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Ramalingam Kalirajan4703 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on May 12, 2024

Asked on - Mar 11, 2024Hindi

I AM AGE OF 73, WE ARE NOT HAVING MADICAL {Health) INSURANCE POLICY, at present we are propose get any madical health insurance coverage ANY POLICY IS AVAILABEL
Ans: At the age of 73, it's still possible to obtain medical health insurance coverage, although it may come with certain limitations and higher premiums due to your age. Here are some options you can explore:

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policies: Many insurance companies offer specialized health insurance plans specifically designed for senior citizens. These policies typically provide coverage for hospitalization expenses, pre-existing diseases, and other medical expenses incurred due to illnesses or accidents. While premiums may be higher compared to regular health insurance plans, senior citizen policies offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the healthcare needs of older individuals.

Government Health Insurance Schemes: Some government-sponsored health insurance schemes cater to senior citizens and provide affordable healthcare coverage. For example, in India, schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) or state-specific health insurance schemes may offer coverage for hospitalization expenses and treatment for certain illnesses.

Group Health Insurance: If you have any affiliation with professional or social organizations, you may be eligible to join group health insurance schemes offered by these organizations. Group insurance plans often provide coverage at a lower cost compared to individual policies and may have less stringent eligibility criteria.

Family Floater Plans: If you have family members who are younger and in good health, consider opting for a family floater health insurance plan that covers you along with your family members. Family floater plans offer shared coverage for the entire family at a relatively lower premium compared to individual policies.

Pre-existing Disease Coverage: Since you may have pre-existing medical conditions at the age of 73, it's essential to choose a health insurance policy that offers coverage for pre-existing diseases. Look for policies that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions after a waiting period, as this can help manage your healthcare expenses effectively.

Before purchasing a health insurance policy, carefully review the coverage features, exclusions, waiting periods, premium costs, and claim settlement process. Consider consulting with an insurance advisor or agent who can help you compare different policies and choose the one that best suits your healthcare needs and budget.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


Sanjeev Govila458 Answers  |Ask -

Financial Planner - Answered on Feb 06, 2024

Asked on - Aug 11, 2023Hindi


Advait Arora1263 Answers  |Ask -

Financial Planner - Answered on Aug 07, 2023

Asked on - Aug 03, 2023Hindi

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