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Workplace Expert - Answered on Feb 01, 2024

Krishna Kumar is the founder and CEO of GoMoTech, a company that provides strategic consulting in B2B sales, performance management and digital transformation.
Before branching out on his own, he worked with companies like Microsoft, Rediff, Flipkart and InMobi.
With over 25 years of experience under his belt, KK is a regular speaker at industry events and academic intuitions, both in India as well as abroad.
KK completed his MBA in marketing from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in Andhra Pradesh and his management development programme from XLRI, Jamshedpur.
He has also completed his LLB from Nagpur University and diploma in PR from Bhavan’s College of Management, Nagpur, where he was awarded a gold medal.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Jan 19, 2024Hindi

I am 32 and was working and got laid off due to economic crisis. Its very difficult to find a job, even with 6 years of work experience in Telecom industry. giving interviews on regular basis, but then the requirement of a firm or the compensation package refuse my application. I am looking to switch to IT industry, Learning some tools as requirement in the industry. How do I tackle this situation, as i also have home loan EMI's and enough bills to pay. I have some amount to get it going for couple of months, but then it would be difficult situation.

Ans: Dear

I can understand the pain you must be going through. Firstly do not let your current situation to let make any judgement on your self-worth. Both work and money are equally important in life but we should not let them become our identity.

Here are few things you may consider:

- Besides Telecom and IT, please consider other industries where your experience and skills can be of use.
- Reach out to your friends in professional world...basically network with them.
- Introspect and assess other skills that you have through which you can engage yourself in meaningful ways, may be teaching in local college as a guest faculty
- Finally, you may have to re-set your expectations on compensation, because many a times we do get ot-priced by the company that we work with because of then prevailing deman-supply situation.

Wishing you very best.

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Shekhar Kumar  |145 Answers  |Ask -

Leadership, HR Expert - Answered on Apr 29, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 28, 2024Hindi
I am 40 years old, working in IT industry, I lost my job since past year, I am still not able to get new job... I am faling to pay my monthly bills and EMI's Please suggest me how I can secure new job???
Ans: I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Here are some steps you can take to improve your chances of securing a new job: Explore temporary or freelance opportunities to generate income while you continue searching for a permanent job. Freelancing platforms and websites offer opportunities for short-term projects in IT and related fields. Identify any skills gaps or areas for improvement that may be hindering your job search. Take online courses, workshops, or certification programs to update your skills and stay current with industry trends and technologies. Tailor your resume to highlight your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Update your LinkedIn profile with a professional photo, a comprehensive work history, and relevant keywords to make it easier for recruiters to find you. Don't limit yourself to one job search method. Explore multiple channels, such as online job boards, company websites, recruitment agencies, networking events, and social media platforms. Consider reaching out to former colleagues, classmates, and professional contacts for job leads and referrals. Attend industry events, meetups, webinars, and networking groups to connect with professionals in your field. Join online communities, forums, and LinkedIn groups related to your industry or job function to expand your network and learn about job opportunities. Job searching can be challenging, especially during difficult times. Stay positive, maintain a routine, and focus on activities that boost your confidence and well-being. Set realistic goals and deadlines for your job search, and celebrate small victories along the way to stay motivated.

Remember that job searching takes time and persistence, so don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Keep refining your approach, leveraging your network, and staying proactive in your job search efforts. With perseverance and determination, you'll increase your chances of securing a new job that meets your needs and goals.

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