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Rohit Gupta  |52 Answers  |Ask -

Edtech/Online Education Expert - Answered on Feb 07, 2024

Rohit Gupta is the co-founder and COO of College Vidya, a one-stop solution for making informed online education choices.
Rohit is a first-generation entrepreneur who currently leads the company’s marketing and operations department.
A TEDx speaker, he was honoured with the ET Leadership Excellence Award 2022 for his effort in helping shape the lives of over 90,000 students through his platform.
Rohit is passionate about the potential of online education and is on a mission to democratise access to quality education and career opportunities.
He completed his schooling from Scholars Home in Dehradun and holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Deshbandhu College, Delhi.
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izuddin Question by izuddin on Jan 03, 2024Hindi


Ans: In India, after 12th grade, you can go into engineering, management, law, the arts, business, computer science, allied health studies, and medicine. Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and computer science are all types of engineering. Management can lead to jobs in banking and business administration. Law gives people chances to practice law and be advocates. The arts include things like writing and the sciences. Commerce can lead to jobs in banking and accounting. Computer science can be used to make tools and help with technology. Such jobs as massage and nursing are part of allied health studies. Find the best job for you by looking into your skills and hobbies. You can also refer to College Vidya to find the best university and course that fits your job goals.

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Harsh Bharwani  |56 Answers  |Ask -

Entrepreneurship Expert - Answered on Apr 10, 2023

After 12th , which career option should be smooth and easy to establish in today's market?
Ans: After completing 12th, there are numerous career options available that can be promising in today's market. One of the latest technologies that have taken the world by storm is the Metaverse, which provides endless opportunities for those who want to explore its potential. It can be a lucrative career option for those who are interested in virtual reality, gaming, and digital art.
Cloud computing is another technology that has seen rapid growth in recent years. With businesses increasingly relying on cloud computing to store and manage data, the demand for professionals skilled in cloud computing has surged. It can be a smooth and easy career option to establish, provided one has the necessary skills and certifications.
Cybersecurity is another area where demand for professionals has seen a sharp increase due to the increasing number of cyber threats. A career in cybersecurity can be both challenging and rewarding, as it requires constant learning and adapting to new threats and technologies.
Blockchain technology is also gaining popularity, particularly in industries such as finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. A career in blockchain can be promising, with high demand for professionals who can develop and implement blockchain solutions.
Overall, these technologies offer a range of career opportunities, and it's essential to choose a field that aligns with one's interests and skill sets. While these options may not necessarily be easy to establish, with dedication, hard work, and the right training and certifications, they can be fulfilling and rewarding career paths in today's market.

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