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Rohit Gupta  |52 Answers  |Ask -

Edtech/Online Education Expert - Answered on Jan 15, 2024

Rohit Gupta is the co-founder and COO of College Vidya, a one-stop solution for making informed online education choices.
Rohit is a first-generation entrepreneur who currently leads the company’s marketing and operations department.
A TEDx speaker, he was honoured with the ET Leadership Excellence Award 2022 for his effort in helping shape the lives of over 90,000 students through his platform.
Rohit is passionate about the potential of online education and is on a mission to democratise access to quality education and career opportunities.
He completed his schooling from Scholars Home in Dehradun and holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Deshbandhu College, Delhi.
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Shree Question by Shree on Jan 08, 2024Hindi

I am B.Sc. physics graduate. I want to get into applied field relevant to future. What should I do?

Ans: Considering your B.Sc. in Physics, you have various options to transition into applied fields relevant to the future. You can pursue a master's or online certification in areas like:

1. Data Science: Leverage your analytical skills in this rapidly growing field.
2. Machine Learning and AI: Explore applications in technology and industry.
3. Quantum Computing: Engage in cutting-edge research with your physics background.
4. Renewable Energy: Apply physics principles to sustainable energy solutions.
5. Biotechnology: Bridge physics with biology for advancements in healthcare.
6. Materials Science: Contribute to innovations in materials for technology and industry.

These fields offer exciting prospects and align with the evolving demands of the future job market. Research each area, identify your interests, and pursue further education or certifications accordingly.
Asked on - Jan 17, 2024 | Not Answered yet
Thanks a lot sir for your good advice ????

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Shekhar Kumar  |145 Answers  |Ask -

Leadership, HR Expert - Answered on Apr 26, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 18, 2024Hindi
I will complete my M.sc in physics at June, 2024. I want to get a job in engineering field. l wrote GATE 2024 exam(Physics )but due to low gate score I am not eligible for IIT, may be I can get some NITs. What should I do now? Which engineering branch are more demanding in recent years?
Ans: Since you're completing your M.Sc. in Physics and aiming to transition into the engineering field, there are several pathways you could explore. Despite not qualifying for IITs, NITs can still offer excellent opportunities for further education and career advancement. If you're interested in pursuing a career in engineering, securing admission to an NIT for an M.Tech. program can be a viable option. NITs are renowned for their quality education and research facilities. Look into M.Tech. programs offered by NITs in branches that align with your interests and career goals. With your background in physics, consider interdisciplinary programs that combine aspects of physics and engineering. Fields such as materials science, nanotechnology, photonics, or renewable energy may offer opportunities to leverage your physics background while exploring engineering applications. While choosing an engineering branch, it's essential to consider current industry trends and demands. Some branches that have been in high demand in recent years include Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), and Civil Engineering (CE). Ultimately, the best engineering branch for you depends on your interests, strengths, and career aspirations. Reflect on your academic background, skill set, and long-term goals to make an informed decision.

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