territory, You’ve tried to forge alliances, find common ground, Yet the winds of fortune blow contrary.

???? The Forge of Resilience ????

Fear not, my friend, for within you lies strength, Like a well-tempered blade, you endure, Sharpen your resolve, wield your persistence, For every challenge is but a whetstone, be sure.

Speak louder, not in decibels, but in purpose, Craft your grievances into a symphony of change, Seek allies among the stars and the moon, And let the universe conspire to rearrange.

Perhaps it’s time to forge a new path, To temper your mettle in the fires of innovation, Explore avenues beyond the familiar anvil, Where your cutting tools can carve a new foundation.

Remember, even the mightiest oak was once an acorn, And the smallest rivulet carved the grandest canyon, So persist, my friend, for within your veins, Flows the molten steel of resilience, unbroken.

???? Claim Your Raise, Shape Your Destiny ????

When the sun sets on your final day of service, And the CNC machines hum their lullaby, May your legacy be etched in the chips of metal, And your grievances transformed into a battle cry.

Seek justice, not just in increments of currency, But in the recognition of your unwavering toil, For you are more than a seller of cutting tools, You are the architect of progress, the maker of soil.

And when the winds of change blow fiercely, May they carry your name across the factory floor, A testament to resilience, a beacon for others, A legacy forged not in gold, but in something more.

???? Keep Turning the Wheel, My Friend ????

So, as you traverse the vast expanse of India, Remember that every twist of the road, Every handshake, every nod of agreement, Shapes the contours of your story, bold.

May your CNC cutting tools continue to spin, Carving paths through steel and adversity, And may your grievances transform into victories, As you forge ahead, a modern-day alchemist of tenacity.

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