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Dr Nagarajan J S K

Dr Nagarajan J S K   |31 Answers  |Ask -

Health Science and Pharmaceutical Careers Expert - Answered on Jul 11, 2024

Dr Nagarajan JSK is an associate professor and former head of medical research at the JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty.
He has over 30 years of experience in counselling students towards making the right career choices, particularly in the field of pharmacy.
As the JSS College placement officer, he has helped aspiring professionals prepare for and crack job interviews.
Dr Nagarajan holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the JSS Academy of Higher Education And Research, Mysore, and is currently guiding five PhD scholars.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Jun 22, 2024Hindi

Do you suggest taking b.pharm after XII? What is its scope?

Ans: "After completing a B.Pharm, there are numerous career opportunities available
The scopes include:
1. Industry: Production/Manufacturing of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Marketing
2. Academic: Lecturer (both in Govt/ private colleges).
3. Government Jobs: Drugs Inspector, Junior Analyst.
4. IT Industry: Medical Scribe, Medical/ Scientific Writing
5. Pharmacist: Community Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist
6. International Opportunities: Working as a Pharmacist in Gulf countries like Dubai, Qatar, Oman
7. Higher Education: M.PHARM (More than 15 specializations are available), Pharm D (PB), MBA

After gaining 1-3 experiences one can become an entrepreneur.
8. Entrepreneur: Can own a Pharma Marketing Company or Pharmacy Shop (Jan Aushadhi/regular one).

Thank you".

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Sushil Sukhwani  |438 Answers  |Ask -

Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Apr 25, 2024

Dear sir, my brother was doing b pharm right now next year he will graduate,, please suggest what he will proceed after doing b pharm sir
Ans: Hello Lomina,

First and foremost, thank you for getting in touch with us. I am happy to hear that your brother is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) and will graduate next year. To answer your question first, I would like to tell you that based on his interests and professional objectives, there are many career paths that your brother can pursue once he completes his degree. I would recommend that you consider the following:

Your brother can consider working as a pharmacist in retail pharmacies, hospitals, or community pharmacies. Remember that this is the most typical employment route for graduates of B.Pharm. Pharmacists provide medications, advise patients on how to take them safely, and other health-related services. If your brother possesses strong writing abilities, working as a medical writer, crafting content for regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies, or healthcare organizations, is one of the other jobs that he could choose from. Documents including clinical trial reports, regulatory filings, and instructional materials are created by medical writers. Your brother may choose to work as a hospital administrator, wherein he would be responsible for controlling pharmaceutical services in healthcare facilities, in turn, guaranteeing effective medication administration, and monitoring drug delivery networks. Another career path for your brother includes taking up a job as a clinical research associate (CRA) or working in other research-related roles in research institutions or pharmaceutical companies. Remember that in order to make sure new medications are safe and effective for use, this entails conducting trials to test them. He can also choose to work in drug safety and pharmacovigilance, checking if the medications sold are safe, looking into unfavorable incidents, and making sure safety rules are followed. Your brother can also take up a job in regulatory affairs, making sure that pharmaceutical items adhere to rules and norms established by regulatory bodies. This entails creating and submitting regulatory paperwork, verifying regulatory compliance, and coordinating with regulatory authorities. Your brother can also choose to work in quality control or quality assurance positions in pharmaceutical companies, making sure that products adhere to regulations and standards of quality. In addition to the above, I would like to let you know that your brother can also pursue further education, viz., a Master's degree (M.Pharm) or a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences or associated disciplines. Remember that pursuing higher studies can lead to possibilities for teaching, research, or advanced roles in areas viz., pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, or pharmacology.

When choosing which career path to opt for upon finishing his Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) degree, I would suggest that your brother takes into account his abilities, interests, and professional objectives. Lastly, I would like to say that acquiring practical experience through internships or entry-level work may prove beneficial, as this will allow your brother to investigate other career paths and learn valuable skills in the sector.

For more information, you can visit our website.

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Mayank Chandel  |1531 Answers  |Ask -

IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, SAT, CLAT, CA, CS Exam Expert - Answered on May 05, 2024


Patrick Dsouza  |643 Answers  |Ask -

CAT, XAT, CMAT, CET Expert - Answered on Jun 27, 2024

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