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Education Expert - Answered on Mar 24, 2023

Mayank Kumar is the co-founder and managing director of upGrad, a higher EdTech company. With over 10 years of experience in the education sector, Kumar can offer guidance about degree courses, campus, job-linked and executive programmes and studying abroad.An MBA graduate from ISB Hyderabad, he holds a BTech in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi.... more
SADANAND Question by SADANAND on Mar 14, 2023Hindi

My wife has recently completed her Certified Digital Marketing Master course of 6 months (weekend classes) through Digital Vidya. Kindly advice on what will be the prospects if one wants to enter this industry as a fresher. What salary package range is offered normally to a fresher. In comparison to other schools offering digital marketing courses, how will you rate the course of digital Vidya in terms of its weightage & value in the market..

Ans: The average salary of an individual in the Digital Marketing field as a fresher can range from 3.5L to 5L depending upon the sector that you are applying in primarily.

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Mayank Kumar  |192 Answers  |Ask -

Education Expert - Answered on Jan 23, 2023

Hi Mayank I am a 32 yr old professional from Mumbai. I have a commerce degree and 8 years of work experience in sales and marketing. I want to move to digital marketing. Can you please guide me about the courses I can pursue and the scope of career. My current CTC is 10LPA
Ans: Looking at your years of experience and your CTC, I would say you are slightly underpaid at your current experience levels. After 8 years of experience, the average income of professionals in India is likely to be at a CTC of INR 12-15L. Sales & Marketing is one of the best domains that you are in and your experience is a bonus. From your current role, moving to Digital Marketing won't be a big challenge, and hence, I would recommend a few specific steps for you:
(a) Take up internal projects within your current organisation or at a smaller venture in Digital Marketing to build on your profile
(b) Pick up industry certifications with Google or Facebook to enhance your skill sets
(c) Actively work on your own social media profile and be more proactive in the domain of marketing
(d) If you want to build credibility in the market and amongst recruiters, it's critical to pursue an outcome-focused certification or a post-graduate program that will round you up & will also make your CV stronger (e) Within Digital Marketing, know what role you are looking for; is it Social media and Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Branding and Communications, or a PR professional, etc. and accordingly, aim for the profile that has the closest overlap with your current role. I would recommend doing a session with a career counsellor who can also guide you on your queries and can give you more personalised advice depending on your specific background. Additionally, upGrad gives you the option of completing an online course in Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication with MICA Ahmedabad without having to quit your job along with 4 specialisation tracks (you could choose one based on your interests or skill competencies) to enhance your foundation.

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Nayagam P

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Career Counsellor - Answered on Jul 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 20, 2024Hindi
Sir, i have completed my bachelors (BCA) in India in an engineering college and wishes to pursue my masters in a foreign country.My family is'nt well off so iam looking into schlorships.can you suggest some courses with good scope. Also which countries are best for IT field that provide great schlorship oppurtunities.
Ans: As far as Scholarships for Abroad Universities are concerned, you should have good scores from the entrance tests (whichever will be applicable according to the University's admission criteria), good past academic records, your extra and co-curricular activities, additional certifications, your Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation etc. Those who have gained work experience of a minimum 2-3 years after graduation get preference in admission.

And most of the Universities do not provide 100% scholarships. You will have to bear some expenses (depends upon which University / College you get admission into & what all expenses only it will cover?) .

As you have mentioned that your parents NOT well-off financially, it is suggested to work for 2-3 years, earn some money and also gain work experience, then go for further education abroad.

Before approaching any Professional Abroad Education Consultant, do a thorough research about the Countries/Universities/Programs, shortlist those which you think will be most suitable, apply to 5-6 top Univerities offering Scholarships and finalize one best University/College for you.

All the BEST for Your Bright Future.

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